Monday, December 28, 2009

And Now Back to Some Vanilla, With a Bit of Sprinkles Added In...

I hadn't hooked up with GoodGuy since late Spring, but was happy to hear from him recently. He wanted to hook up again today at 12 noon. GoodGuy is a super nice person. He's the kind of guy you want to take home to mother. He's the kind of guy you want to marry. He's the kind of guy you want to father your children (if you had ovaries). He isn't into the typical hedonistic stuff so common in the m2m scene. He's playful and fun. He's 40 with a great body and a great cock. His complexion is a bit on the ginger side, great hairy chest.

GoodGuy arrived at 1 p.m. because I e-mailed him during the night to move our encounter back by one hour as I was having trouble sleeping. I was so horned up thinking about the fun we were going to have, but wasn't going to blow the load I had been saving up since Saturday. He arrived and after a quick piss we immediately went into the bedroom and were naked within 30 seconds. He is a total top, but he said that with me, he loves to suck my cock. He also likes to take charge and get sucked. I was on my knees real quick and started to satisfy my need for cock. We were on the bed shortly thereafter, and got into a lot of throat fucking action. He could suck my cock incredibly well, but also loved being forceful making me take his cock. At one point, he pulled his cam and started taking pictures and videos of our scene. I'm not usually comfortable being filmed or photographed in sexual situations, but in this case was happy to perform. By the end of our session, he wanted to swallow my load, so I suggested we work ourselves up to cum simultaneously. We managed to coordinate ourselves perfectly because we both started thrusting deeply, moaning in a muffled way with cock rammed deep in our throats, and I started to cum, felling thick white cream shooting into my mouth, running down my cheek and chin, as my blasts fed GoodGuy. Though our fast and furious play only lasted about half an hour, it was so fucking hot. GoodGuy said he would send me a memory stick of our session, so when I get the videos, I'll splice something up and post it here. Check back again by mid-January to see how things went.

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