Sunday, July 17, 2011


I was on yesterday when I saw an ad from a couple looking for others to meet in the park for some dogging. I wasn't totally sure what that meant, so I googled the term and found out that its for exhibitionists and voyeurs who like to be watched having sex. Interesting I thought because I had made arrangements to meet a guy with a big knobby cock at a nude beach in a city nearby. I'm not big on outdoor sex as I have mentioned before, but I have been wanting to suck on this cock for a while now, so I agreed to meet him there. Of course unofficial gay nude beaches are always remote and hard to get to. Walk along the rocks, along the fence to the water treatment plant, through the path, and so on. It was about a mile of walking through rugged terrain, but the isolation and remoteness make it ideal for a bit of action. Bob was there totally naked at the start of the nude area, and led me to his remote spot. We set ourselves up in a treed area where little play spots have been set up with driftwood piled up in a fence-like way on three sides for semi-privacy. Guys were walking around through the trees in the paths, and wading in the water. Bob and I actually looked for a private location to play. We got into some fun kissing and nipple-play, then into some cock servicing. His cock was about 8 inches, but a huge bulbous head on his cock made me real hungry for his shots. He delivered as I had asked him to do - to grab my head and pump his load into me. Shortly after our play session, Bob left.

I hadn't cum yet, so I decided to stay and play a while. After all, I had my big Mexican blanket in my little spot, and there were still lots of guys around. There were also several tourists walking around whose goal is to gawk at the naked guys. You know the ones - the lechers who are fully dressed, typically unattractive, geeky, dorky, and generally unappealing. You have to tell them to fuck off several times before they leave you alone. I tried to keep my cock semi or fully erect to attract some of the hotter guys (with my t-shirt to cover up when the tourists would linger half-hidden in the brush).

This really hot beer-bellied bear with a beautiful big belly and gorgeous uncut cock set himself up beside me. He too was annoyed by the gawkers, so he finally joined me in my spot. We started to make out and got into some cock sucking when another hot guy came along and joined us. I sucked this new guy's cock while my bear fed on mine. I then went down on my bear's uncut cock, so the other guy moved over for the bear to suck him. He blew his load in the bear's mouth, and then he promply blew his load in mine.

A short while later, another slim uncut guy had set himself up in a neighbouring spot. He walked over to the water's edge past my spot, swinging half-hard, then back toward me. I was standing half hard myself when he came back toward his spot, but just dropped to his knees and started sucking my cock. There were other guys around who were just happy to watch. We broke for a moment when a tourist walked past, then when he left I dropped to my knees and started sucking on this guy's cock. He started to thrust his pelvis and moan, so I positioned myself to take his blasts. I sometimes choke when I get a big blast, but I continued sucking, taking in all his sweet cream.

Shortly thereafter another hairy bear with a nice belly came along. I took him into my lair and we also got into making out, sucking, and 69'ing. We both came in each others' mouths as we were locked on each others cocks. Had a great afternoon of dogging!

I was at a bathhouse a couple of weeks ago, and got to suck on three massive cocks - one on a muscular guy with an upward curing thick monster - the other an uncut massive piece. That was fun. Had another bull of a guy in my room at one point, but he was so high on coke he could't get it up. He was very hot, uncut, and I'm sure it too was massive. Finally I saw this hot guy in the hottub, so I went there. I knew he would follow me if he saw my hard cock, so I stood up in full glory and went to my room. He followed...

I have decided to keep my posts to new or unusual stuff, so I may not be on as ofter. I'm keeping my regulars going and will talk to you all soon!

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