Sunday, October 14, 2012

Patience is a Virtue (...or the Games People Play)

This story starts about four years ago. I had just returned to the East from a one-year leave of absence on the West coast in late 2008. I had dumped my last boyfriend and had decided to start exploring various sexual scenes that interested me. One of those as I have mentioned in the past is my smoking fetish. I had a very interesting sexual experience out West with a guy who liked to smoke a joint before sex, then have a cigarette afterward before getting naked and dirty. I think if I would have suggested it, we would have smoked throughout our session. I wanted to take that a bit further, so I started posting ads on craigslist seeking guys into my smoking fetish. I live in a medium-sized city and wasn't having much success (if you know craigslist, that isn't unusual...) so I decided to post my ad in the big city craiglist personals. I had the usual wankers, cyber-fuckers and e-mail fanatics, e-mail address trollers and pic collectors, but one reply caught my eye.

He was a 27 year-old guy into older men who also had a smoking fetish. 6'2" tall, 200 muscular pounds, mostly a top but was starting to enjoy bottoming. Into many different smoking scenes during sex, including smoking blow-jobs, kissing, fucking, rimming, and deep smoke exchanging. All up my alley.  I didn't specify in my ad exactly where I was, but I responded to him telling him where I lived. He said he lived an hour and a bit north of the big city, which was already an hour further than where I was. Nevertheless, I'm always willing to put some travel into meeting someone with all the qualifications I'm looking for. He sent a pic of his face/upper body, and he was a stunner.  As it turns out in our back-and-forth e-mail (Ok I know what you're thinking; it'll fizzle...), he said that he was originally from a smaller city half an hour south of where I live, and that he comes to visit his family on holidays. He said he has a partner and they have a closed relationship, but he would make exceptions for special circumstances. He also doesn't bring his partner to family gatherings so has some freedom to play. I figure its because he was in his late 20's and his partner is over 50, his preferred age range. He never said so but I had the impression his family would disapprove of an older guy in a relationship with a much younger man.

Christmas of 2008 Jake contacted me to say he would be coming in for a visit, and we set a date and time for him to come over. We had gotten into e-mailing each other and basically dirty talking about all the things we liked to do while smoking. At the last minute, he contacted me to tell me he had a family obligation and had to cancel, but wanted to re-schedule. We re-scheduled a few more times during the holidays, but each time he had to cancel. Finally we had planned for him to stop in on his way back home. I figured this was a sure thing since he would be travelling through town, but sure enough he had to cancel as his partner was expecting him home directly due to heavy snow. Ok so I'm a patient guy. I was thoroughly pissed, but this guy is so right up my alley, I wasn't going to blow it. I accepted his apology and said for him to contact me next time he was going to be coming through.

Throughout 2009, we had planned to meet again during several holidays, including Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, maybe Mother's Day I don't exactly recall.  I had been asking him to send me pics, and he finally sent me the pic of his cock above. As far as cocks go, this is a magnificent piece of cock wouldn't you say? I LOVE uncut cock, and this thick stunning monster looked totally amazing! I had to have it. For a cock like that (assuming it was real), I would play along very nicely. Every holiday where he would come up to visit, we would plan to get together, he would cancel, we would reschedule, he would cancel. It was making me crazy, but I would accept his apologies.

2010 was a repetition of 2009, but I think I was starting to feel this was all fake. We likely set some dates for holidays with the same results. Thanksgiving came and went, but this time I didn't even contact him to set anything up. The Saturday following the Thanksgiving weekend, October 16th, I decided to pay a random afternoon visit to the local bathhouse. I was going to the tubs maybe once every month or two, no regularity whatsoever. I'm sitting in the hot tub when this stunning muscular guy steps in - nice uncut cock. I couldn't help but think this guy looked familiar to me. I still hadn't put things together, but was certain I knew him from somewhere. He was looking at me and I was looking at him. Finally I had such a raging erection, I decided I would show it off a bit, wrap myself and my member up in a towel, and signal to him my interest (I think my hard cock did the messaging). He also stood up, and this massive piece of meat replied to mine (see pic above). As I was walking to my room, I had this sneaking suspicion this was Jake. I thought how unlikely that would be since the holiday was the weekend before. I opened my door and walked in. He entered a few moments later, and we both dropped our towels. We were both still very hard and started stroking each other. His body was all muscle, massive monster tool, so good looking. He said to me, "I think I know you." I replied, "Yes you're JakeCigar right?" He said yes, and we chuckled on the random coincidence of our encounter. I could now say that I had seen the cock from the pic, and it was real in every sense. Over 8 think uncut inches of beauty, glorious head.

By this time, all bathhouses had become non-smoking, so we settled into a non-smoking play session of deep passionate kissing, deep throating in every position imaginable, and then he wanted me to fuck him. I rarely fuck at bathhouses because I find it too risky with people I don't know, but there are always condoms available.  Except for this occasion. Jake went out to see if there were any condoms, but returned to say they were all out. We decided to go raw since I had been tested in September prior to that date.  He said he had also been tested, so we proceeded without rubber. I had him on his back with his legs splayed for me, and the whole scene ended with him shooting his load all over his chest while getting pounded. I couldn't believe the pleasure I just had with JakeCigar. After two years of failed attempts, we had finally connected. We both felt like having a smoke so we got dressed and went outside by our cars. I watched him as he would draw on his smoke and inhale, then exhale. I would have invited him back to my place, but I had a friend living with me temporarily while he was in the process of finding his own place. It was a tragedy of timing. He said he was there that particular weekend because he couldn't make it the previous weekend for Thanksgiving, so his family had postponed or held a second celebration in his honour. He was on his way there when he decided to stop in to the baths to check things out. We exchanged cell numbers and planned to get together at Christmas.

