Sunday, July 15, 2012


I was viewing my favorite amateur website xtube one day when I came across a very hot smoking jerk-off video. I sent a message to the guy telling him how much I enjoyed it. Some months later, I received a response thanking me for my message and directing me to check out his blog. Here's the URL if you'd like to check it out for yourself:  He said in his message that he had deleted that hot video from his xtube account and wasn't sure how to add videos to his blog if he ever decided to re-upload it.  Since I too have a blog on blogspot, I thought I should probably check it out and give him some instructions because I'd love to see his video again ;)  In reviewing my posts, I realized I haven't updated this blog since November of last year!  Let me tell you, I have been up to all my usual shenanigans! I just haven't kept you up on them very well. Ok I'll try and do better.

A few years ago, I sent a message to FleshLightMouth on xtube telling him how much I loved his videos, and asking him if he ever travelled to my area. He responded that he hadn't but he'd be happy to suck my cock some day. I had seen all his videos and I have to tell you its hard to find a guy that has the exact technique that I love - no gag (though gagging can be fun too), lots of stamina, long deep-throating strokes, and the sound a big thick cock makes when its gliding down into a guy's throat. Check out the video below to see exactly what I'm talking about. Be sure to have your sound on.

So this year I was considering what I should do for my summer vacation. I decided I'd like to take a road-trip with a buddy in my new car, and then I thought I should contact FLM to see if he'd be interested in getting together to make a video. He responded that he would, so we arranged a date and time to meet.  My buddy and I made our way about 1,000 km's to our final destination. At the appointed time, I sent my buddy out while my guest was making his way to my hotel.

FLM arrived and we proceeded to prepare for the shoot. He put on the t-shirt he likes to wear which was a dried up mess of cum from all the previous guys he had sucked off. He put on the cap that he uses to partially conceal his identity. We discussed camera angles, lighting, ambient sound (on or off), and the general direction the filming would take. We started with him seated on the floor while I sat back in the hotel wingback chair. We started filming and he immediately began to provide a fantastic fleshlight mouth blowjob. If you've ever tried to film someone sucking on your cock, you know how you have to stay focussed on ensuring you're capturing all the action while enjoying the blowjob you're receiving. It was easy keeping the camera stable leaning my elbows on the arms of the chairs. After about 6 minutes, we cut to the next scene. He asked me to stand so that he could be filmed from that POV. Back to another 6 or so minutes of sucking in that position. I was moving the camera from above to profile shots. We took a little a break and discussed our next scene which would include the money shot. He asked me how I wanted to ejaculate, and I suggested after a bit more throating, he start accelerating his throat action. I would let him know when I was starting to get close, at which point he should start milking my cock with his hand and mouth until I jizzed. Still standing, we resumed filming for scene 3; another deep, sloppy, throat slurping suck. I could feel myself starting to approach orgasm, and signalled that to FLM through increased breathing rate and the usual "uhhh, uhhh, uhhhh..."  He went to milking with his hand and mouth as I shot all over him and his cum splattered t-shirt.  Afterwards we reviewed the final scene on his cam, and it was a little shaky. Turns out the cam didn't have a stabilizer. Nevertheless it was pretty good. FLM said he would edit something together and post it after his return from his vacation. Once its up I'll post a copy of it here for you all.

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