Saturday, October 29, 2011

Will the Madness Ever End!

I was contemplating ending my blog as its a fair amount of work and I wasn't sure if I was still into recounting all the guys I've been playing with. I hadn't posted anything since July and I have been busy as ever, so there would have been quite a few that I would have missed. I hooked up with my buddy with the big balls a few weeks back and he suggested I should keep it going because he likes reading about all my sexcapades. I decided that I would keep it going... I'll only put in a few of the new and notables.

I hooked up with my buddy with the big balls a couple of times since my last post. The time before last we were having an amazing time sucking each other to depths never before attained. I straddled his face in a 69 position and fucked his throat like I had never done before. While I was thrusting, he exploded into an amazing orgasm. Afterwards he said to me one of his fantasies has always been to be throat fucked that way. It was interesting because two other guys had recently said to me after our sexual activity that we had done things they had only ever fantasized about. I do have a talent when it comes to spontaneously discovering the fantasy of the guy I'm with and fulfilling it for him. I love to please, moving into territory they have never been before, only in their deepest, most erotic thoughts. They're usually not too kinky or bizarre, just guys who have imagined certain scenarios that get them very excited.

The next guy I played with who said that to me is someone I have hooked up with a couple of times before. He has an amazing thick uncut cock, and is very oral. We ended up in his bedroom and he desperately wanted to get fucked with my big cock. I got him on his back with his ankles on my shoulders and plunged my cock deep into his ass. I moved forward onto him and we kissed with lots of tonguing as I fucked him. He came while we were fucking and kissing. See - not overly kinky!

The next guy is someone I met back in May or June. He's married and has an 8 month-old baby. He and his wife are both bisexual, and they are looking for another guy to play with. I told him that really wasn't my scene, but I did hook him up with another one of my contacts who is into that. (see nicelyhung from previous posts). Anyway, he is very new to man-sex, even though he's in his mid-40's. He's an incredible cocksucker; it seems to come naturally to him. He also has an amazing cock (pic above): 8 inches of very thick meat with a nice big head. We usually end up in a frantic cock-sucking 69, or either one of us in my chair in the bedroom taking turns on each other while standing up. We both love cum and swallowing each others' loads, so we have been alternating for each other every time we have hooked up. Three sessions ago, he said he had arranged a little group thing with two other guys that I have played with in the past. Allan and Marc (not their real names, as in all my posts) are a couple. Allan has a beautiful 8.5 inch thick cock that I can barely get into my throat. Marc has a really hard cock, about 7 inches, not too thick, but solid! Anyway John and I went to their place, and we had fun, but I realized a group thing is not really for me. I was feeling a bit timid in the group situation. The next time John and I were hooking up, I invited nicelyhung to join us. Once again the dynamic wasn't quite right for me, but I was more interested in introducing them to one another so they could set up their thing. John and I decided that one-on-one was better for us, so the last time we hooked we had an amazing time. His fantasy was just to have an explosive bust while deep-throating a cock.

I also hooked up with Peter recently. He came over to my house, and I must say we had the most piggy cock sucking session I have ever had. He became a total cock sucking pig, even gagged a bit too much on my cock to the point where I had to take the sheets off the bed. It was that filthy piggy, and yet so much fun. Another fantasy fulfilled...

I mentioned in the past that I haven't bottomed in a very long time. It has to have been about 6 years, and probably just as many prior to that. I never really enjoyed it much, and with the risk of HIV, sort of shut down the desire to explore a long time ago. Anyway I was online a couple of moths ago and came across a guy I played with a year or so ago. I had previously posted his pic, but since getting fucked is a new thing for me, I'm posting it again. Igor's cock is about 7 inches long, uncut and very thick. He's a total top. The first time we hooked up a way back when, he didn't fuck me. This time, he was intent on it. I decided I would give it a try, but told him he would have to be very gentle with me. He entered me very slowly and when I would ask him to pull out to give me a break, he would. We did that a half dozen times, and it was ok. About a month later, I contacted him again for another fucking session. Like the first time, he entered me slowly and patiently, but this time, as I became accustomed to having a cock in my ass, all the discomfort slipped away. I was his hole to fuck, which he enjoyed for quite some time. I have never experienced such pleasure from being fucked before, and there was no discomfort the next day as I had experienced in the past. Every which position was fun, as his cock glided into my hole and went into the depths of me. I don't think I can take a really vigorous pounding, nor am I going to become a bottom boy, but hey its all in good fun.

I have also played with several others recently, all of whom have cocks that are so hard, its a challenge getting them down deep into my throat. I love curved cock! Here's a vid I did this past summer. You don't get to see the money shot, but liten carefully at the end...

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