We exchanged the following text messages over the next few weeks:

BC:  (October 16) Hey Jake glad to have finally met you at last. I still have the Cohiba I picked up in December [2009] but I think I'll get a fresh one for our next meeting. Had a fantastic time today - very hot! Keep me posted on your next trip down this way.
JC:  Me too! so glad we finally connected!...let me know as soon as your place is a nice long session with you in private for some cigar fun!
BC:  (November 2) Hey Jake how you doing? Just letting you know my house guest has now left so I'm free to have you over next time you're in town for a very hot smoking session. Let me know dude!
JC:  Mmm, sounds hot BC! Love to feel that great cock in my ass again while you're feeding me some smoke from above!
BC:  Oh ya dude that is going to be hot. Gripping a gar in your teeth while I'm sucking you, and some deep smoke swapping. Fuck man I just got so hard!
JC:  Me too bud... it's totally what I'm into, just haven't found too many other guys who share the fetish.
BC:  Ya I know. Hit the jackpot with a hot guy like you too. If you'll indulge me once in a while I do like cig smoking play too.
JC:  Oh ya, I'm really into cig smoking hot to have one of each going and alternate. Love to haul deep and hard on a cig or gar while having my cock sucked.
BC: And I love the guy exhaling his smoke-filled lungs on me as I suck, feeding me a drag, then going back down. Also love to blow my smoke on you as you're sucking me.
JC:  Oh fuck this going to be hot!
BC:  Fuck yes bud. It will be hot. Give me some notice when you'll be down so I can cancel everything!
JC:  Sure bud! I did mention I was partnered right? Took a risk last time...gotta make sure we and you are totally safe...can't be bringing anything Never barebacked with someone I didn't know before, but damn your cock felt amazing and I felt like we really clicked...
BC:  Ya bud I know you're partnered and can understand you don't want to bring something home. I'm the same way about barebacking - I only top and occasionally dip but hard fucking with protection... As for other STI's I'll stay home for a week or so before we hook up if its for sure we'll be getting together.
JC:  That's could probably stay hard with protection on if we were in the middle of a hot smoke session...fuck, I'd come down there right now if I could!
BC:  Ya bud I'll be rock hard under latex during a smoking scene. I'll be good for a 3 or 4 hour session bud no exaggeration. We'll burn through a lot of smokes... Smoking kissing? When we were outside having a smoke at our cars I was so turned on knowing we would be enjoying each others' bodies while smoking the next time we hooked up.
JC:  Oh fuck ya, me too bud! Would love a 3 or 4 hour session!
BC:  OK then set the time and lets do it. Have a great night bud. I'm going to bed shortly and will have to jerk off while having a smoke. I'll be thinking about the session we are going to have...
JC:  Night bud! Bust a great nut for me!...we'll make it happen soon!
BC:  (November 14) Are you thinking of coming before Xmas?
JC:  Yup will be coming probably late Nov, early Dec.
BC:  Very cool Jake. As soon as you know the date is firmed up let me know. And keep an opening in your schedule. Prefer evening play - rarely smoke cigars but in the morning wouldn't be my best time.
JC: Damn right BC! Especially once we spark up a gar or cig! feeding me some smoke while fucking me...damn hot!
BC:  Ya can't be rushed - deep inhale then feed you deep too. Feed each other smoke for a long time. Take turns on each other. Sucking each other real close to the edge while haulin' smoke. Billowing smoke while kissing.
JC:  Ya, night is best for me too...been a long time since I've smoked a gar...have to ease into never takes too long :>)
BC:  Taking drags then going down on your big uncut cock. Me too about the gar. Don't want to get carried away and feel blah from it.
JC:  I'm equally hot with cig play so no worries.
BC:  (November 23) Hey Jake what's the word on your next trip down this way? I'm figuring it might not be this weekend? Fuck man I'm so stoked! [no response]
BC:  (December 16) Hey Jake I was just wondering if you'll be headed down this way over the holidays. Want to smoke with you buddy.
JC:  Definitely will be headed that way! Will let you know as soon as I know for sure. Got hard the second I got your
BC:  Good to hear! I get hard every time I think of our smoking session dude!
BC:  (December 22)  Hey Jake do you have your plans set yet? I'm free [the following dates...] Dude, I am so looking forward to smoking and playing with you. Hope we can set something up. If you could drop in on your way to the city that would be cool.
JC:  Will be in town Dec. to get together.
BC:  That's great. Either of those dates will work for me... Once you know when you can make it let me know. I have some things to plan so once I know you're visit date I can wrap that up.
JC:  (December 24) Hey Bud, looks like the 26th will be best for me if you're around. Remember Bud, partnered here so need to make sure we have nothing to worry about in terms of STD's of any kind...if there are any worries then we can wait...  Otherwise looking forward to a hot time...haven't played with anyone else besides my partner since we hooked up last time.
BC:  I have been real careful anticipating we might hook up over the holidays. In fact it has been a couple of weeks of drought...
JC:  What time on Sunday?
BC:  Whenever you're free is good - afternoon or evening, but early enough so we have lots of time to play.
JC:  Late aft would be great.
BC:  Let me know when you're on your way.
BC:  (Sunday, December 26)  Hey Jake been so looking forward to today. Just wanted to confirm the time you'll be here.
JC:  Actually still up North, heading south tomorrow though until Wednesday. You around over the next couple of days?
BC:  Yes I have Monday and Tuesday off work though I'll have to shuffle things around. Need to know when we might get together so I can move other plans.
JC:  I'll be heading through tomorrow around noon if that works.
BC:  Yes that works for me great because my dinner plans Monday aren't till 7:00 p.m. I'll just have to spend another day boned up! See you tomorrow!
JC:  Mmm, save that hardon for me, Buddy! Cig play sounds awesome too!...really feel like getting into it with you bud!
BC:  Oh ya bud that is going to be so hot! I'd like you to arrive at the door with a freshly lit smoke and I'll have one going too. Get right into it dude!

Here comes a good one... I'm not making this shit up...

BC:  (December 27) What time is smoke time bud?
JC:  Not today...@hospital, grandpa had a heart attack :-(...gonna have to count me out for the next while.

I then wished him well and hoped grandpa was going to be OK. Based on my previous experiences, this was to be expected, except that we had hooked up in October and it sounded like we both enjoyed ourselves. Our next messages all clearly indicated an interest and desire to hook up.  The issue about his paranoia around STD's was sort of new, but for a guy who goes to bathhouses and has a paid membership profile on a hook-up site indicates someone who steps out from time to time.

