Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Libido on Overdrive!

Every year come Spring-time my libido goes totally out of control. It must be the warmer weather and the men being more visible having shed their winter-wear. The last few days have been totally wild. I know I haven't posted for a few weeks now, so I'll go backward in time and tell you about all the cock I have been enjoying lately.

I went to my secondary public washroom on my lunch break today. I was there yesterday and there were so many guys coming in looking to get their rocks off, as I was, that I had to go back. I was also thinking last night that it has been a very long time since I came across a cock bigger or longer than mine. So I'm standing there when this hot looking black guy comes in. He's about 5'10" tall and slim, probably late thirties, with white facial hair just past the point from stubble to beard, and man was he good looking. Initially he pulled out his cock discretely and started checking me out. I showed him a bit of my cock, and he showed me a bit of his. Eventually we were both stroking each other's cocks while his ballooned into a ten inch downward curving monster (very similar to the one here, but cut, no exaggeration). Funny that I should be fantasizing about finding a huge cock and lo and behold I do! A few other guys came in so I suggested we go to a more private spot. Off to the stairwell we went. Now with our pants wide open and two monster hard cocks in our hands, I got to my knees. Thankfully his cock wasn't too thick allowing me throat his cock right down to the base. I haven't sucked a ten inch cock in several years, but it was no problem taking the whole thing. I would have liked to suck him off for much longer but all good things must come to an end. He went down onto my cock like a hungry wolf, then pulled off and blew his load. Allowing his monster cock to swing between his legs, I played with it while I shot my load onto the floor.

I was still horny at the end of my work-day so I went back to the john. A guy I saw there late last week with a nice thick cock came in, and he busted a nut in the urinal beside me. Another guy I sucked off last week was also back. He's about 5'10" tall, 175 lbs, about 25, nice goatee, about 7 inches cut, not too thick. He pulled out his cock and started pissing, then recognized me from before, shook off his cock vigorously when he finished draining and returned to where he enjoyed being blown the last time - with his foot blocking the door and in plain view of the mirror by the sinks. As I did the week before, I followed him to the back of the door and got down on my knees with the only goal being to suck him off till he blew his load. As with the last time, he was so excited and obviously turned on by the scene, he blew his load into my mouth within a couple of minutes. No further guys came in after that and I had some errands to run, so that was it for me.

Yesterday I was at the urinal on my lunch break when this tall young guy came in. After checking each other out a bit, we proceeded to fully expose ourselves wanking off until he pumped out a nice load. A few minutes later another guy came in, obviously straight, but the kind of guy who likes to show off his cock. He was very blond, young, nice looking. Standing at the urinal to my left, he stood quite a distance from the porcelain, took out his big uncut cock, and started pissing while fumbling with his sunglasses in his right hand. He eventually put his sunglasses down and with his free right hand pulled the foreskin all the way back from the head of his cock until he was finished pissing. He looked over at me while I was intently watching him piss, wagged his cock to shake it off completely, pulled the foreskin back into place and popped his cock back into his pants. At that very moment I looked up at him looking at me when he said, "How's it going?" I replied, "Pretty good." He left, but I was so fucking horned by that, I wasn't able to return to work until I had rubbed one out, so I hung out a bit longer. The young Italian guy with an uncut 7 inch thin cock that I had met there in December came in, and I asked him if he wanted to go somewhere more private. I took him to the stairwell and sucked him off completely while I blew my load on the floor with my mouth full of his cock and cum.

I was at home last night on the phone with a buddy when I got a text message from JustaGuy. He wanted to know if I wanted to hook up. I texted him I could be available by 11 p.m. He responded he would be over about then. He showed up a bit after 11 and we got right into it. He was amazingly hard and incredibly thick - bigger than I remembered. I was in heaven. We had a fantastic time of kissing, sucking and rimming, and about an hour of me fucking his ass. I had a fresh bottle of poppers for him and they sure came in handy. I fucked him in so many positions, but he really wanted me to cum in his mouth, so that's how it happened. Throat4cock came over Sunday night and we played our usual gagging and choking game. Two hours of play. Saturday I went to the better tea-room at the mall where I sucked off my East European uncut guy under the stall wall of the bathroom. He blew his load in my mouth. I also wanked off with a couple other guys, including one uncut red-head and the guy I sucked off this evening mentioned earlier. I didn't cum that day as I wanted to save it up for Sunday night.

Friday I hooked up with StantheMan. We had our usual fun, but this time I asked him to give me a facial. He is a huge cummer so when he blew his load, my face was completely covered in cum; I had a good blast in my mouth as I clamped down on his cock and came all over myself. I asked StantheMan to get me a towel because my eyes were so covered in cum, opening them would have caused that incredible burning that happens when you get cum in your eyes.

Thursday was my second encounter with LoveBug. He is the only guy I hooked up with who wasn't a repeat since my return from St. Martin. Sorry I don't have any pics to share with you. I often rely on a physical description from a web-site profile without pics and have usually been satisfied with the guy. LoveBug was one such guy who is very hot. We had chatted a few times before but our get-togethers were cancelled because he told me his girlfriend would show up, or more likely he lost his nerve. Now he has recently broken up with his girlfriend and has decided to explore man-2-man interaction. LoveBug is 33 years old, 6'2" tall, beefy at about 190 lbs, hairy, shaved head and goatee. His cock is about five inches, but thick and uncut with lots of foreskin. He tells me the sex we have is the best sex he's ever had in his life. How flattering! We played for a couple of hours each time, making passionate love, lots of kissing, body contact, sucking, rimming. He is a bottom and loves to get fucked, though I'm only the third guy who has ever fucked him. He's very tight and not used to getting fucked, so I have to go very slowly and gently for him. Overall he's a fantastic lover. I met him for the first time the previous Tuesday and told him then I try to space the good ones out so the sex remains really hot. He was calling me less than a week after our first encounter looking for a repeat. Guess he really did have fun...

I hooked up with ThrobbingHung on Tuesday and we ended up playing on the bed for a while. It is so much more comfortable rimming while horizontal on the bed rather than him sitting in my cock-sucking chair. Overall another great time. Every time he leaves, he always says, "A pleasure as always..." I get a chuckle out of that.

At this point my memory is getting a bit sketchy. If I recall correctly I wasn't too horned up the weekend past, so not much happened. From Tuesday to Friday, I hooked up once with StantheMan and LoveBug and had great times. I'm a little worried about StantheMan because he keeps texting me and has asked me out to the clubs Saturday night past (I declined) and for dinner at his place this coming Friday (I accepted). I'm going to try and let him down gently and tell him I'm only looking for Friends With Benefits, otherwise I'll have to cut him off as I don't want to manage someone with feelings for me when I'm not looking for any type of attachment. Time for bed now, good night all!

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