Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chocolate Day

Well folks, it looks like I have a new FWB. Some months ago, I hooked up with a nice looking black guy, 35, slim, nice cut cock. He appeared to be mostly straight and was only looking to be serviced. I blew him and enjoyed it immensely, as I think he did. On Sunday he contacted me around noon, looking to hook up right away. I prefer to play in the evening after dark, but a bit of afternoon fun is good too. We got undressed and I set him up on the bed with his legs spread open for some feeding-time. After a while of sucking, he gets a good look at my big throbbing dick and wanted to get into some 69 with me. Obviously he never sucked cock before, or at least not very often. He just wanted to taste a cock considerably bigger than his. I love being in 69 position because unlike my cock which curves downward, most men's, and FWB's cock in particular, curves upward. I can't seem to get a really rigid cock bending into the contour of my throat, so I have to move my body in order to accommodate. My cock has never really been rock-solid, so deep-throaters seem to be able to take me in either position. In fact, I prefer being sucked against my natural curve because its almost painful being bent and throat-massaged at the same time. Most guys also love having the big mushroom packed in there too... But I digress. After a few minutes of him sucking my cock, he had enough of that, and just laid back to let me do what I do best for the next little while. Returning to laying on his back, I climbed right over top of him to kiss him a bit. One thing I love about black guys are their lips. I love their fluffy soft pillows against my thin little white lips. He was most gracious in returning the kisses, letting his tongue do a little exploration. I was being careful not to exceed his comfort level. When the kissing was over, I slid down to his nipples and worked on them for a while. I was thinking to myself that when he had had enough of that, I was going to continue downward. His asshole opened up and was begging for a bit of attention. I held his legs behind his knees to get his hole more accessible for some rimming. He was now getting closer to his anticipated climax. I moved up to kiss, lick and caress his balls, which were now tight against his torso, percolating with white cream getting ready to explode. I went back on his cock now intent on milking a load out of him. He moaned in delight as I could tell the goal was approaching. He asked me to really milk him with my hand and my mouth, so I worked his cock like a pig, greedily working his load out. He began to shout out and moan in ecstasy as blasts of cum were shooting all over the place.

Just so you don't think I have been in a slump, Saturday night I also hooked up with busterbigballs who I hadn't seen since September. We had an amazing time as usual, playing hard for about two hours. My dick is always sore from the cock torture I get just from his throat, as he really likes to take my cock in the reverse position, really bending it upwards. Today is Tuesday and my throat is still a little sore.

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