 My next group of texts from Easter 2011 are similar to those above. This series is short, and likely started with some e-mails which I can't locate. Here we are in mid-conversation:

JC:  (April 15, 2011) Hey Bud...tonight might work, when are you available? Can be there around 7 if that works.
BC:  Ya 7 pm is perfect. Shoot me a text to confirm when you get a chance.
JC:  Actually how would tomorrow be instead? Just got some obligatory dinner plans with the family :-(
BC:  Ya tomorrow is good too. Was thinking early afternoon could work, or evening after 7. I've been real good the last few weeks so nothing to worry about if you know what I mean.
BC:  (April 16)  Hey Jake any chance we'll be getting into a smoking scene later today? Really jacked here!

No response once again.

My next series of text messages begins on November 19, 2011. After reading these, feel free to offer your opinion - am I reading these messages incorrectly?

JC:  (November 19, 2011)  Hey BC...Jake here (from squirt)...just wondered if you were around? [I seem to recall that he messaged me out of the blue here. Also from a new cell phone number]
BC:  Hey Jake yes I'm around. Would love for you to swing by.
JC:  Awesome! Haven't been down this way in a while, but really enjoyed our encounter at the spa the last time!
BC:  Ya bud that was a lot of fun.
JC:  Perfect! Really want to play with another hardcore smoker...probably my biggest turn-on.
BC:  Are you thinking like 10 o'clock? Fuck man my heart is beating fast thinking about smokin' play with you. The spa was great but this will be even better.
JC:  10 am yes, if that's OK with you.
BC:  Fuck dude I'll get up at the crack of dawn for smokin' play with a hot dude like you.
JC:  Right...damn, we really clicked last time I are a really passionate guy...great chemistry.
BC:  Yes the chemistry was spot on. Passionate kissing while smoking will be even hotter.
JC:  Oh ya, and how you gently eased your cock into my ass...drove me fucking wild!
BC:  Yes I remember vividly how hot it was. So glad to have a repeat performance...
JC:  Perfect...have lots of time tomorrow so we can take our time and make it a nice long session.  I rarely play with anyone else...was going to head to the spa, but so glad you're around tomorrow...would rather play with one quality guy than random ones in a bathhouse.
BC:  I know what you mean. Into one-on-one, not groups or random. Ok once in a while I go to the spa, but not since May or June. Ok see you in the morning Jake. Very stoked here man!
JC:  Perfect! up that load for me and I'll do the same...will message you tomorrow morning to let you know when I'm on the way.
BC:  Its saved bud! Ya message would be great.
JC:  Sweet! Looking forward, stud!
BC:  Wow dude! I had almost forgotten how handsome you are, and what a great cock you have. Wow...
JC:  Thanks Bud! worked wonders on it while you pressed that big beautiful head into my ass :-)
BC:  Glad to do it again but with smokes this time :))
JC:  Oh man!...even better! Hard right now thinking about it!
BC:  Fuck man so am I. Going to have trouble falling asleep as I'll be hard for hours. Won't bust it out till tomorrow.
JC:  Oh fuck ya! getting a BJ when smoking...we can feed each other too!
BC:  Ya I love giving head to a smokin guy, take my time, feed each other smoke. Dude it will be be so hot!
JC:  And give you drags while you're sucking my to see smoke pouring out of your mouth as you take it deep.
BC:  Oh ya that's hot too. Also smoke exchanging, in the end I'd like to have you shoot your load while I'm sucking you while you smoke. That will drive me nuts.
JC:  Sounds great! I have a few scenarios in mind which I'm sure we will have a chance to get into.
BC:  Ya just let me know what you'd like to do and we can get into it. Its all good smoker!
JC:  Have always wanted to get fucked by a smokin' man...I'm sure we'll have a repeat smoke session with cigars next time.
BC:  Ya bud explore both of our smoking fantasies. I'm thinking back to the spa and how we recognized each other, our super hot play, and then having a smoke outside by your car afterwards.
JC:  Oh ya! I remember it well...wanted to do more that day when smoking...
BC:  Me too. Afterwards I was thinking we should have gotten into the car and kissed while we smoked. Jerked off to that image many times.
JC:  We'll make up for it restrictions.
BC:  That would be great stud.
JC:  Oh fuck, can't wait...
BC:  Me too. Ok I have to start settling down now so I can sleep. This talk has me all wound up. Save some for tomorrow handsome. G'night Jake.
JC:  Nite BC...message you in the morning.

At 9:53 a.m. the next morning I received the following lame-ass text:

JC:  My partner just texted me...he's in [your city] on business and wants to spend the afternoon shopping at the mall...I just can't fucking win :-( Will be back in town during the Christmas break, maybe work something out then.
BC:  Ah damn. You're right we just can't win... Ok we'll have to make it your next trip to the area.
BC:  Any chance you can find an hour or so before you meet up with him at the mall? Or if you're travelling in separate cars come over afterwards? Tell him you were going to visit with an old friend? Just a thought - I was so jacked for our scene. Not to put pressure on you but just looking for alternatives...
JC:  Already thought about that but I need to go back home to let the dogs out and I always call when I get alibi at all...sorry.
BC:  Can't blame a horny guy for trying! Have a great day Jake - talk to you next time. maybe we can get into dirty texting. Ciao smoker!
JC:  Definitely I'll message you when its safe to do so. Take care BC :-)

I think I was able to show some real restraint. I was livid once again. I must be a glutton for punishment, because I went there again for this Thanksgiving. We exchanged the following messages on

