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Patience is a Virtue (...or the Games People Play)

This story starts about four years ago. I had just returned to the East from a one-year leave of absence on the West coast in late 2008. I had dumped my last boyfriend and had decided to start exploring various sexual scenes that interested me. One of those as I have mentioned in the past is my smoking fetish. I had a very interesting sexual experience out West with a guy who liked to smoke a joint before sex, then have a cigarette afterward before getting naked and dirty. I think if I would have suggested it, we would have smoked throughout our session. I wanted to take that a bit further, so I started posting ads on craigslist seeking guys into my smoking fetish. I live in a medium-sized city and wasn't having much success (if you know craigslist, that isn't unusual...) so I decided to post my ad in the big city craiglist personals. I had the usual wankers, cyber-fuckers and e-mail fanatics, e-mail address trollers and pic collectors, but one reply caught my eye.

He was a 27 year-old guy into older men who also had a smoking fetish. 6'2" tall, 200 muscular pounds, mostly a top but was starting to enjoy bottoming. Into many different smoking scenes during sex, including smoking blow-jobs, kissing, fucking, rimming, and deep smoke exchanging. All up my alley.  I didn't specify in my ad exactly where I was, but I responded to him telling him where I lived. He said he lived an hour and a bit north of the big city, which was already an hour further than where I was. Nevertheless, I'm always willing to put some travel into meeting someone with all the qualifications I'm looking for. He sent a pic of his face/upper body, and he was a stunner.  As it turns out in our back-and-forth e-mail (Ok I know what you're thinking; it'll fizzle...), he said that he was originally from a smaller city half an hour south of where I live, and that he comes to visit his family on holidays. He said he has a partner and they have a closed relationship, but he would make exceptions for special circumstances. He also doesn't bring his partner to family gatherings so has some freedom to play. I figure its because he was in his late 20's and his partner is over 50, his preferred age range. He never said so but I had the impression his family would disapprove of an older guy in a relationship with a much younger man.

Christmas of 2008 Jake contacted me to say he would be coming in for a visit, and we set a date and time for him to come over. We had gotten into e-mailing each other and basically dirty talking about all the things we liked to do while smoking. At the last minute, he contacted me to tell me he had a family obligation and had to cancel, but wanted to re-schedule. We re-scheduled a few more times during the holidays, but each time he had to cancel. Finally we had planned for him to stop in on his way back home. I figured this was a sure thing since he would be travelling through town, but sure enough he had to cancel as his partner was expecting him home directly due to heavy snow. Ok so I'm a patient guy. I was thoroughly pissed, but this guy is so right up my alley, I wasn't going to blow it. I accepted his apology and said for him to contact me next time he was going to be coming through.

Throughout 2009, we had planned to meet again during several holidays, including Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, maybe Mother's Day I don't exactly recall.  I had been asking him to send me pics, and he finally sent me the pic of his cock above. As far as cocks go, this is a magnificent piece of cock wouldn't you say? I LOVE uncut cock, and this thick stunning monster looked totally amazing! I had to have it. For a cock like that (assuming it was real), I would play along very nicely. Every holiday where he would come up to visit, we would plan to get together, he would cancel, we would reschedule, he would cancel. It was making me crazy, but I would accept his apologies.

2010 was a repetition of 2009, but I think I was starting to feel this was all fake. We likely set some dates for holidays with the same results. Thanksgiving came and went, but this time I didn't even contact him to set anything up. The Saturday following the Thanksgiving weekend, October 16th, I decided to pay a random afternoon visit to the local bathhouse. I was going to the tubs maybe once every month or two, no regularity whatsoever. I'm sitting in the hot tub when this stunning muscular guy steps in - nice uncut cock. I couldn't help but think this guy looked familiar to me. I still hadn't put things together, but was certain I knew him from somewhere. He was looking at me and I was looking at him. Finally I had such a raging erection, I decided I would show it off a bit, wrap myself and my member up in a towel, and signal to him my interest (I think my hard cock did the messaging). He also stood up, and this massive piece of meat replied to mine (see pic above). As I was walking to my room, I had this sneaking suspicion this was Jake. I thought how unlikely that would be since the holiday was the weekend before. I opened my door and walked in. He entered a few moments later, and we both dropped our towels. We were both still very hard and started stroking each other. His body was all muscle, massive monster tool, so good looking. He said to me, "I think I know you." I replied, "Yes you're JakeCigar right?" He said yes, and we chuckled on the random coincidence of our encounter. I could now say that I had seen the cock from the pic, and it was real in every sense. Over 8 think uncut inches of beauty, glorious head.

