Friday, November 18, 2011

Bountiful Harvest...

As we approach Thanksgiving in the United States, I couldn't help but think about how bountiful my recent sexual encounters have been. I met several guys lately that I'll be hanging on to for future sessions. There's something about the Fall that makes men so very horny...

The first guy I want to tell you about is Mohamed. He's a 21 year-old Middle-Eastern boy who loves daddy bears with big cocks. He's 5'11" tall and weighs 130 lbs.; he has a very compact build. He wears a full beard and is incredibly good looking. We met online and arranged to meet up in a hotel. I answered the door totally naked, as I love to see the expression of shock, embrassment and instant arousal a naked man elicits as he opens the door. Mohamed came into the room and we immediately got into it. He took off his clothes, and an amazing uncut tool sprang out of his shorts as he pulled them down (see pic above). His interests are big cocks in particular. He loves to suck big cocks. He's a total top but loves to worship big cocks. I was in the mood to suck cock myself, but I couldn't get too aggressive with him as he was always on the edge of cumming. He was quite aroused by our encounter as I could tell by how rock solid his cock was. He asked me to take pictures of him sucking my cock with his camera, which I obliged. I asked him if his cam had a video recorder, which it did, so I also took video of him sucking my cock. I asked him if I could eat out his hole while he sucked me, and he happily obliged. I have seen hairy holes in the past, but nothing like the hair this boy had on his butt cheeks and between his legs. Its a carpet of fur. I didn't even think to ask him if I could take a video of me eating his hairy hole after I had granted his request to take a vid of him sucking me. I was so caught up in the moment, it didn't even cross my mind. Next time for sure. So we played for just over an hour, but eventually he couldn't take it anymore. He asked me to get on my knees and to suck him right off. I happily obliged, letting him thrust his cock all the way down my throat as he built up his explosive ejaculation, shooting directly down my throat.

Another of my new acquaintences is Cowboy, a mid-forties guy, also very slim, totally smooth, bearded, nice cock. We met online a couple of weeks ago and have hooked up three times since then. When we were chatting online before he came over the first time, we got onto the topic of cowboys, and he mentioned that he has a white cowboy hat and a black cowboy hat. I told him to bring them along, so for our first get together we wore cowboy hats and smoked cigarettes as we played a la Marlboro Man. He's a very passionate guy, loves to kiss and make out, get sucked and rimmed, but particularly loves to get fucked. Our 3 sessions have ranged from 2 to 3 hours each, with many more to come. On our first session, I layed on my back and he started sliding down my pole. He had just been there on my cock maybe a minute when he started to spontaneously ejaculate. There was a huge puddle of cum on my chest, telling me that he has a prostrate the size of a melon. He said he hadn't cum in 6 days, so there had been a build-up of cum that a few strokes of my cock in his ass caused to squirt out. Ok now I know this guy is a big shooter. I love big shooters! The second time we repeated the same pole sliding scenario, but this time he held on to it. We stayed connected while we moved from one position to another, finally returning to the riding position. I asked him to blow his load in my face while he rode me, and happily another huge jizz load was shot at me. The third time, I told him I wanted him to blast his cum while I sucked him off. I wanted to feel all his cum flooding into my mouth, and I got exactly what I wanted. Probably a third of a cup of cum sprayed into my mouth. It was very tasty cum I swallowed with pleasure. The last time we got together, he said we have done things together he has only ever dreamed of doing. See - it happened again!

My next new guy is also mid-forties, amazing body, great in the sack. Also loves big cocks. We only played together once so far, but he's keen on keeping it regular. Then there's my 25 year old Mexican boy who loves to deep throat...

Ok here's my latest video:

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