BC:  Hey Jake how are you doing smokin' buddy. Saw you online and thought I would say hi. Let me know if you'd like to get together. Still interested in fun with you, depending on your situation.
JC:  Really enjoyed our brief time together last time, and would love love to play alone with you for a while...especially in a place where we can smoke...;)
BC:  I am around this weekend - my boyfriend is out of town Saturday returning Monday late afternoon. We are relatively exclusive but allow each other the occasional fun, so that would work out great for me [not true but I'm trying a different approach]. We can smoke in my place and especially in my bed! My cell # is 555-555-5555. Let me know when you might be free. I don't have any plans so pretty flexible schedule.
JC:  Nice! I'd be free Saturday evening or late afternoon...the thought of that great dick in my ass is getting me going like crazy, was so hot last time! Still attached here as well, so only concern is that I don't bring anything home, so I'm trusting that you're still clean and neg-...oh man, I'd love to take that cock bare...been fantasizing about that many times.
BC:  Been with my bf for about 6 months, and we're both neg. I was tested in August 2012 for HIV and syph and neg. We play bare with each other only (no cum and I top), but can be open if you're clean and safe with recent test. I'd be cool with rubber play. Saturday works best for me too - either afternoon or evening works. I had to light up a smoke when I read your message. Dude, I look at your cock pic often and dream of sucking it again. I remember you on your back with my cock in your ass and you were so fucking hard and cumming. I fantasize about that scene with you with a smoke in your mouth and I shoot a huge load. I'd love for you to create that fantasy for me.
JC:  Oh damn, I'd love to create that fantasy! Neg here for everything as well, was tested back in July, and always safe before and since...your cock is huge but felt so great in my ass, was incredibly comfortable...
BC:  We can have lots of smokes during our play, including kissing and smoking. That I find very hot too, or sucking each other while smoking. So text me Saturday morning and we can set it up. I'll shoot you my address and directions on parking behind my house.
JC:  Ya, I find that very hot long as I'm smoking I stay rock're very passionate and I like that...chemistry was very hot.
BC:  Ya we really connected, and will have a hot time again. You can smoke all you want cuz I loved deep throating your beautiful cock and loved how rock solid you are. Hope we can get it together for Saturday. I'm checking off shortly so talk to you on the weekend.
JC:  [Saturday] Got sucked into a family dinner tonight and have to go because I haven't been around here in a while, so can't play today....not sure if you're still free tomorrow but might be able to stop in tomorrow morning on my way back north.
BC:  Hey bud just got your message. text me in the morning if you can drop by.
At this point, I was so frustrated, I decided I should cancel on him to make it look like I'm not desperately waiting for him to call. I mean, don't I sound pathetic?  So I decided not to hold out but look for a playmate for Saturday. I eventually arranged to have a guy come over, but he wasn't able to arrive until midnight. He has the biggest bag of balls I've seen in a long time - and low hangers to boot. Lots of foreskin on his cock. We played till 4:30 a.m., but then I knew I definitely had to cancel Jake so I wrote the following message:

BC:  Hey Jake I had sent you a message earlier saying that I would be free this morning, but in fact I won't be in any shape to meet up with you. A close friend was over in a serious crisis, and has just now left. I'm just going to bed at 5:17 but will need sleep, so unless you're driving by in afternoon, I'm going to have to say we will have to postpone until your next trip down this way. So sorry man.
Thinking I had the upper hand this time, I received the following text:

JC:  Morning BC, thank you for the message...more family stuff this morning at my gram's place, so tied up, then meeting my partner back home to go to Ikea...its like he invents things to keep me occupied,

At this point nearly a week has gone by while I consider how to respond. This is what I want to say:

"You game-playing fuck! You have been fucking with me for years now with the lamest of excuses, and still string me along. Why don't you go fuck yourself!" Wow that felt good! I'm sure I'll write something a bit more polite and will excuse him again. I don't want to close the door yet because I want that hot smokin' cock again!! Hell I get enough sex, its not like I'm burning a torch...

I know how much you boys enjoy video so here is a great quick one of a cock very similar to Jake's. I hope you enjoy!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fucked Again...

I was chatting with my buddy and fellow blogger Jason (( and I told him that I was going to put up a post of all the smoking buddies I have on the go right now, but I had an incredible experience Thursday night that I thought I would share with you now. I'll get back to that post real soon Jason. Hang in there!
About a year ago, I started connecting with a very hot guy. Josh and I get together every couple of weeks or so and we have the most amazing sex you can imagine. He's 45, 6'1" tall, about 180 lbs., hairy but clipped (including his back), muscular, shaved head, very nice ass with amazing tan lines (can't you tell?). The most amazing hungry ass you've ever seen. An incredible kisser, passionate, and a great guy. His cock stands totally upright when he's hard, which is almost every moment we are together. I love a cock that stands totally erect and points to the stars. I also love watching a man walking around proudly swinging his upright erection. He's a little cock-shy because he feels his cock doesn't quite measure up. Okay, so I do have a big cock, but for me its not a matter of size all the time. There's so much more to a cock that makes the sexual experience amazing, and really it's technique that counts the most. He has a decent 6.5 inch cut cock with good thickness.
Josh loves to bottom, and loves to get pounded for a very long time. Its always hard to know how long you've been fucking while you're in the act, but I took a video of one of our recent sessions, and it was over half an hour of fucking. That's a long time to have your hole drilled, and a long time for me to be drilling! Funny coincidence. As I'm typing this, Josh just texted me to see if I was free to play on Wednesday...  I'll post some video once I download it off my I-Phone. I recently downloaded ios-6 and now I can't access the videos on my phone. Fuckin' I-cloud!
Josh and I usually play for about 2 hours because his time is limited and he has to get home to his wife. He and his wife are both professionals and have busy schedules, so its not hard for him to disappear for a few hours, but he has to make it home at a reasonable time. He and his wife have been married for about 10 years, but he tells me their sex lives extinguished about three years ago. Many people have issues with men who cheat on their wives (or husbands), whether with another woman, or with another man. At one time, I used to have a negative opinion of that myself, but everyone's situation is unique. We're all responsible for our own decisions and our life's journeys. In my view, when one partner looses their desire to have sex, they are the one changing the terms of the relationship, so the other partner should be free to satisfy their sexual needs outside of the relationship. I think its unfair for someone to impose celibacy on their partner. Jeff and I are both very clear on the parameters of our relationship, and neither of us want to change our circumstances. I've been in a few relationships and have experienced that inevitable decline in the quality of the sex. The arrangement Josh and I have keeps the sex hot and exciting.
We both love to suckle red wine to each other. I think I started that off as I had done it before with other guys. Though of course I don't recall nursing as an infant, there is something nourishing and intimate about being fed directly from someone. Inevitably we kill a bottle of wine sharing it between each other. Its not a big stretch to go from lots of deep kissing to suckling. If you've never tried it, I highly recommend it. We have also started to tell each other "I love you." Its usually in the throws of passion, but it adds a new dimension to the sex we are having. I think we're both looking for a deeper level of connection, and this feels right. I'll be careful not to let things get too complicated.
Josh loves to get fucked, but he also loves to deep throat and he really enjoys looking up at me while I watch him choke my cock down his throat. I let him have as much of my cock as he wants. He loves to stroke my cock with his left hand as he sucks me, and his wedding band gets all slobbery as he does it. For some reason that really turns me on. It usually doesn't take long in our sessions for his hole to start needing some attention. I love to eat his hole while he moans in ecstasy. When he's ready, he gets on his knees for me, leans forward, spreads his legs, and I enter him from behind. From there we flip over to our sides, then I get him on his back with his legs akimbo, or have him holding onto his feet knees slightly bent getting pounded hard. I've tried several brands of condoms with him, but have recently landed on the large Trojan Fire and Ice brand. As you fuck with those condoms, they get hotter and hotter, and the feeling on my cock is amazing! I must say that it compensates for the loss of sensation and pleasure a typical condom takes away.
In August, I had my yearly HIV test (that had dragged on to nearly two years...)  Though I didn't think the result would be anything but negative, the anxiety over the test is always very high. I went for the anonymous rapid test, and it was negative. I used to indicate on my various online profiles that I "always" practice safer sex. I have recently acknowledged that I have converted to "when appropriate." I'm not going to change my profile descriptor, but I think these days most "always" guys are really "when appropriate" guys. I'm trying to be cautious about it and negotiate bare sex when I have gotten to know someone, they get tested regularly, they are responsible about their status, and the conditions are right. Should I sero-convert, at least I know the treatments that are currently available can manage the illness. Don't get me wrong, I'm being very careful about this. So far I only fuck bare with two guys, and may propose it to a third, but that's it for now. I have also fucked bare with guys who are undetectable, and I'm ok with that. I'll also start going for the test every 6 months.
Since after my last test, Josh and I are now having bare sex. I'm the only guy he is currently having sex with, though he's free to be with other guys, as I am. We have agreed to be safe or to use the same prudence with other guys, and if a reason comes up to return to condoms, we will do so. I would rather not cum inside him anyway as I'm more of a slut than he is. I'm also not a big pre-cummer, so risk is reduced. As the top in all other scenarios, the risk for me is also much lower. So that's where we're at.  Thursday night, I asked him for the first time if he would fuck me. I assumed the position he usually likes to start out with: on my knees on the bed, legs apart, leaning forward biting the pillow, him standing behind me. As I may have mentioned in previous posts, I rarely get fucked because I have usually found it uncomfortable. I think deep down I'm a true bottom, but I can't take a big cock pounding me, so I gave that up some time ago. Thursday night though, the conditions felt right for me. The fact that his cock isn't massive encouraged me to offer myself up to him. I must say it was the best fuck I have ever had in my life. Josh took his time as I got used to having him inside me, then I let him work my hole harder. I wanted him to enjoy my hole completely, so as he was getting more vigorous, I told him I wanted him to cum inside me. I usually like to end our sessions by swallowing his load, but this time I wanted him in my ass. He emptied himself inside me, then collapsed on top of me. 
In a previous post this July, I mentioned that I arranged to meet up with Fleshlightmouth, famous on x-tube. He has finally finished putting together his video chronicling his summer 2012 tour. Here is the video with a great fanfare opening sequence. My cock is at 5:55 to 7:10. Enjoy his throat - I know I did!

