Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Perils of Poppers

Hello again. I'm going to have to keep up with my blog because it becomes harder to recall all the men I've been with. There are a few gaps here which I won't be able to fill. Whenever I haven't been cruising for sex lately, I've been watching amateur porn on Fuck I love that site... I have also been jerking off at night while sniffing poppers, but I find I'm having a bugger of a time falling asleep. I think I'm going to pass on poppers in the future.

I'm having a routine colonoscopy tomorrow, and for those of you who have been through it, it requires a certain amount of preparation. That means tonight I have to stay home, and no guests. I'll be back at it by Wednesday, though I also have a friend staying with me from out of town until mid-May, so that is also restricting my availability...

Two weeks ago I hooked up with BusterBigBalls. We had an amazing two hour session, and what was so cool is that as I was cumming, the song Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix was playing in the background. What an amazing psychedelic orgasm that was. For the first time BBB took me out to dinner afterwards. Interesting in that he just recently started seeing someone.

On Sunday April 18 I got a text message from Steve the Black Guy. He wanted to know if I was available to suck him off. He came over in the afternoon and laid back in my bed while I serviced him to completion. He was a bit more into sucking cock this time, and a bit more physical. Had fun.

Tuesday Angeleyes came over. We also had another great session of play where I fucked him again. Great lover.

On Thursday I had arranged to hook up with Oral4uNow, a new guy on my favorite internet site. I went to his place and he immediately confessed that he was 52 and not 44 like his profile said. Points for honesty. We spent the better part of an hour chatting while he calmed his nerves and down 3/4 of a bottle of wine. Finally he had had enough liquid courage so we went to his bedroom. He pulled out a bottle of poppers and started huffing on it. As you can see from this pic I was expecting a big chunk of meat, but regrettably another side-effect of poppers is the inability to get hard. I let him suck me (which he wasn't too good at) and had to finish the job by hand.

On Thursday I got a text message from Dan who said he had changed his number. I was so happy because I thought I had lost him when I tried him a few weeks back and his number was no longer in service. We arranged to get together on Friday. I went to his place and we smoked some weed. He was telling me about the 20 years he did in prison, and how he likes to get into bar brawls for fun. Anyway, we were talking for a couple of hours before he let me know through his posture that he was ready to be blown. I pulled his magnificent cock out of his jogging pants and started working him over in my usual cock-pig fashion. We were playing on the couch which I have always found awkward. After about a half hour, I told him to stand up in front of me. That was much better as I rhythmically sucked his cock. At one point he grabbed the side of my head and directed the exact pace and depth at which he wanted me to suck. Then he cupped the base of my skull with his massive construction worker hand, gently pushed his cock deep into the back of my throat, held it there and ejaculated. I knew he was cumming by the faint salty nectar I could sense at the furthest reaches of my tongue. I stroked my own cock off as I finished the last sprays off of his cum drenched hose.

On Sunday I had Kooyman coming over. I had arranged to hook up with him just as I was getting my cold several weeks back. We kept missing each other, and then I hadn't seen him online in while and forgot about him until I was reviewing all my e-mails. I sent him a message and we finally arranged a meet. He arrived and we smoked a bit of weed and got into some amazing cock sucking, then some even more amazing kissing, body contact and rimming. He's 5'11" tall, about 160 lbs and slim, nicely hairy with a beautiful cock, massive cock head, thick shaft, fuck it was amazing. I love a big blunt tool. He has long hair and a great full beard, very good looking, nice soft fur on his chest and hairy legs. We played for a couple of hours and I fucked him in a wide range of positions. He came twice while I was fucking him, so I guess he was enjoying himself too. He was telling me that he had just moved to town a few months ago, and was moving again in the next few weeks a bit further out in the country. I told him I wanted to get together again some time, but that might be problematic based on his new living arrangement. We'll have to wait and see on that one.

My friend was arriving from out of town on Monday, so I went to my tea room for a quickie before the arrival time. A young guy, about 20, 5'8" tall, slim, reddish-blond hair, baby-beard comes out of the stall. I made sure to expose my semi-bloated cock in profile to him as I was standing at the urinal. He came over beside and whipped out his cock. It was actually kind of small, uncut, but what was cool was it had thick blond fur growing up the shaft of his cock. I had never seen such a hairy dick before. He jerked off his cock and blew his load into the urinal, then said, "We'll, I gotta be going now." We both chuckled.
My friend was busy Wednesday so I went out to see my friend Rick. We had another hour and a half of amazing fun, culminating in a delicious cream-pie for me.
On Saturday my friend again went out so I was online looking for a playmate. I got a message from a married bisexual guy who was looking to get fucked. I was in the mood to fuck so I agreed. Not 5 minutes later I got a message from Mike6725 also looking to hook up. I told him 9 o'clock as the other guy was not really into long sessions, and married guys often cancel or don't show if the wife or girlfriend interferes with their plans. The guy shows up on time. From this point I'm not going to tell you much more about him because we're not going to hook up again. Lets just say he made a big mess on the bed. I asked him why he hadn't cleaned out and he said he had never been fucked by a cock that big before. On his way out he said he hoped we could get together again. Not likely. I took my bedding into the bathroom and washed it with laundry soap in the shower. I wasn't feeling too sexual in my place after that and Mike6725 had messaged me to say he was called in to work so I just went to the bathhouse.
I hooked up with this hot Brazilian guy, goatee, hairy, very firm uncut cock. We messed around in the hot tub for a while, then went back to my room. He wasn't big on kissing, but indulged me. We did some cock sucking, then I starting sucking him for my reward. He was thrusting his cock into my mouth faster and faster so I knew he was getting close. He blew a massive load as he forced himself deeper in because I choked on it twice. When he pulled out I still had a mouthful of cum to savour.
The second guy I played with was in the shower when I spotted him. Nice muscular body, cute as a button, about 40, nice uncut cock. I went upstairs and sat on the couch waiting to see what he was going to do. He came up and went for the dark room. He didn't come out for a while and I knew there wasn't anyone else in there so I went in. He was in the far glory hole stall so I went in beside him. I could see by the faintest of light his hand along the edge of the hole, the signal that he wanted to suck. I shoved my cock through and let him do his work. He massaged my cock with his mouth bringing it to full attention. He sucked me for good long while, enjoying every inch of the shaft, caressing the head with his lips and his tongue. We exchanged cock sucking for about a half-hour, then I asked him to come to me room. Once there we sucked some more, this time without the hindrance of a wall made of plywood. He wanted to get fucked but had just arrived and wanted to play some more, so he asked if we could continue later.
Another guy came by about an hour later and we got into some serious kissing, petting, stroking, rimming and sucking. We played for about an hour, then he was on his way.
Finally, another dark skinned guy, probably Maltese, came by. He came in and dropped his towel to expose a think cut cock. He was probably about 50, clean shaven, hairy, wedding ring. We kissed and sucked for a while, and I told him I wanted to suck him right off. I was feeling like a pig so I sucked him off grunting and groaning as I throated him. When he started moaning and squirming I took his cock into my throat and fed on his man milk as he pumped it into me. I got over him savouring the milk dripping from my mouth and shot my load all over him.
Here are a couple of cum videos for you to enjoy.

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