Sunday, March 28, 2010

Who d'a Thunk It...

Its been several more weeks since my last post. I've had a bit of a bad spell lately I'll tell you about as my story progresses. My last post was a week and a half ago, so I'll pick up from there.

On the 10th of March I had arranged to meet a guy I met up with on When I got to Rick's place, he and I were talking a bit and he told me he and his wife had split back in November. He had only been with one fat chick since then who gave him a blow job, and otherwise only played with men a couple of times in his life, most recently about 2 years prior. He was pretty nervous, so smoking a joint first put him at ease. He's 51, about 6 feet tall, slim build, 7.5 inches uncut. Obviously horny out of his head, I sat beside him and we started kissing and stroking each other. He was wearing loose sweat pants with no underwear, so his cock sprung right up inside the fabric. It was a beauty totally erect in his pants, curved upward and throbbing in a famished way. We stroked each others' cocks through our pants for a while, messed around, then I suggested we go up to his bedroom. We peeled off our clothes and got into bed for some serious cock sucking. For a man who's only had sex with guys a few times, he could deep throat my cock like a champ! We played for just over an hour, exploding cum all over each other. He's been texting me since then wanting to go at it again, and even mentioned he never thought he would enjoy kissing a man as much as he did.

I took the night off Thursday as I had a bunch of plans set up for the weekend and had been pretty busy lately. I had been invited for dinner at StantheMan's place for Friday, but he had to cancel at the last minute. I got a call from Dan Friday afternoon looking to get blown. I told him that I was getting my hair cut at 6 so I would be ready by about 7. I called him and got no answer on his cell phone. Eventually I gave up on that plan, but by then it was too late to get anything going for the night, so I just went to bed.

Saturday I had an encounter set up with a guy I had contacted on He's a smoking fetishist, 66 years old. Normally I would describe the sexual encounter here on my blog, but I'm going to make an exception. Lets just say there wasn't a lot of chemistry for me. His description of himself was accurate, it just didn't work out.
I had Maschunguncut coming over on Sunday. I got a cock pic from him now as you can see. He was wanting to get into some piss play again, so this time I started drinking water earlier. Prior to his arrival, I had to piss so bad I had to let some out - three times! Finally he arrived with his usual smoke going. We went into my bedroom and started making out. When my pants dropped, he started stroking my cock through my underwear. I told him to tear the underwear off me because I needed to piss. He did as he was told and I started pissing with a boner right into his mouth. He drank about half my bladder-full when he couldn't take any more. I finished my piss drenching him in it. We went into some kissing and sucking, choking deep throat. He had prepped himself to get fucked that night so after some serious rimming, I put him on his back, grabbed his ankles and held his legs aloft as I entered him. I love fucking a guy that way. He was so turned on he shot his load all over his belly as I fucked him hard. We took a little break, then got into some more sucking, then I blew my load.

The next morning, I woke up with a very bad cold. I was hoping none of the guys I had been with recently caught it. It was a very strong cold, so I ended up missing a whole week of work. I had guys calling me, texting me and e-mailing me to get together for sex. I told them I was hoping I would be better toward the end of the week, then had to tell everyone not till the weekend, then early the next week, finally I would just tell them I would be in touch when I was feeling better. By the second week I had to jack off every night just to keep my sanity. Finally by the middle of the second week, I was ready to line something up.

On Wednesday, I received a voice-mail message on my cell phone from a guy looking to hook up. I didn't recognize his voice and wasn't sure who he was. I couldn't make out his name in the message. I called him on Thursday, but he was at a sporting event so the background noise was so bad I still didn't get his name. I texted him to tell him to send me an e-mail to my favourite internet hook-up site profile. He sent me a message so I could see his pics. I didn't recognize ever having seen his profile, but he looked vaguely familiar. I messaged him with my address and told him I would call Friday to confirm. I called Friday and we firmed up our plans for Saturday night.
StrongandFree arrived. He's about 5'6" tall (though his profile said 5'9"), muscular smooth body, very thick 8" uncut dick, 45, Latino. We started playing, then he stood up on the bed and he started thrusting his cock into my mouth. With his heavy Spanish accent, he became a very verbal dominant top. He forced his cock deep into my throat, holding my head and thrusting hard, not allowing me to breath or recover. I was choking and gagging on his cock, but he just kept slamming his cock into me. It took a great deal of force for me to get him to back off every now and then. He had me sit on the floor with my back against the wall, and continued thrusting hard. Though at first I was enjoying the scene, after a while I told him I had to take a break from the forceful action. We got back up on the bed and got into some 69. I was glad the tempo relaxed because I'm not really into dom/sub action, preferring more relaxed and equal play. As I was sucking him I could sense my upper lip was feeling a bit tender. Sex has an anaesthetic effect on the body, so I didn't realize how bad it was and we kept going. He turned out to be an incredible cock sucker, diving down to the root of my cock and bringing me to the edge. I couldn't stop myself and shot my load. He got into some serious cock milking at that point working my cock head with his hands. Eventually he got back to sucking my cock, and I never did go soft until the action just sort of dissipated. At this point I could tell my upper lip was injured and starting to swell. Thankfully he didn't get me to suck him any more, and if he would have I would have had to refuse. We chatted a bit and I asked him where he got my phone number. He couldn't remember either. We pieced together that we met at a bathhouse some year and a half ago and he just recently came across my number. He eventually got cleaned up, dressed, and left.
I checked out my lip. From the inside, it looked like I had been punched in the mouth where my lip would have been slammed against my teeth. I hoped I would be better by today, but the cuts are fairly deep, the swelling is still there, the bruising is quite bad and it is still quite tender. My first sexual encounter after two weeks with a cold, and now I have an injury that will prevent me from hooking up for a few more days. Fuck. From libido on overdrive to an extended drought. Ughhh...

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