I'm not sure if I had previously told you where my profile image comes from. Its from a fresco at the main entrance to a brothel in Pompeii near Napoli Italy. I didn't take the pic, but I have seen it up close and personal. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Want to Hear a Funny Story?

So I was cruising on my favorite site a month or so ago when I came upon a profile of a guy in a city about an hour's drive away. He's 27, very cute (see pic above), above average cut cock (sorry I can't locate a pic of the cock). He's 6'3" tall, 210 lbs, top. His profile said he's into older guys, so I decided to send him a message. He agree to getting together, but he was looking for a cock sucker who liked things a little rough, throat fucking in particular. I told him I do like it a bit rough, but not too crazy. We tried to get together over the next couple of weeks, but we weren't able to nail it down.  Then one Sunday afternoon this June past, we set it up for later that evening. He sent me his address and indicated that he lived in an apartment behind a laundromat. He said to go to the back and the door to acess his place was there. At a later point in the afternoon, he messaged me to know if I wanted to suck off three guys. Always up for a challenge, I said I would love to. He said with that number of guys, he wouldn't want to play in his place, but we could play in the hallway as it was private with no other traffic to worry about. Because we would be in the hallway, we would have to keep the noise down. I'm generally not a noisy person, but if I'm getting face-fucked hard, I can make loud gagging and choking sounds.

At the appointed time, I drove to the city and rather easily located the place. I parked my car about a block away from the laundromat, and as things appeared in order to that point, I lit up my joint to get relaxed for a thorough throat servicing of three guys.  I was pretty much right on time, which was what I was aiming for if I was going to be the center of attention.  I entered the laundromat, but there didn't appear to be doorway to any apartments or hallways. There were a few people doing their laundry, and one door at the back, but it said "Private/Staff Only." I went back out looking for a rear entrance thinking the apartment might be off a side or back door. Couldn't find anything. Then as I was heading back into the laundromat, a saw a doorway with the correct address number right above it. I tried the door and it was un-locked, opening up to a long hallway.  There was a flight of stairs leading upward to a single apartment door. I waited there for a moment to see what was going on, but no one appeared. I walked up the stairs to the apartment door and could hear some talking. I knocked on the door. "Come in" was the reply.

I opened the door and walked in, greeted by two young men. There was a cute middle-eastern guy, about 5'10" tall, and another guy, not so bad, beard, about 6'1." They were just chilling. I sat on the couch and asked them how they were doing - they were fine. I was thinking that I was glad I had a little toke before arriving because I'm normally a bit shy and the weed tends to relax me and makes me talkative. Trying to make some small talk while we waited for the others to arrive or until someone suggested the party get started, I remarked on the amazing sky-light they had directly above their living room. It was a massive sky-light, probably about 4 feet square, and let in a beautiful light - opened right up to blue sky.  They also really enjoyed their sky-light. Then this beautiful cat came waltzing in to greet me. It was a two-tone dark grey cat, but the striping on it was like that of a tiger. I must say that was one of the most beautiful cats I had ever seen, and I'm not much of a cat person. They said they got it from some friends in my home city. Fancy that I thought to myself.

