Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Back by Popular Demand...

Hello again to all my fans and followers. You must have been wondering where I have been lately. Well, back in September my laptop died. I had been using my i-Phone since then while I battled with the manufacturer of my laptop for warranty repair. It turns out my model had a manufacturer's defect, and they had offered an extended 2-year warranty repair, however that time period had just expired. I only had my laptop for 3 years when it croaked, so I decided to take them on. Long story short I got a free repair, but not until 8 months had elapsed (includes a month of procrastination and another three months with a computer repair place that fucked me around). Though my laptop has been fixed for a couple of weeks now, I've been catching up on my viewing. Love that site. Now I'm ready to start with some entries back here.

It would be impossible to go through all the guys I have been with since September, so I'll just cover my most recent experience.

Last week I was coming home from work when I spotted a $20 bill in my back yard. There had been some heavy winds lately and someone had obviously lost their grip on the bill. Found money is always great, so I decided I would treat myself to some porn as my collection was getting boring. I also had bought myself a new HD tv for my bedroom as well as a dvd player for playing porn during sex, so I felt the timing was right. I went to the video store and found some re-packaged collections of early 2000's porn with many of my favourite performers. Two 6-hour dvd's for $9.99 each covered my $20.

I had a meeting to attend for work yesterday in a city I hadn't been to in 8 years, so I decided to post my online profile in that city on the Saturday before to arrange a hook-up. My work colleagues and I were driving up Monday afternoon for the Tuesday meeting, so I was going to arrange some play-time for Monday evening. I received about a dozen messages, including one from a 39 year-old guy with an amazing body, great cock and ass, though the pics were kind of blurry. He said he was mostly into oral, and especially into mutual deep throating cock. He included his private pic, and I thought he looked quite familiar as one of my preferred porn stars. I did a google search on his stage name and came up with several articles that confirmed he had retired from the porn industry and had relocated to that city. I replied that I would be interested in getting together, and un-locked my private pics for him telling him where I would be staying, though not indicating I recognized him. He responded back with his cell phone number, confirmed he could make it, and signed off with his real first name. I couldn't beleive I had a hook-up with an A-list porn star!! Too good to be true I thought, but I'm a beleiver that good things happen from time to time. I know that there are fakes in online hook-up sites, and fickle guys who don't show, so I didn't bank on it entirely. His profile indicated he likes things to be kept discrete, so I'm afraid I can't disclose his identity. I cropped out his face in the pic above. One of the dvd's I bought coincidentally included an incerdible scene of this guy, which I had the pleasure to watch several times, fantasizing about our forthcoming encounter. Visualization!

Knowing that I suffer from performance anxiety when it comes to superior good-looking guys, I made sure to bring along some Viagra to help me out should the anxiety get in the way of peak performance. I had another recent case of performance anxiety with a very muscular 27 year-old guy, and I didn't want to go through that again. Not only does it get in the way of an enjoyable experience, I feel embarrassed when I have trouble getting it up. In that particular case, Jock arrived wearing a baseball cap and tight t-shirt, an amazingly hard and muscular body. He had shaved his chest about a month earlier, though the stubble had come in nicely. I had trouble getting hard because I felt way out of his league in the beauty department. A small piece of baggage I have carried around. After all, I'm now 49 years old and have put on a little extra in the waistline since I turned 40. I was never particulalrly muscular despite my attempts at weight training in the past. I still have all of my hair, but its now salt and pepper blond. Generally I'm okay with my appearance, I think I would say nice looking, but aren't we all our own worst critic? I think that's why I feel more comfortable with guys that aren't perfect - a bit of extra weight, older, non gym-bunny works best for me. Makes me feel more on an equal footing. Anyway, as it turns out this young jock is totally into daddies, and loves to get sucked. He particularly likes to be deep throated, to skull-fuck and force feed his load. By our third encounter, my anxiety was gone and I was hard as a brick throughout our encounter knowing he was quite into me. In fact, he isn't into too much more than just laying back and getting serviced, so I'm not as keen on him anymore...

Back to my story. I left with one of my colleagues around lunch-time Monday, so we stopped at a roadside eatery and had lunch. We continued on to pick up our third and fourth travelling companions. We arrived at our destination at about 5 p.m. so we checked into our hotel rooms and arranged to meet for dinner at 6:30. I texted my date to let him know I had arrived and gave him my room number. When I have an encounter set up, I try not to eat beforehand, or I eat something light as I love to deepthroat and have to control my gag reflex. During dinner my date texted me back to say 9:30 p.m. would work for him. Still in disbeleif, I excused myself to go the bathroom to send the reply. After dinner I returned to my room around 8 while the others went on to do their own thing. I told them I was just going to chill for the evening as I hadn't had much sleep the night before watching television coverage of the assasination of Osama bin Laden (which was true). I felt unusually bloated considering I had a small meal. I poped my Viagra at 8 thinking that it may take a little longer to absorb considering I was feeling full, and hoped I would have enough time to digest before the next meal was to begin. I went to the bathroom and had a bit of diarrhea. It didn't appear to be too bad, but I still had noticeable intestinal discomfort. It would pass I thought. I jumped in the shower and continued getting ready.