By this time, all bathhouses had become non-smoking, so we settled into a non-smoking play session of deep passionate kissing, deep throating in every position imaginable, and then he wanted me to fuck him. I rarely fuck at bathhouses because I find it too risky with people I don't know, but there are always condoms available.  Except for this occasion. Jake went out to see if there were any condoms, but returned to say they were all out. We decided to go raw since I had been tested in September prior to that date.  He said he had also been tested, so we proceeded without rubber. I had him on his back with his legs splayed for me, and the whole scene ended with him shooting his load all over his chest while getting pounded. I couldn't believe the pleasure I just had with JakeCigar. After two years of failed attempts, we had finally connected. We both felt like having a smoke so we got dressed and went outside by our cars. I watched him as he would draw on his smoke and inhale, then exhale. I would have invited him back to my place, but I had a friend living with me temporarily while he was in the process of finding his own place. It was a tragedy of timing. He said he was there that particular weekend because he couldn't make it the previous weekend for Thanksgiving, so his family had postponed or held a second celebration in his honour. He was on his way there when he decided to stop in to the baths to check things out. We exchanged cell numbers and planned to get together at Christmas.

We exchanged the following text messages over the next few weeks:

BC:  (October 16) Hey Jake glad to have finally met you at last. I still have the Cohiba I picked up in December [2009] but I think I'll get a fresh one for our next meeting. Had a fantastic time today - very hot! Keep me posted on your next trip down this way.
JC:  Me too! so glad we finally connected!...let me know as soon as your place is a nice long session with you in private for some cigar fun!
BC:  (November 2) Hey Jake how you doing? Just letting you know my house guest has now left so I'm free to have you over next time you're in town for a very hot smoking session. Let me know dude!
JC:  Mmm, sounds hot BC! Love to feel that great cock in my ass again while you're feeding me some smoke from above!
BC:  Oh ya dude that is going to be hot. Gripping a gar in your teeth while I'm sucking you, and some deep smoke swapping. Fuck man I just got so hard!
JC:  Me too bud... it's totally what I'm into, just haven't found too many other guys who share the fetish.
BC:  Ya I know. Hit the jackpot with a hot guy like you too. If you'll indulge me once in a while I do like cig smoking play too.
JC:  Oh ya, I'm really into cig smoking hot to have one of each going and alternate. Love to haul deep and hard on a cig or gar while having my cock sucked.
BC: And I love the guy exhaling his smoke-filled lungs on me as I suck, feeding me a drag, then going back down. Also love to blow my smoke on you as you're sucking me.
JC:  Oh fuck this going to be hot!
BC:  Fuck yes bud. It will be hot. Give me some notice when you'll be down so I can cancel everything!
JC:  Sure bud! I did mention I was partnered right? Took a risk last time...gotta make sure we and you are totally safe...can't be bringing anything Never barebacked with someone I didn't know before, but damn your cock felt amazing and I felt like we really clicked...
BC:  Ya bud I know you're partnered and can understand you don't want to bring something home. I'm the same way about barebacking - I only top and occasionally dip but hard fucking with protection... As for other STI's I'll stay home for a week or so before we hook up if its for sure we'll be getting together.
JC:  That's could probably stay hard with protection on if we were in the middle of a hot smoke session...fuck, I'd come down there right now if I could!
BC:  Ya bud I'll be rock hard under latex during a smoking scene. I'll be good for a 3 or 4 hour session bud no exaggeration. We'll burn through a lot of smokes... Smoking kissing? When we were outside having a smoke at our cars I was so turned on knowing we would be enjoying each others' bodies while smoking the next time we hooked up.
JC:  Oh fuck ya, me too bud! Would love a 3 or 4 hour session!
BC:  OK then set the time and lets do it. Have a great night bud. I'm going to bed shortly and will have to jerk off while having a smoke. I'll be thinking about the session we are going to have...
JC:  Night bud! Bust a great nut for me!...we'll make it happen soon!
BC:  (November 14) Are you thinking of coming before Xmas?
JC:  Yup will be coming probably late Nov, early Dec.
BC:  Very cool Jake. As soon as you know the date is firmed up let me know. And keep an opening in your schedule. Prefer evening play - rarely smoke cigars but in the morning wouldn't be my best time.
JC: Damn right BC! Especially once we spark up a gar or cig! feeding me some smoke while fucking me...damn hot!
BC:  Ya can't be rushed - deep inhale then feed you deep too. Feed each other smoke for a long time. Take turns on each other. Sucking each other real close to the edge while haulin' smoke. Billowing smoke while kissing.
JC:  Ya, night is best for me too...been a long time since I've smoked a gar...have to ease into never takes too long :>)
BC:  Taking drags then going down on your big uncut cock. Me too about the gar. Don't want to get carried away and feel blah from it.
JC:  I'm equally hot with cig play so no worries.
BC:  (November 23) Hey Jake what's the word on your next trip down this way? I'm figuring it might not be this weekend? Fuck man I'm so stoked! [no response]
BC:  (December 16) Hey Jake I was just wondering if you'll be headed down this way over the holidays. Want to smoke with you buddy.
JC:  Definitely will be headed that way! Will let you know as soon as I know for sure. Got hard the second I got your
BC:  Good to hear! I get hard every time I think of our smoking session dude!
BC:  (December 22)  Hey Jake do you have your plans set yet? I'm free [the following dates...] Dude, I am so looking forward to smoking and playing with you. Hope we can set something up. If you could drop in on your way to the city that would be cool.
JC:  Will be in town Dec. to get together.
BC:  That's great. Either of those dates will work for me... Once you know when you can make it let me know. I have some things to plan so once I know you're visit date I can wrap that up.
JC:  (December 24) Hey Bud, looks like the 26th will be best for me if you're around. Remember Bud, partnered here so need to make sure we have nothing to worry about in terms of STD's of any kind...if there are any worries then we can wait...  Otherwise looking forward to a hot time...haven't played with anyone else besides my partner since we hooked up last time.
BC:  I have been real careful anticipating we might hook up over the holidays. In fact it has been a couple of weeks of drought...
JC:  What time on Sunday?
BC:  Whenever you're free is good - afternoon or evening, but early enough so we have lots of time to play.
JC:  Late aft would be great.
BC:  Let me know when you're on your way.
BC:  (Sunday, December 26)  Hey Jake been so looking forward to today. Just wanted to confirm the time you'll be here.
JC:  Actually still up North, heading south tomorrow though until Wednesday. You around over the next couple of days?
BC:  Yes I have Monday and Tuesday off work though I'll have to shuffle things around. Need to know when we might get together so I can move other plans.
JC:  I'll be heading through tomorrow around noon if that works.
BC:  Yes that works for me great because my dinner plans Monday aren't till 7:00 p.m. I'll just have to spend another day boned up! See you tomorrow!
JC:  Mmm, save that hardon for me, Buddy! Cig play sounds awesome too!...really feel like getting into it with you bud!
BC:  Oh ya bud that is going to be so hot! I'd like you to arrive at the door with a freshly lit smoke and I'll have one going too. Get right into it dude!