So we continued with small talk until the taller fellow went into the bedroom. I continued chatting with the younger fellow for a while, though I could hear some voices in the bedroom. I thought that perhaps there were more guys in there, but oddly some of the voices sounded like women. I also noticed ashtrays with cigarette butts on the coffee table, and thought that odd since CanArab told me his place was non-smoking. While I was sitting in the living room chatting to the first fellow, I asked him if he was CanArab from squirt.  He replied, "Huh?"  It was at that moment I knew I was in the wrong place. It was at that moment that I think he too realized that he had no idea who I was, and perhaps this situation was a bit strange. I got up from the couch and said to him that I thought perhaps I was in the wrong place and I would just head out. As I was putting on my shoes, the fellow who went into the bedroom came out and said to me, "Dude - I think you're in the wrong place." Two women poked their heads out from the bedroom to get a look at me. I certainly skiddadled out of there as fast as I could.

 In retrospect, perhaps they were waiting for someone, and the two fellows didn't know what that person they were waiting for looked like; it may been a friend of the two women. I was this unknown stranger until the women came out to confirm they did not know who I was. Since I had arranged this hook-up on squirt, there really wasn't any need for introductions so I didn't introduce myself upon arrival; I was only there to suck their cocks and names and specifics were not important. Other than mentioning squirt to the first guy, I never indicated anything that would lead them to think I was there for sex. So I spent about 10 minutes visiting with them with idle chit-chat before anyone realized I was in the wrong place. I was thankful nothing more weird than that happened, and laughed to myself over the absurdity of the situation.

When I got outside, I went onto my mobile to get some details from CanArab. He was online and I told him I was there, but couldn't find his place. He messaged me back to say that I should knock on the "Private/Staff Entrance" door at the back of the laundromat and he would let me in. I re-entered the laundromat, walked to the back and knocked. A big burly bear of a guy opened the door to this little alcove that CanArab described as a hallway.  He was probably about 40, over 6 feet tall, a bit hefty wearing jeans, military boots, t-shirt and leather vest, bearded guy. Now I knew I was in the right place and that I would be sucking this guy off. I asked him if he'd been there long, he replied a couple of minutes.

CanArab then came out of his apartment in a t-shirt wrapped in a towel. Though all I had to go on was the pic noted above, cropped as it was, I knew that this was the guy. He told me to undress and get on my knees. He un-wrapped himself from the towel, took my head and pushed me down on his cock. I started sucking him as his gorgeous cock started to swell. He told his buddy to take his cock out, which the bear did. He was fairly hard right away, and not a very large cock, but he did have a great pair of nice dangling balls. I was playing with his equipment while still sucking CanArab, when he told me to suck the other guy for a while. I did as I was told, totally naked kneeling on my clothes for a bit of cushioning. The linoleum floor was a bit hard on the knees. I went back onto CanArab's cock, but this time, he wanted to get into some hard throat-thrusting. After several deep plunges, I did croak out from choking on his cock. That probably saved me from an abusive throat pounding, as he relented a bit and just enjoyed a more subdued throat fucking. He sent me back onto the bear for a while, but it didn't take him long before he was shooting cum into my mouth and then all over the place, including all over my clothes. CanArab asked him if wanted to leave now that he had cum, but the guy said he would stay and watch. CanArab then returned to me, grabbed my head for some serious throat fucking. After a while he announced that he was about to cum. His member had swollen to 8 very stiff cut inches, and I do like to have a very big and hard cock shooting freely in my mouth as I'm sucking. Just as he was about to cum, he pulled out and was holding my head down below his cock. I could see streams of jizz shooting along the side of my face, hitting the wall behind me, dripping down my cheek and into my mouth. That was a spectacular cumming I must say. My face was covered in cum from both of those guys. CanArab was wiping his cock from the throat juice and cum, but I asked him if I could wipe my face with the towel. He let me clean up a bit, but my clothes were covered in cum. All I could do was put them on, walk through the laundromat of women washing and folding clothes, and out to my car. That whole sucking scene lasted about half an hour, but man was that ever exciting! Also very funny in its own right.

So I do like to put up various videos and such. Here's a vid of my young man I referenced in my last blog posts in November. As you can see he has an amazingly hairy ass that I was loving! Hope you enjoy. I was thankful I took that video this past March because I played with him one more time after that. He has now re-located quite far away for college...

Sunday, July 15, 2012


I was viewing my favorite amateur website xtube one day when I came across a very hot smoking jerk-off video. I sent a message to the guy telling him how much I enjoyed it. Some months later, I received a response thanking me for my message and directing me to check out his blog. Here's the URL if you'd like to check it out for yourself:  He said in his message that he had deleted that hot video from his xtube account and wasn't sure how to add videos to his blog if he ever decided to re-upload it.  Since I too have a blog on blogspot, I thought I should probably check it out and give him some instructions because I'd love to see his video again ;)  In reviewing my posts, I realized I haven't updated this blog since November of last year!  Let me tell you, I have been up to all my usual shenanigans! I just haven't kept you up on them very well. Ok I'll try and do better.

A few years ago, I sent a message to FleshLightMouth on xtube telling him how much I loved his videos, and asking him if he ever travelled to my area. He responded that he hadn't but he'd be happy to suck my cock some day. I had seen all his videos and I have to tell you its hard to find a guy that has the exact technique that I love - no gag (though gagging can be fun too), lots of stamina, long deep-throating strokes, and the sound a big thick cock makes when its gliding down into a guy's throat. Check out the video below to see exactly what I'm talking about. Be sure to have your sound on.

So this year I was considering what I should do for my summer vacation. I decided I'd like to take a road-trip with a buddy in my new car, and then I thought I should contact FLM to see if he'd be interested in getting together to make a video. He responded that he would, so we arranged a date and time to meet.  My buddy and I made our way about 1,000 km's to our final destination. At the appointed time, I sent my buddy out while my guest was making his way to my hotel.

