Monday, November 2, 2009

Its Been a While...

Hello everyone. Sorry its been a while since I last posted. I have been back to my little home town for the last month as my mother is gravely ill and I'm here to be with her in her final days. I'm staying with my Dad who doesn't have internet access, so I've been logging in very sporadically. Last night I took a hotel room as I had arranged something with a local guy. Now I remember why I don't like sleeping with men - they snore and they hog the bed and the blankets... But I must say it was well worth the inconvenience. Not having internet access makes it difficult to meet guys, and in times of stress and difficulty, finding a bit of romance and passion is even more critical then ever. Before heading out here, I had contacted a couple of guys on my hook-up site, and had two that seemed pretty promising. I hooked up with Horse four weeks ago and it was OK, but I drove an hour and a half for what would end up being 20 minutes of play before he prematurely ejaculated. I was sucking his cock in the 69 position as his cock was so rigid and curved upward. It was the only way I could manage it. About 8.5 inches. I was milking him right down to the base when he let go and didn't give me any notice. He was so far down my throat I didn't even taste his cum. The only way I knew he had cum was slight pelvic thrusting and a very little moan. Had to finish myself off manually that night.

The next week, I met up with lookingforafuckbuddy. He had a great thick uncut cock, also about eight inches. He is a total bottom, and though I am more of a cock sucker, I went for it. As it turns out, he is a passionate kisser, and all his erogenous zones are in his ass hole. We made out for about two hours on both occasions; he moaned in ecstasy while I rimmed him. We didn't get into much sucking as he wanted to go straight to getting fucked. Both times he blasted his load on his belly as I was pounding him. This isn't a common occurrence with guys, but he really enjoyed being fucked by my big cock.

Sorry I don't have any pics to post, and I do have to run, but I wanted to check in here and let you know I'm still around and maintaining this blog. Stay well and talk to you again soon.

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