Here comes a good one... I'm not making this shit up...

BC:  (December 27) What time is smoke time bud?
JC:  Not today...@hospital, grandpa had a heart attack :-(...gonna have to count me out for the next while.

I then wished him well and hoped grandpa was going to be OK. Based on my previous experiences, this was to be expected, except that we had hooked up in October and it sounded like we both enjoyed ourselves. Our next messages all clearly indicated an interest and desire to hook up.  The issue about his paranoia around STD's was sort of new, but for a guy who goes to bathhouses and has a paid membership profile on a hook-up site indicates someone who steps out from time to time.

 My next group of texts from Easter 2011 are similar to those above. This series is short, and likely started with some e-mails which I can't locate. Here we are in mid-conversation:

JC:  (April 15, 2011) Hey Bud...tonight might work, when are you available? Can be there around 7 if that works.
BC:  Ya 7 pm is perfect. Shoot me a text to confirm when you get a chance.
JC:  Actually how would tomorrow be instead? Just got some obligatory dinner plans with the family :-(
BC:  Ya tomorrow is good too. Was thinking early afternoon could work, or evening after 7. I've been real good the last few weeks so nothing to worry about if you know what I mean.
BC:  (April 16)  Hey Jake any chance we'll be getting into a smoking scene later today? Really jacked here!

No response once again.

My next series of text messages begins on November 19, 2011. After reading these, feel free to offer your opinion - am I reading these messages incorrectly?