FLM arrived and we proceeded to prepare for the shoot. He put on the t-shirt he likes to wear which was a dried up mess of cum from all the previous guys he had sucked off. He put on the cap that he uses to partially conceal his identity. We discussed camera angles, lighting, ambient sound (on or off), and the general direction the filming would take. We started with him seated on the floor while I sat back in the hotel wingback chair. We started filming and he immediately began to provide a fantastic fleshlight mouth blowjob. If you've ever tried to film someone sucking on your cock, you know how you have to stay focussed on ensuring you're capturing all the action while enjoying the blowjob you're receiving. It was easy keeping the camera stable leaning my elbows on the arms of the chairs. After about 6 minutes, we cut to the next scene. He asked me to stand so that he could be filmed from that POV. Back to another 6 or so minutes of sucking in that position. I was moving the camera from above to profile shots. We took a little a break and discussed our next scene which would include the money shot. He asked me how I wanted to ejaculate, and I suggested after a bit more throating, he start accelerating his throat action. I would let him know when I was starting to get close, at which point he should start milking my cock with his hand and mouth until I jizzed. Still standing, we resumed filming for scene 3; another deep, sloppy, throat slurping suck. I could feel myself starting to approach orgasm, and signalled that to FLM through increased breathing rate and the usual "uhhh, uhhh, uhhhh..."  He went to milking with his hand and mouth as I shot all over him and his cum splattered t-shirt.  Afterwards we reviewed the final scene on his cam, and it was a little shaky. Turns out the cam didn't have a stabilizer. Nevertheless it was pretty good. FLM said he would edit something together and post it after his return from his vacation. Once its up I'll post a copy of it here for you all.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Bountiful Harvest...

As we approach Thanksgiving in the United States, I couldn't help but think about how bountiful my recent sexual encounters have been. I met several guys lately that I'll be hanging on to for future sessions. There's something about the Fall that makes men so very horny...

The first guy I want to tell you about is Mohamed. He's a 21 year-old Middle-Eastern boy who loves daddy bears with big cocks. He's 5'11" tall and weighs 130 lbs.; he has a very compact build. He wears a full beard and is incredibly good looking. We met online and arranged to meet up in a hotel. I answered the door totally naked, as I love to see the expression of shock, embrassment and instant arousal a naked man elicits as he opens the door. Mohamed came into the room and we immediately got into it. He took off his clothes, and an amazing uncut tool sprang out of his shorts as he pulled them down (see pic above). His interests are big cocks in particular. He loves to suck big cocks. He's a total top but loves to worship big cocks. I was in the mood to suck cock myself, but I couldn't get too aggressive with him as he was always on the edge of cumming. He was quite aroused by our encounter as I could tell by how rock solid his cock was. He asked me to take pictures of him sucking my cock with his camera, which I obliged. I asked him if his cam had a video recorder, which it did, so I also took video of him sucking my cock. I asked him if I could eat out his hole while he sucked me, and he happily obliged. I have seen hairy holes in the past, but nothing like the hair this boy had on his butt cheeks and between his legs. Its a carpet of fur. I didn't even think to ask him if I could take a video of me eating his hairy hole after I had granted his request to take a vid of him sucking me. I was so caught up in the moment, it didn't even cross my mind. Next time for sure. So we played for just over an hour, but eventually he couldn't take it anymore. He asked me to get on my knees and to suck him right off. I happily obliged, letting him thrust his cock all the way down my throat as he built up his explosive ejaculation, shooting directly down my throat.

Another of my new acquaintences is Cowboy, a mid-forties guy, also very slim, totally smooth, bearded, nice cock. We met online a couple of weeks ago and have hooked up three times since then. When we were chatting online before he came over the first time, we got onto the topic of cowboys, and he mentioned that he has a white cowboy hat and a black cowboy hat. I told him to bring them along, so for our first get together we wore cowboy hats and smoked cigarettes as we played a la Marlboro Man. He's a very passionate guy, loves to kiss and make out, get sucked and rimmed, but particularly loves to get fucked. Our 3 sessions have ranged from 2 to 3 hours each, with many more to come. On our first session, I layed on my back and he started sliding down my pole. He had just been there on my cock maybe a minute when he started to spontaneously ejaculate. There was a huge puddle of cum on my chest, telling me that he has a prostrate the size of a melon. He said he hadn't cum in 6 days, so there had been a build-up of cum that a few strokes of my cock in his ass caused to squirt out. Ok now I know this guy is a big shooter. I love big shooters! The second time we repeated the same pole sliding scenario, but this time he held on to it. We stayed connected while we moved from one position to another, finally returning to the riding position. I asked him to blow his load in my face while he rode me, and happily another huge jizz load was shot at me. The third time, I told him I wanted him to blast his cum while I sucked him off. I wanted to feel all his cum flooding into my mouth, and I got exactly what I wanted. Probably a third of a cup of cum sprayed into my mouth. It was very tasty cum I swallowed with pleasure. The last time we got together, he said we have done things together he has only ever dreamed of doing. See - it happened again!

My next new guy is also mid-forties, amazing body, great in the sack. Also loves big cocks. We only played together once so far, but he's keen on keeping it regular. Then there's my 25 year old Mexican boy who loves to deep throat...

Ok here's my latest video:

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Will the Madness Ever End!

I was contemplating ending my blog as its a fair amount of work and I wasn't sure if I was still into recounting all the guys I've been playing with. I hadn't posted anything since July and I have been busy as ever, so there would have been quite a few that I would have missed. I hooked up with my buddy with the big balls a few weeks back and he suggested I should keep it going because he likes reading about all my sexcapades. I decided that I would keep it going... I'll only put in a few of the new and notables.

I hooked up with my buddy with the big balls a couple of times since my last post. The time before last we were having an amazing time sucking each other to depths never before attained. I straddled his face in a 69 position and fucked his throat like I had never done before. While I was thrusting, he exploded into an amazing orgasm. Afterwards he said to me one of his fantasies has always been to be throat fucked that way. It was interesting because two other guys had recently said to me after our sexual activity that we had done things they had only ever fantasized about. I do have a talent when it comes to spontaneously discovering the fantasy of the guy I'm with and fulfilling it for him. I love to please, moving into territory they have never been before, only in their deepest, most erotic thoughts. They're usually not too kinky or bizarre, just guys who have imagined certain scenarios that get them very excited.

The next guy I played with who said that to me is someone I have hooked up with a couple of times before. He has an amazing thick uncut cock, and is very oral. We ended up in his bedroom and he desperately wanted to get fucked with my big cock. I got him on his back with his ankles on my shoulders and plunged my cock deep into his ass. I moved forward onto him and we kissed with lots of tonguing as I fucked him. He came while we were fucking and kissing. See - not overly kinky!

