Saturday, July 28, 2012

Want to Hear a Funny Story?

So I was cruising on my favorite site a month or so ago when I came upon a profile of a guy in a city about an hour's drive away. He's 27, very cute (see pic above), above average cut cock (sorry I can't locate a pic of the cock). He's 6'3" tall, 210 lbs, top. His profile said he's into older guys, so I decided to send him a message. He agree to getting together, but he was looking for a cock sucker who liked things a little rough, throat fucking in particular. I told him I do like it a bit rough, but not too crazy. We tried to get together over the next couple of weeks, but we weren't able to nail it down.  Then one Sunday afternoon this June past, we set it up for later that evening. He sent me his address and indicated that he lived in an apartment behind a laundromat. He said to go to the back and the door to acess his place was there. At a later point in the afternoon, he messaged me to know if I wanted to suck off three guys. Always up for a challenge, I said I would love to. He said with that number of guys, he wouldn't want to play in his place, but we could play in the hallway as it was private with no other traffic to worry about. Because we would be in the hallway, we would have to keep the noise down. I'm generally not a noisy person, but if I'm getting face-fucked hard, I can make loud gagging and choking sounds.

At the appointed time, I drove to the city and rather easily located the place. I parked my car about a block away from the laundromat, and as things appeared in order to that point, I lit up my joint to get relaxed for a thorough throat servicing of three guys.  I was pretty much right on time, which was what I was aiming for if I was going to be the center of attention.  I entered the laundromat, but there didn't appear to be doorway to any apartments or hallways. There were a few people doing their laundry, and one door at the back, but it said "Private/Staff Only." I went back out looking for a rear entrance thinking the apartment might be off a side or back door. Couldn't find anything. Then as I was heading back into the laundromat, a saw a doorway with the correct address number right above it. I tried the door and it was un-locked, opening up to a long hallway.  There was a flight of stairs leading upward to a single apartment door. I waited there for a moment to see what was going on, but no one appeared. I walked up the stairs to the apartment door and could hear some talking. I knocked on the door. "Come in" was the reply.

I opened the door and walked in, greeted by two young men. There was a cute middle-eastern guy, about 5'10" tall, and another guy, not so bad, beard, about 6'1." They were just chilling. I sat on the couch and asked them how they were doing - they were fine. I was thinking that I was glad I had a little toke before arriving because I'm normally a bit shy and the weed tends to relax me and makes me talkative. Trying to make some small talk while we waited for the others to arrive or until someone suggested the party get started, I remarked on the amazing sky-light they had directly above their living room. It was a massive sky-light, probably about 4 feet square, and let in a beautiful light - opened right up to blue sky.  They also really enjoyed their sky-light. Then this beautiful cat came waltzing in to greet me. It was a two-tone dark grey cat, but the striping on it was like that of a tiger. I must say that was one of the most beautiful cats I had ever seen, and I'm not much of a cat person. They said they got it from some friends in my home city. Fancy that I thought to myself.

So we continued with small talk until the taller fellow went into the bedroom. I continued chatting with the younger fellow for a while, though I could hear some voices in the bedroom. I thought that perhaps there were more guys in there, but oddly some of the voices sounded like women. I also noticed ashtrays with cigarette butts on the coffee table, and thought that odd since CanArab told me his place was non-smoking. While I was sitting in the living room chatting to the first fellow, I asked him if he was CanArab from squirt.  He replied, "Huh?"  It was at that moment I knew I was in the wrong place. It was at that moment that I think he too realized that he had no idea who I was, and perhaps this situation was a bit strange. I got up from the couch and said to him that I thought perhaps I was in the wrong place and I would just head out. As I was putting on my shoes, the fellow who went into the bedroom came out and said to me, "Dude - I think you're in the wrong place." Two women poked their heads out from the bedroom to get a look at me. I certainly skiddadled out of there as fast as I could.

 In retrospect, perhaps they were waiting for someone, and the two fellows didn't know what that person they were waiting for looked like; it may been a friend of the two women. I was this unknown stranger until the women came out to confirm they did not know who I was. Since I had arranged this hook-up on squirt, there really wasn't any need for introductions so I didn't introduce myself upon arrival; I was only there to suck their cocks and names and specifics were not important. Other than mentioning squirt to the first guy, I never indicated anything that would lead them to think I was there for sex. So I spent about 10 minutes visiting with them with idle chit-chat before anyone realized I was in the wrong place. I was thankful nothing more weird than that happened, and laughed to myself over the absurdity of the situation.

When I got outside, I went onto my mobile to get some details from CanArab. He was online and I told him I was there, but couldn't find his place. He messaged me back to say that I should knock on the "Private/Staff Entrance" door at the back of the laundromat and he would let me in. I re-entered the laundromat, walked to the back and knocked. A big burly bear of a guy opened the door to this little alcove that CanArab described as a hallway.  He was probably about 40, over 6 feet tall, a bit hefty wearing jeans, military boots, t-shirt and leather vest, bearded guy. Now I knew I was in the right place and that I would be sucking this guy off. I asked him if he'd been there long, he replied a couple of minutes.

CanArab then came out of his apartment in a t-shirt wrapped in a towel. Though all I had to go on was the pic noted above, cropped as it was, I knew that this was the guy. He told me to undress and get on my knees. He un-wrapped himself from the towel, took my head and pushed me down on his cock. I started sucking him as his gorgeous cock started to swell. He told his buddy to take his cock out, which the bear did. He was fairly hard right away, and not a very large cock, but he did have a great pair of nice dangling balls. I was playing with his equipment while still sucking CanArab, when he told me to suck the other guy for a while. I did as I was told, totally naked kneeling on my clothes for a bit of cushioning. The linoleum floor was a bit hard on the knees. I went back onto CanArab's cock, but this time, he wanted to get into some hard throat-thrusting. After several deep plunges, I did croak out from choking on his cock. That probably saved me from an abusive throat pounding, as he relented a bit and just enjoyed a more subdued throat fucking. He sent me back onto the bear for a while, but it didn't take him long before he was shooting cum into my mouth and then all over the place, including all over my clothes. CanArab asked him if wanted to leave now that he had cum, but the guy said he would stay and watch. CanArab then returned to me, grabbed my head for some serious throat fucking. After a while he announced that he was about to cum. His member had swollen to 8 very stiff cut inches, and I do like to have a very big and hard cock shooting freely in my mouth as I'm sucking. Just as he was about to cum, he pulled out and was holding my head down below his cock. I could see streams of jizz shooting along the side of my face, hitting the wall behind me, dripping down my cheek and into my mouth. That was a spectacular cumming I must say. My face was covered in cum from both of those guys. CanArab was wiping his cock from the throat juice and cum, but I asked him if I could wipe my face with the towel. He let me clean up a bit, but my clothes were covered in cum. All I could do was put them on, walk through the laundromat of women washing and folding clothes, and out to my car. That whole sucking scene lasted about half an hour, but man was that ever exciting! Also very funny in its own right.

So I do like to put up various videos and such. Here's a vid of my young man I referenced in my last blog posts in November. As you can see he has an amazingly hairy ass that I was loving! Hope you enjoy. I was thankful I took that video this past March because I played with him one more time after that. He has now re-located quite far away for college...

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