JC:  (November 19, 2011)  Hey BC...Jake here (from squirt)...just wondered if you were around? [I seem to recall that he messaged me out of the blue here. Also from a new cell phone number]
BC:  Hey Jake yes I'm around. Would love for you to swing by.
JC:  Awesome! Haven't been down this way in a while, but really enjoyed our encounter at the spa the last time!
BC:  Ya bud that was a lot of fun.
JC:  Perfect! Really want to play with another hardcore smoker...probably my biggest turn-on.
BC:  Are you thinking like 10 o'clock? Fuck man my heart is beating fast thinking about smokin' play with you. The spa was great but this will be even better.
JC:  10 am yes, if that's OK with you.
BC:  Fuck dude I'll get up at the crack of dawn for smokin' play with a hot dude like you.
JC:  Right...damn, we really clicked last time I are a really passionate guy...great chemistry.
BC:  Yes the chemistry was spot on. Passionate kissing while smoking will be even hotter.
JC:  Oh ya, and how you gently eased your cock into my ass...drove me fucking wild!
BC:  Yes I remember vividly how hot it was. So glad to have a repeat performance...
JC:  Perfect...have lots of time tomorrow so we can take our time and make it a nice long session.  I rarely play with anyone else...was going to head to the spa, but so glad you're around tomorrow...would rather play with one quality guy than random ones in a bathhouse.
BC:  I know what you mean. Into one-on-one, not groups or random. Ok once in a while I go to the spa, but not since May or June. Ok see you in the morning Jake. Very stoked here man!
JC:  Perfect! up that load for me and I'll do the same...will message you tomorrow morning to let you know when I'm on the way.
BC:  Its saved bud! Ya message would be great.
JC:  Sweet! Looking forward, stud!
BC:  Wow dude! I had almost forgotten how handsome you are, and what a great cock you have. Wow...
JC:  Thanks Bud! worked wonders on it while you pressed that big beautiful head into my ass :-)
BC:  Glad to do it again but with smokes this time :))
JC:  Oh man!...even better! Hard right now thinking about it!
BC:  Fuck man so am I. Going to have trouble falling asleep as I'll be hard for hours. Won't bust it out till tomorrow.
JC:  Oh fuck ya! getting a BJ when smoking...we can feed each other too!
BC:  Ya I love giving head to a smokin guy, take my time, feed each other smoke. Dude it will be be so hot!
JC:  And give you drags while you're sucking my to see smoke pouring out of your mouth as you take it deep.
BC:  Oh ya that's hot too. Also smoke exchanging, in the end I'd like to have you shoot your load while I'm sucking you while you smoke. That will drive me nuts.
JC:  Sounds great! I have a few scenarios in mind which I'm sure we will have a chance to get into.
BC:  Ya just let me know what you'd like to do and we can get into it. Its all good smoker!
JC:  Have always wanted to get fucked by a smokin' man...I'm sure we'll have a repeat smoke session with cigars next time.
BC:  Ya bud explore both of our smoking fantasies. I'm thinking back to the spa and how we recognized each other, our super hot play, and then having a smoke outside by your car afterwards.
JC:  Oh ya! I remember it well...wanted to do more that day when smoking...
BC:  Me too. Afterwards I was thinking we should have gotten into the car and kissed while we smoked. Jerked off to that image many times.
JC:  We'll make up for it restrictions.
BC:  That would be great stud.
JC:  Oh fuck, can't wait...
BC:  Me too. Ok I have to start settling down now so I can sleep. This talk has me all wound up. Save some for tomorrow handsome. G'night Jake.
JC:  Nite BC...message you in the morning.

At 9:53 a.m. the next morning I received the following lame-ass text:

JC:  My partner just texted me...he's in [your city] on business and wants to spend the afternoon shopping at the mall...I just can't fucking win :-( Will be back in town during the Christmas break, maybe work something out then.
BC:  Ah damn. You're right we just can't win... Ok we'll have to make it your next trip to the area.
BC:  Any chance you can find an hour or so before you meet up with him at the mall? Or if you're travelling in separate cars come over afterwards? Tell him you were going to visit with an old friend? Just a thought - I was so jacked for our scene. Not to put pressure on you but just looking for alternatives...
JC:  Already thought about that but I need to go back home to let the dogs out and I always call when I get alibi at all...sorry.
BC:  Can't blame a horny guy for trying! Have a great day Jake - talk to you next time. maybe we can get into dirty texting. Ciao smoker!
JC:  Definitely I'll message you when its safe to do so. Take care BC :-)

