Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve Head

As is custom where I work, staff are let out early on Christmas Eve. Taking advantage of an opportunity to hunt for cock, I went to my tearoom to help out the guys struggling with holiday shopping stress. (BTW pic here is something I found on the net)

When I arrived, this hot young Italian dude, about 24, was hanging at the urinal. I had played with him before, and was looking forward to a repeat encounter. It was chaos in there with all the holiday shopping men coming in to take a piss, so I went into one of the two stalls. My Italian guy, likely stressed from all the commotion and sexual inactivity, left a few minutes later. The guy sitting next to me in the stall was this creepy young guy. Shit, I lost my stud...

A short while later when things had calmed down a bit and creepy had left, my stud returned to the urinal. I exited the stall and headed for the urinal, whipped out my wang and showed him my interest. Another barrage of holiday shoppers came in, so we both zipped up. He was lingering at the sinks a while, but finally went out. I followed him hoping he would head to a quieter spot, but he seemed to not know I was on his tail. Approaching the second busiest bathroom in the mall, I passed him and headed for that can. A minute later, he showed up and proceeded to those urinals where I was waiting for him. More holiday shoppers arrived, so again we zipped up and left. He was walking slowly again, possibly waiting for me to lead the way, so I overtook him and lead him to a bathroom I knew would be quiet. He followed me in. There was no one else there. We started stroking ourselves into wood, and he showed me his 7 inch uncut cock. I felt a strong need to kneel before him and service him, as I knew from our previous encounter he loved getting head. He enjoyed my cock sucking immensely, and I enjoyed every inch of him. When my knees couldn't take it anymore, I got up to let him have a taste of my tool, and he hungrily buried my cock deep into his throat. I get so turned on in a public location, I can cum very quickly, so I pulled him off before I got too close. I went back down on him sucking his pole. I grabbed his cock with my hand and slowly stroked on it till he started cumming. He blew a few streams against the wall, then dribbled hot jizz all over the head of his dick and into his foreskin, so I bent down and cleaned up the mess, finishing off the blow job correctly. He said he was living out of town and wouldn't be back until some time in February, so I said I hoped to run into him again.

I went back to the busy tearoom, and another guy I had previously played with was there. He's about 6'4" tall, built very nicely, about 7.5 thick cut inches, short blond hair greying at the sides, about 39. He went into the stall beside me, and though there was another guy wanking at the urinal, he slid his manhood under the stall wall to get blown. I sucked on him for a while as he gyrated and moaned, the guy at the urinal now watching us through the door cracks. Bang on the door, we got ourselves up, cleaning lady shutting things down again. Fuck! When the cleaning lady left to wait for the occupants to leave, he slid his cock back under the stall wall again, obviously hoping for a quick release while the cleaning lady waited. I motioned for him to get up and when he did I told him to follow me to a quiet spot. He seemed happy to oblige. We did up our pants and left. He followed me out.

I started leading him to my secluded stairwell, but he obviously knew of it as he overtook me and got there before I did. As I arrived, his cock was already out of his pants and he was working it back into an erect state. I knew what he wanted, so I knelt before him, taking his semi into my mouth. It didn't take long before the semi became a raging thick piece of meat. I sucked slowly on his cock, giving him the pleasure he obviously desperately needed. Shortly thereafter, he told me he was about to cum, so I slowed down the pace waiting for the streams. I could feel shot after shot blowing into the roof of my mouth, and remembered this boy was a very heavy shooter. I continued letting him pump out every shot of jizz until he was done. I pulled off and spit out a full fuckin' mouthful of cum and saliva; it splattered heavily on the floor while I licked the ooze that had run down my mouth and chin while continuing to stroke my cock. He zipped up and said he was in a real hurry. I put my hard tool back in my pants, not wanting to waste the precious commodity.

I went online when I got home, but wasn't in a big need to hook up. I also knew that I had big plans with throat4cock Christmas Day (today), so I went to bed around 11:00 p.m. Now I'm getting ready for throat4cock. He confirmed to say he should be here around six, so I can't wait to get into the gagging scene with him. I've already described to you here what that is like so children, enjoy your visions of sugarplums tonight, Merry Christmas, and to all a good night...

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