Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friday Night

I had a rendezvous set for Thursday evening with a guy I was chatting with from craigslist on Sunday. Typical for craigslist, if it isn't immediate its likely going to fizzle. Craigslist seems to appeal to guys who can't make a commitment to a profile on a hook-up site and loose their nerve very easily, or some obligation with the wife cancels out their plans with you. Hook-up sites with profiles tend to generate better results. So I took Thursday evening off.
Last night I was online and received a message from a 21 year-old guy looking to hook up. We were chatting on messenger and solidified plans that I would go pick him up and bring him back to my place. His body size and description checked out; he was cute. He was a student living in residence, no car, so for me going there could have been problematic - what's a late 40's guy doing at a University residence at 11:00 at night? Just as we were finishing our chat, I was alerted that another guy I REALLY wanted to hook up had signed on. Too late to change course I thought to myself. So I went and picked up my boy and brought him home. We started kissing and undressed quickly as we had decided to save some time and shower together (he had to be at work at 6:00 a.m.) Unfortunately he had recently waxed his back and all his beautiful hairiness had been removed. He was waxed to along his pant line but his butt cheeks were a pelt of beauty. His asshole was hidden behind a mountain of hair - perfect for rimming... He wasn't big on sucking cock, but certainly enjoyed the work I provided. His cock was very thick at the base, tapered down along the shaft, and ended in a nice mushroom cap. His pubic hair was also thick as a pillow. That can be a problem for getting pubes in your mouth while sucking... He enjoyed having my fingers penetrating deep into his hole, and asked if I had a dildo he might try. Well of course son - I have a big double headed dildo. He could only take it for a few seconds, as he had never been anally entered before. Overall though, it wasn't the most stimulating experience, and ended with him cumming on my chest. I didn't cum as I thought my other guy might still be online. We showered up again and I drove him home. I went back online, but nothing further seemed to gel, and my other guy was no longer online. By 2:30 a.m. I figured I should go to bed, and had to take care of myself manually. Some nights just don't seem to have it all in place. Tomorrow's another day for sex...

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