I think I was able to show some real restraint. I was livid once again. I must be a glutton for punishment, because I went there again for this Thanksgiving. We exchanged the following messages on

BC:  Hey Jake how are you doing smokin' buddy. Saw you online and thought I would say hi. Let me know if you'd like to get together. Still interested in fun with you, depending on your situation.
JC:  Really enjoyed our brief time together last time, and would love love to play alone with you for a while...especially in a place where we can smoke...;)
BC:  I am around this weekend - my boyfriend is out of town Saturday returning Monday late afternoon. We are relatively exclusive but allow each other the occasional fun, so that would work out great for me [not true but I'm trying a different approach]. We can smoke in my place and especially in my bed! My cell # is 555-555-5555. Let me know when you might be free. I don't have any plans so pretty flexible schedule.
JC:  Nice! I'd be free Saturday evening or late afternoon...the thought of that great dick in my ass is getting me going like crazy, was so hot last time! Still attached here as well, so only concern is that I don't bring anything home, so I'm trusting that you're still clean and neg-...oh man, I'd love to take that cock bare...been fantasizing about that many times.
BC:  Been with my bf for about 6 months, and we're both neg. I was tested in August 2012 for HIV and syph and neg. We play bare with each other only (no cum and I top), but can be open if you're clean and safe with recent test. I'd be cool with rubber play. Saturday works best for me too - either afternoon or evening works. I had to light up a smoke when I read your message. Dude, I look at your cock pic often and dream of sucking it again. I remember you on your back with my cock in your ass and you were so fucking hard and cumming. I fantasize about that scene with you with a smoke in your mouth and I shoot a huge load. I'd love for you to create that fantasy for me.
JC:  Oh damn, I'd love to create that fantasy! Neg here for everything as well, was tested back in July, and always safe before and since...your cock is huge but felt so great in my ass, was incredibly comfortable...
BC:  We can have lots of smokes during our play, including kissing and smoking. That I find very hot too, or sucking each other while smoking. So text me Saturday morning and we can set it up. I'll shoot you my address and directions on parking behind my house.
JC:  Ya, I find that very hot long as I'm smoking I stay rock're very passionate and I like that...chemistry was very hot.
BC:  Ya we really connected, and will have a hot time again. You can smoke all you want cuz I loved deep throating your beautiful cock and loved how rock solid you are. Hope we can get it together for Saturday. I'm checking off shortly so talk to you on the weekend.
JC:  [Saturday] Got sucked into a family dinner tonight and have to go because I haven't been around here in a while, so can't play today....not sure if you're still free tomorrow but might be able to stop in tomorrow morning on my way back north.
BC:  Hey bud just got your message. text me in the morning if you can drop by.
At this point, I was so frustrated, I decided I should cancel on him to make it look like I'm not desperately waiting for him to call. I mean, don't I sound pathetic?  So I decided not to hold out but look for a playmate for Saturday. I eventually arranged to have a guy come over, but he wasn't able to arrive until midnight. He has the biggest bag of balls I've seen in a long time - and low hangers to boot. Lots of foreskin on his cock. We played till 4:30 a.m., but then I knew I definitely had to cancel Jake so I wrote the following message:

BC:  Hey Jake I had sent you a message earlier saying that I would be free this morning, but in fact I won't be in any shape to meet up with you. A close friend was over in a serious crisis, and has just now left. I'm just going to bed at 5:17 but will need sleep, so unless you're driving by in afternoon, I'm going to have to say we will have to postpone until your next trip down this way. So sorry man.
Thinking I had the upper hand this time, I received the following text:

JC:  Morning BC, thank you for the message...more family stuff this morning at my gram's place, so tied up, then meeting my partner back home to go to Ikea...its like he invents things to keep me occupied,

At this point nearly a week has gone by while I consider how to respond. This is what I want to say:

"You game-playing fuck! You have been fucking with me for years now with the lamest of excuses, and still string me along. Why don't you go fuck yourself!" Wow that felt good! I'm sure I'll write something a bit more polite and will excuse him again. I don't want to close the door yet because I want that hot smokin' cock again!! Hell I get enough sex, its not like I'm burning a torch...

I know how much you boys enjoy video so here is a great quick one of a cock very similar to Jake's. I hope you enjoy!

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