As time went on, I became more and more anxious. I tried to jerk my cock to get myself hard, but was having no luck. My date and I had talked about smoking a bit of weed before we were to start our play, so I thought that might help to calm me and get me started. He knocked on the door. I opened and sure enough it was him. Drop dead gorgeous. In my mind I was thinking I can't beleive this; he will probably turn around and leave. He still had the same body he had during his porn days. He was beautiful. He smiled a broad, welcoming smile. His eyes were soft and blue. I invited him in. He took off his shoes, then his jacket. We started to touch each other's chests, and I could feel the musculature under the fabric. I stroked his large nipples and they became nicely rigid. I continued to overthink the whole situation, only making my nervousness worse. We smoked the joint I had prepared, then got into some very tender kissing. He was obviously into the scene, seducing me, tenderly touching and embracing me. He pushed his crotch into mine so that I could feel his hard manhood through his pants, reinforcing in my mind that I was not hard myself. He took off his shirt to expose his glorious hairy muscular chest. I stroked his muscular back and could feel that he had shaved a few weeks earlier, but otherwise had a very generous pelt of back hair. Could it get any better than this? I took off my shirt and thought to myself that he had been in many porn films with some of the most beautiful and muscular guys on the planet, of which I was not in the same leaugue. Try as I might, I couldn't get these thoughts out of my head, creating a barrier that just became more and more difficult to overcome. We went on to remove our pants, and his hard cock bounced out of his pants. His cock was beautiful. Long and thick and rigid with an upward curve, loosely cut with a lot of skin movement. I took off my pants and tried not to make too obvious the fact that I wasn't hard just yet. I went down on my knees to suck him while trying to wake the giant by hand. I wasn't having a lot of luck, but being a skilled cocksucker, he was enjoying the work I was performing on him. When my knees were getting sore, I got up and we went onto the bed for more passionate kising. I continued jerking myself without success, so I decided I should take the intiative and do most of the work. I continued with lots of deep throating his cock, returning to kissing. At one point he had me on my back with my head over the bed throat fucking me with rythmic pelvic thrusting, the way a true professional porn-star does. I choked on his cock a few times, but am really getting into being force-fed.

One scene I particularly liked to watch in his films is him being rimmed. He has an amazing hole. I rimmed him for about a half-hour using sound vibration, warm breathing and sucking to really stimulate his hole. He started out on his back with his legs pulled into his chest, then flipped over onto his knees spread-eagled a bit, exposing his hole as much as he could to my tongue. I made love to that beautiful rosebud. He certainly enjoyed that - he said my rimming was hypnotic. My favorite position is 69 while on my back, my guy deep throating my cock while I rim his hole. I was thinking to myself that would have been an amazing place to be. In the end we played for over an hour when I started to suck him hard. He started to moan indicating he was getting close. I finished him off taking his explosion into my mouth. That was what it took to convince me once and for all that he was into me, finally arousing me. I layed on my back and he kissed me softly as I jerked my cock. I was thinking to myself this guy is a perfect gentleman. I could only get about half hard, though I was so internally aroused I orgasmed and ejaculated all over my stomach.

We dozed off for a while laying beside each other, our bodies pressed together. I said to him that I was feeling a bit intimidated being with an international superstar. He said jokingly and insincerely, "You must have me confused with someone else." We both laughed. It was now after 11 p.m. and I was feeling awkward over my inablilty to get hard and to contribute to an extremely hot scene of mutual deep throating as he was keen on. My opportunity to get into a most memorable experience had escaped me. I did have a great time, but would have been elated had it been as fulfilling for him as I had imagined it could be. The once in a lifetime opportunity just slipped away.

After he left, I watched a bit of tv still feeling like I had been cheated from a full satisfying experience. I decided to go to bed, still feeling full from dinner and not quite right in my stomach. At about 2:00 a.m., I woke up severely nauseated. I knew then that I was in fact suffering from food poisoning, and that I was going to be puking in a short while. My abdomen was still distended, indicating I had not digested anything properly that day. Sure enough, within 15 minutes I was talking to Ralph on the big white telephone with the most gut-wrenching vomiting. Thereafter I felt much better. I figured this discomfort likely contributed to my inability to get hard, and interfered with the Viagra doing me any good. Fuck what a major disappointment. The next day I messaged him to say I had a fantastic time, and though I was a bit star-struck, I was also suffering from food poisoning which resolved itself around 2:30 in the morning. I told him I would love to do it again if he was ever back in the area.

Back in November I arranged with a guy I had met at the public washroom to film a scene. He texted me one day and told me to meet him there at 4:00 p.m. I set up the cam and filmed it. Here it is for your viewing enjoyment:


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