Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fucked Again...

I was chatting with my buddy and fellow blogger Jason (( and I told him that I was going to put up a post of all the smoking buddies I have on the go right now, but I had an incredible experience Thursday night that I thought I would share with you now. I'll get back to that post real soon Jason. Hang in there!
About a year ago, I started connecting with a very hot guy. Josh and I get together every couple of weeks or so and we have the most amazing sex you can imagine. He's 45, 6'1" tall, about 180 lbs., hairy but clipped (including his back), muscular, shaved head, very nice ass with amazing tan lines (can't you tell?). The most amazing hungry ass you've ever seen. An incredible kisser, passionate, and a great guy. His cock stands totally upright when he's hard, which is almost every moment we are together. I love a cock that stands totally erect and points to the stars. I also love watching a man walking around proudly swinging his upright erection. He's a little cock-shy because he feels his cock doesn't quite measure up. Okay, so I do have a big cock, but for me its not a matter of size all the time. There's so much more to a cock that makes the sexual experience amazing, and really it's technique that counts the most. He has a decent 6.5 inch cut cock with good thickness.
Josh loves to bottom, and loves to get pounded for a very long time. Its always hard to know how long you've been fucking while you're in the act, but I took a video of one of our recent sessions, and it was over half an hour of fucking. That's a long time to have your hole drilled, and a long time for me to be drilling! Funny coincidence. As I'm typing this, Josh just texted me to see if I was free to play on Wednesday...  I'll post some video once I download it off my I-Phone. I recently downloaded ios-6 and now I can't access the videos on my phone. Fuckin' I-cloud!
Josh and I usually play for about 2 hours because his time is limited and he has to get home to his wife. He and his wife are both professionals and have busy schedules, so its not hard for him to disappear for a few hours, but he has to make it home at a reasonable time. He and his wife have been married for about 10 years, but he tells me their sex lives extinguished about three years ago. Many people have issues with men who cheat on their wives (or husbands), whether with another woman, or with another man. At one time, I used to have a negative opinion of that myself, but everyone's situation is unique. We're all responsible for our own decisions and our life's journeys. In my view, when one partner looses their desire to have sex, they are the one changing the terms of the relationship, so the other partner should be free to satisfy their sexual needs outside of the relationship. I think its unfair for someone to impose celibacy on their partner. Jeff and I are both very clear on the parameters of our relationship, and neither of us want to change our circumstances. I've been in a few relationships and have experienced that inevitable decline in the quality of the sex. The arrangement Josh and I have keeps the sex hot and exciting.
We both love to suckle red wine to each other. I think I started that off as I had done it before with other guys. Though of course I don't recall nursing as an infant, there is something nourishing and intimate about being fed directly from someone. Inevitably we kill a bottle of wine sharing it between each other. Its not a big stretch to go from lots of deep kissing to suckling. If you've never tried it, I highly recommend it. We have also started to tell each other "I love you." Its usually in the throws of passion, but it adds a new dimension to the sex we are having. I think we're both looking for a deeper level of connection, and this feels right. I'll be careful not to let things get too complicated.
Josh loves to get fucked, but he also loves to deep throat and he really enjoys looking up at me while I watch him choke my cock down his throat. I let him have as much of my cock as he wants. He loves to stroke my cock with his left hand as he sucks me, and his wedding band gets all slobbery as he does it. For some reason that really turns me on. It usually doesn't take long in our sessions for his hole to start needing some attention. I love to eat his hole while he moans in ecstasy. When he's ready, he gets on his knees for me, leans forward, spreads his legs, and I enter him from behind. From there we flip over to our sides, then I get him on his back with his legs akimbo, or have him holding onto his feet knees slightly bent getting pounded hard. I've tried several brands of condoms with him, but have recently landed on the large Trojan Fire and Ice brand. As you fuck with those condoms, they get hotter and hotter, and the feeling on my cock is amazing! I must say that it compensates for the loss of sensation and pleasure a typical condom takes away.
In August, I had my yearly HIV test (that had dragged on to nearly two years...)  Though I didn't think the result would be anything but negative, the anxiety over the test is always very high. I went for the anonymous rapid test, and it was negative. I used to indicate on my various online profiles that I "always" practice safer sex. I have recently acknowledged that I have converted to "when appropriate." I'm not going to change my profile descriptor, but I think these days most "always" guys are really "when appropriate" guys. I'm trying to be cautious about it and negotiate bare sex when I have gotten to know someone, they get tested regularly, they are responsible about their status, and the conditions are right. Should I sero-convert, at least I know the treatments that are currently available can manage the illness. Don't get me wrong, I'm being very careful about this. So far I only fuck bare with two guys, and may propose it to a third, but that's it for now. I have also fucked bare with guys who are undetectable, and I'm ok with that. I'll also start going for the test every 6 months.
Since after my last test, Josh and I are now having bare sex. I'm the only guy he is currently having sex with, though he's free to be with other guys, as I am. We have agreed to be safe or to use the same prudence with other guys, and if a reason comes up to return to condoms, we will do so. I would rather not cum inside him anyway as I'm more of a slut than he is. I'm also not a big pre-cummer, so risk is reduced. As the top in all other scenarios, the risk for me is also much lower. So that's where we're at.  Thursday night, I asked him for the first time if he would fuck me. I assumed the position he usually likes to start out with: on my knees on the bed, legs apart, leaning forward biting the pillow, him standing behind me. As I may have mentioned in previous posts, I rarely get fucked because I have usually found it uncomfortable. I think deep down I'm a true bottom, but I can't take a big cock pounding me, so I gave that up some time ago. Thursday night though, the conditions felt right for me. The fact that his cock isn't massive encouraged me to offer myself up to him. I must say it was the best fuck I have ever had in my life. Josh took his time as I got used to having him inside me, then I let him work my hole harder. I wanted him to enjoy my hole completely, so as he was getting more vigorous, I told him I wanted him to cum inside me. I usually like to end our sessions by swallowing his load, but this time I wanted him in my ass. He emptied himself inside me, then collapsed on top of me. 
In a previous post this July, I mentioned that I arranged to meet up with Fleshlightmouth, famous on x-tube. He has finally finished putting together his video chronicling his summer 2012 tour. Here is the video with a great fanfare opening sequence. My cock is at 5:55 to 7:10. Enjoy his throat - I know I did!

I'm not sure if I had previously told you where my profile image comes from. Its from a fresco at the main entrance to a brothel in Pompeii near Napoli Italy. I didn't take the pic, but I have seen it up close and personal. 

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