Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bathhouse Adventures

While I was away for the last two months, I didn't have many opportunities to have sex with men. I did manage to slip away one day to go to a bathhouse in the nearby big city. I was so horned up, all I could think of was swallowing as many loads of cum as I possibly could. I'm not usually a cum whore but on this particular day, I was so incredibly famished, I needed as much cum as I could get.

I arrived at the bathhouse at about noon-time. I asked for a double room as I usually find a single room far too small to really enjoy man-play. A single room usually consists of a mat smaller than a single bed, while a double room has a bed usually about the size of a three-quarter mattress. I went directly to my room, undressed, wrapped my towel around my waist, and proceeded to the showers. After a quick rinse, I was ready to play. A few guys had gone into the dry sauna, so in I went to check them out. The first guy I see is Cowboy, a slim hairy guy with a great moustache and goatee, thick proud member dangling between his open legs. I dried myself off and being slightly shy, I didn't come on strongly but dropped subtle cues that I was interested. I exited the sauna and went to my room. Sprawled on the bed with my towel suggestively placed, I waited for my prey...

Cowboy came by a few minutes later and lingered at my door. I motioned for him to come in and he entered. I stood up and started sucking on his face while I peeled off his towel and started stroking his cock. I played with his big stiff nipples and his hairy chest. A big thick cock sprung to attention, the mushroom head of his cock pulsating in my hand. What a beautiful cock this guy had! And man could this guy kiss. He kept his tongue rigid as he probed every part of my mouth and tongue. We kissed for a good long time, then alternated sucking each other's cocks in many different positions. I couldn't get enough of his cock as I deep-throated him for a very long time. Eventually his hips started gyrating and I could tell this man was about to blow. I continued with long deep strokes plunging his cock down my throat till he exploded. What a delicious blast of cum. I hate it when the very first guy I'm with is so fucking hot that I have to cum. It usually makes for a less sexually intense spa-day. He really wanted to share my orgasm with me as he soon started kissing me again with his magnificent tongue, probing deeply into my mouth. We were kneeling on the bed facing each other sucking face when I blew my first load all over his chest. That was an amazing start to my day...

I needed some recovery time, so I went back into the shower, got myself cleaned up, and then went and sat in the hot tub for a while. When I was younger, I could go to a bathhouse and easily cum three times, continuing to play even after that. Now being in my late 40's, I usually only cum twice, so I needed to save up this second one. About a half-hour later, I was good to go.

An older guy, probably late fifties, entered the wet sauna. Men that age tend to exceed my preference, but he was slender, good looking, and had a nice tool I had checked out when he removed his towel and hung it up before entering the sauna. I followed him in a few minutes later. As I entered, he was stroking his cock so I immediately went down on him. His cock was nicely curved upward and about 8 inches with a generous amount of foreskin which pleased me immensely. I sucked his cock nice and slow, giving him all the pleasure he needed. All of a sudden his cock engorged into a rock, really thick at the base. I could tell he was locked and loaded and that I would get an amazing spray of cum out of his gun. Sure enough, a blast of cum rocketed into my mouth as I continued working his cock until every last drop was pumped out. Another delicious load...

I went back to my room and a guy in his late 40's with salt and pepper hair dropped by. He had a great body, clean-shaven, very coarse and thick pelt of chest hair and a nice sized cock. He couldn't get real hard as he may have already cum a few times himself. Another great kisser, and loved sucking cock as much as he loved getting sucked. He was really into 69, and we spent a lot of time enjoying each other's cocks that way. I love the sound a man makes when he's about to cum and has a cock jammed deep in his throat. His muffled moaning indicated he was about to shoot, and his hips began to pump his cock deep down into my throat, so I just let him ejaculate into my mouth. The first blast shot to the back of my throat causing me to gag on it, but I suppressed the gag to continue taking the next blasts of his cream. He rolled over to relax for a few moments after he had his pleasure as I savoured his sperm, then he left asking for my phone number for a repeat should I make it back to town.

After another quick shower, I went back to my room. This time, a well built guy comes to my door. I motioned for him to enter. He had a decent sized cock and a very hairy bush - I don't think he had ever shaved his privates, and I enjoyed the bush in my face as I sucked his cock. He wasn't into kissing, but I was more interested in cock at that moment. While I was on my back, he straddled me and sat on my dick, sliding right down the pole. I'm not much into topping, but do occasionally enjoy a hot tight ass. I usually cum fairly quickly when I fuck, so I took it easy letting him enjoy my big cock deep in his guts. Before getting too close, I signalled for him to get off and I let him know that I wanted to take a break. He obliged and we parted ways.

It was by this time late in the afternoon, but I wasn't quite satisfied. I would alternate between sitting in my room and taking little walks down the hallways to see who was around. Passing by the glory holes, there was this really nice looking guy who had been sitting on a bench edging his cock for about an hour. I figured he probably needed to release, so I entered the first booth, motioning for him to enter the other booth so he could slip his cock through the glory hole. He followed right away and left his door open so there would be enough light for him to see. I hung up my towel, got down on my knees, and brought my face right to the hole with my mouth wide open. Another 8 inch cock entered my mouth. He had been edging with flavoured lube, strawberry I think. I never liked the taste of lube, and flavoured lube tastes like just that. Oh well, I was there for the cum anyway. I would work on his cock for a while, then he would pull out and stroke his cock with the mixture of lube and throat juice I provided bringing himself closer and closer to the edge of cumming. We continued with this alternating sucking and stroking for a good long time, until my knees couldn't take it anymore. The timing was perfect as just as I stood up and grabbed his dick with my hand to stroke him off, he began to moan and cum. I bent down to stroke out his man juice right into my mouth, streams of cum blasting all over my face and chest, then into my mouth again as I fed on his last blasts of cum.

I was still good for a bit of time, so I went back to my room. Some time later, a very hairy Middle-Eastern guy came to my door. Once again I motioned for him to come in. He was another great kisser with a rigid tongue, giving my mouth a good tongue bath. We sucked each other, and again I had myself a big thick cock! Its rare to find one or two really nice big cocks in one session at a bathhouse, but for some reason the gods were with me that day. He turned over to let me rim his ass, and what a beauty it was. His butt cheeks were covered in a thick coat of hair, all the way into his asshole. He moaned in ecstasy as my tongue penetrated his hole. I especially love kissing a man's asshole with lunges of my probing tongue right into the hole. He stayed crouched on all fours and let me caress his rosebud for a good long time, then would turn over and kiss me with all the gratitude he had for pleasuring his hole. Finally I got down on my knees, he stood before me with his big pulsating cock, and I sucked him until he couldn't hold off any longer. He let me know he needed to ejaculate which brought me to that same point. As his bursts of cum blew into my mouth, I shot streams of cum between his legs and onto the wall behind him.

I laid down for a while to rest after so many hot men, allowing myself to float back down to earth, basking in the sexual ecstasy I had just experienced but knowing that the day was now complete. I would have to have another quick shower, get dressed, and leave. It was 6 o'clock and I had a two hour drive ahead of me...

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