The next guy is someone I met back in May or June. He's married and has an 8 month-old baby. He and his wife are both bisexual, and they are looking for another guy to play with. I told him that really wasn't my scene, but I did hook him up with another one of my contacts who is into that. (see nicelyhung from previous posts). Anyway, he is very new to man-sex, even though he's in his mid-40's. He's an incredible cocksucker; it seems to come naturally to him. He also has an amazing cock (pic above): 8 inches of very thick meat with a nice big head. We usually end up in a frantic cock-sucking 69, or either one of us in my chair in the bedroom taking turns on each other while standing up. We both love cum and swallowing each others' loads, so we have been alternating for each other every time we have hooked up. Three sessions ago, he said he had arranged a little group thing with two other guys that I have played with in the past. Allan and Marc (not their real names, as in all my posts) are a couple. Allan has a beautiful 8.5 inch thick cock that I can barely get into my throat. Marc has a really hard cock, about 7 inches, not too thick, but solid! Anyway John and I went to their place, and we had fun, but I realized a group thing is not really for me. I was feeling a bit timid in the group situation. The next time John and I were hooking up, I invited nicelyhung to join us. Once again the dynamic wasn't quite right for me, but I was more interested in introducing them to one another so they could set up their thing. John and I decided that one-on-one was better for us, so the last time we hooked we had an amazing time. His fantasy was just to have an explosive bust while deep-throating a cock.

I also hooked up with Peter recently. He came over to my house, and I must say we had the most piggy cock sucking session I have ever had. He became a total cock sucking pig, even gagged a bit too much on my cock to the point where I had to take the sheets off the bed. It was that filthy piggy, and yet so much fun. Another fantasy fulfilled...

I mentioned in the past that I haven't bottomed in a very long time. It has to have been about 6 years, and probably just as many prior to that. I never really enjoyed it much, and with the risk of HIV, sort of shut down the desire to explore a long time ago. Anyway I was online a couple of moths ago and came across a guy I played with a year or so ago. I had previously posted his pic, but since getting fucked is a new thing for me, I'm posting it again. Igor's cock is about 7 inches long, uncut and very thick. He's a total top. The first time we hooked up a way back when, he didn't fuck me. This time, he was intent on it. I decided I would give it a try, but told him he would have to be very gentle with me. He entered me very slowly and when I would ask him to pull out to give me a break, he would. We did that a half dozen times, and it was ok. About a month later, I contacted him again for another fucking session. Like the first time, he entered me slowly and patiently, but this time, as I became accustomed to having a cock in my ass, all the discomfort slipped away. I was his hole to fuck, which he enjoyed for quite some time. I have never experienced such pleasure from being fucked before, and there was no discomfort the next day as I had experienced in the past. Every which position was fun, as his cock glided into my hole and went into the depths of me. I don't think I can take a really vigorous pounding, nor am I going to become a bottom boy, but hey its all in good fun.

I have also played with several others recently, all of whom have cocks that are so hard, its a challenge getting them down deep into my throat. I love curved cock! Here's a vid I did this past summer. You don't get to see the money shot, but liten carefully at the end...

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I was on yesterday when I saw an ad from a couple looking for others to meet in the park for some dogging. I wasn't totally sure what that meant, so I googled the term and found out that its for exhibitionists and voyeurs who like to be watched having sex. Interesting I thought because I had made arrangements to meet a guy with a big knobby cock at a nude beach in a city nearby. I'm not big on outdoor sex as I have mentioned before, but I have been wanting to suck on this cock for a while now, so I agreed to meet him there. Of course unofficial gay nude beaches are always remote and hard to get to. Walk along the rocks, along the fence to the water treatment plant, through the path, and so on. It was about a mile of walking through rugged terrain, but the isolation and remoteness make it ideal for a bit of action. Bob was there totally naked at the start of the nude area, and led me to his remote spot. We set ourselves up in a treed area where little play spots have been set up with driftwood piled up in a fence-like way on three sides for semi-privacy. Guys were walking around through the trees in the paths, and wading in the water. Bob and I actually looked for a private location to play. We got into some fun kissing and nipple-play, then into some cock servicing. His cock was about 8 inches, but a huge bulbous head on his cock made me real hungry for his shots. He delivered as I had asked him to do - to grab my head and pump his load into me. Shortly after our play session, Bob left.

I hadn't cum yet, so I decided to stay and play a while. After all, I had my big Mexican blanket in my little spot, and there were still lots of guys around. There were also several tourists walking around whose goal is to gawk at the naked guys. You know the ones - the lechers who are fully dressed, typically unattractive, geeky, dorky, and generally unappealing. You have to tell them to fuck off several times before they leave you alone. I tried to keep my cock semi or fully erect to attract some of the hotter guys (with my t-shirt to cover up when the tourists would linger half-hidden in the brush).

This really hot beer-bellied bear with a beautiful big belly and gorgeous uncut cock set himself up beside me. He too was annoyed by the gawkers, so he finally joined me in my spot. We started to make out and got into some cock sucking when another hot guy came along and joined us. I sucked this new guy's cock while my bear fed on mine. I then went down on my bear's uncut cock, so the other guy moved over for the bear to suck him. He blew his load in the bear's mouth, and then he promply blew his load in mine.

A short while later, another slim uncut guy had set himself up in a neighbouring spot. He walked over to the water's edge past my spot, swinging half-hard, then back toward me. I was standing half hard myself when he came back toward his spot, but just dropped to his knees and started sucking my cock. There were other guys around who were just happy to watch. We broke for a moment when a tourist walked past, then when he left I dropped to my knees and started sucking on this guy's cock. He started to thrust his pelvis and moan, so I positioned myself to take his blasts. I sometimes choke when I get a big blast, but I continued sucking, taking in all his sweet cream.

Shortly thereafter another hairy bear with a nice belly came along. I took him into my lair and we also got into making out, sucking, and 69'ing. We both came in each others' mouths as we were locked on each others cocks. Had a great afternoon of dogging!

I was at a bathhouse a couple of weeks ago, and got to suck on three massive cocks - one on a muscular guy with an upward curing thick monster - the other an uncut massive piece. That was fun. Had another bull of a guy in my room at one point, but he was so high on coke he could't get it up. He was very hot, uncut, and I'm sure it too was massive. Finally I saw this hot guy in the hottub, so I went there. I knew he would follow me if he saw my hard cock, so I stood up in full glory and went to my room. He followed...

I have decided to keep my posts to new or unusual stuff, so I may not be on as ofter. I'm keeping my regulars going and will talk to you all soon!