Monday, February 22, 2010

St. Martin - the Conclusion

St. Martin was fantastic. It was my first time vacationing there. I usually keep this blog just to my sexual experiences, but I will break with tradition and tell you about my trip. As you may know the island is split between the French north side and the Dutch south side. John and I stayed on the French side on Orient Bay, known for its nude beach on the southern end of the bay. It was a short walk from our hotel. The weather was fantastic - 6 out of 7 days were full-on sun, part of one day was cloudy, and it rained the morning we left, clearing to sunshine by early afternoon. We wanted to spend our last morning on the beach but the rain had decided otherwise for us.

The French side is in fact very French in terms of culture and in terms of the tourists that go there. There are French restaurants everywhere and the food is amazing. If you like French culture and cuisine and a tropical paradise in North America, that is the place to go. There is a little square in the centre of the hotel district on Orient Bay with about 7 very nice restaurants. John and I spent out first night (Valentine's day) enjoying an accordeoniste singing Edith Piaff songs. Our second night was spent celebrating Mardi Gras in Grand Case while we dined on Caribbean lobster. The other evenings were spend at Orient Bay enjoying live entertainment of all styles. Our very last night was spent in Grand Case while dining at a Creole restaurant.

The people who go to the nude beach are primarily straight male/female couples, the majority of whom are 40 and up. I recently read that the French are the best hung among European men. I must say there were lots of amazing schlongs on the beach while I indulged my favorite past-time of people watching, as the nude sunbathers liked to stroll along the surf. There were a few male/male couples but only a handful on any given day.

John was a very early riser so we were usually placed at our little spot on the beach by 10:00 a.m. We always rented chairs and a beach umbrella because I certainly couldn't take 7 hours of direct sunlight. In fact I spent virtually all my time under the umbrella, and still managed to get a nasty burn on my feet, in the middle of my chest and in my ears. I thought I had thoroughly applied my 30 sunblock, but the lotion didn't penetrate into the heaviest hairy area in the centre of my chest, and I missed the inside of my ears, the corners of my brow where they meet my hairline, and right at my arm pits. I also didn't do the upper part of my feet very well as they were covered in sand when we arrived at the beach the first day we were there. In terms of skin tone I have a bit of a red complexion and have never really tanned well. Even spending a limited amount of time in the direct sun that first day, I still got burned. The burn on my left foot was quite bad and very painful right till the end of my stay making it uncomfortable to walk. I had brought the sandals I bought in Guadalajara Mexico but I had to wear socks and sneaks at all times because of the pain.

From the second day forward I was careful to thoroughly apply and re-apply the 30 sunblock to my feet and keep them wrapped in my sarong anytime I was on the chair. Otherwise I used the 30 for the first two days, then moved up to 15 for the last three days on the beach, using the 30 on the areas that needed the extra protection, staying under the umbrella except when I went swimming naked in the ocean with the angel fish or to get drinks from the bar. By the last day of our trip I could finally say I was starting to get somewhere in my tan, though I'm not really into dark tanning for the long-term skin damage it can cause. John on the other hand has an olive complexion and spent virtually the full 7 hours in the direct sunlight with a 15 sun block and finished off with a very deep tan and no burn. Life is so unfair...

Our room was on the main floor of our three-storey hotel, and we had a little deck that looked out into a treed area separating the hotel from the beach. This would turn out to be my downfall, as the patio doors did not have screens to keep the insects out. In fact the area was a staging area for the mosquitoes... I tried to keep the patio doors closed while we were outside and watched out for the little varmints, but I ended up with over one hundred mosquito bites all over my body (I counted them). The first few days weren't bad but as we drew nearer to the end of our stay, the number of new bites kept increasing exponentially, especially overnight when they knew their prey would be sleeping. I must have sweet blood because they favoured me over John and left him virtually unscathed. I also tend to sleep without covers when its warm, though we did have the doors and windows closed while the air-conditioner kept us comfortable. Whenever I get an insect bite I get a big red very itchy splotch that I can't help but scratch. It tends to look awful. Today is Monday and I'm still putting cream on them and they are still very itchy. Hopefully by Wednesday...

We went to the beach every day except Wednesday. That is the day the cruise ships come in and the beach is overrun with even more tourists coming to look at the naked people. We decided to spend the morning shopping and at the casino in Phillipsburg, then spend the afternoon in Marigot. It was so hot and we were quite exhausted that we returned to Orient Bay for supper. That was the extent of our sight-seeing, though there isn't all that much to see and do. I was most happiest on the beach anyway...

Now to the romance part. Well, we had a lot of laughs and great conversation. It was great to have some companionship on the trip. Sexually I would have to say we were not too compatible. First off, I like my men to be very masculine. Next it helps if he's hung, hairy, and really talented in bed. Generally I like bigger guys. Then there were a few things that got in the way for me to be really free and spontaneous sexually. John is from the same European country as my last ex-boyfriend. They are both very slim, very smooth and have some similarities in terms of appearance. They have a lot of similar habits and manners. There were a lot of similarities in personality. Finally, while waiting to board the plane going there he told me his goal is to find someone for a long-term relationship. That is the last thing I'm looking for. All those things bundled up together made me shut down sexually. Even with the assistance of Viagra I was unable to maintain a full erection during sex. I did put in a valiant effort but there was no sexual chemistry whatsoever. I'm sure he could sense it as he didn't seek sex on a couple of the nights. I did the best I could but he must have thought I was a boring lay. At least all the other components of our trip were great.

When I got home I went on the internet to check my messages as I hadn't done so during my trip. I had a message from Hercules looking to hook up so I replied to him apologizing for not getting back to him as I was on vacation but would be interested in getting together again. I went to bed around 1:00 a.m. This morning I awoke to a message from him that he was free today and wanted to get fucked. I had taken the day off just to unpack and rest up a bit, so we arranged to meet at my place at 2:00 p.m. When he arrived I remembered how utterly good looking he is. I would say he is in the top five best looking guys I have ever been with. His face is beautiful, his body is so hulkingly muscular. He is gorgeous. We went straight to the bedroom and his exercise pants were on the floor immediately. He started sucking my cock and I was having a bit of trouble getting it up. In the past I have had trouble getting hard when I'm with someone who is exceedingly attractive. Performance anxiety can be a crippling thing. Then I realized that my sexual energy had been turned off for the full previous week and I was having trouble re-igniting the fuse. I couldn't get into the scene as my dick was going flaccid in his hand. I took matters (and his cock) into my own hands and started sucking his beautiful cock, working on my own.

It didn't take long for my sexual energy to relight and I got a rock-solid boner. I stood up and let him have the cock he had come to get. I love to watch a guy worship my cock, and that is exactly what he did. He adored it with his mouth and tongue, choked on it, sucked it, worshipped it. I sucked on his cock too, holding it my throat for long periods of time. I can breathe while his cock is jammed up in my throat only because it's not exceedingly thick. I know how much he enjoys being rimmed so I started off with him laying on his back legs pushed up against his chest and my face buried in his hairy hole. I rimmed him for a while like that, then we went back to some cock sucking. I then rolled him over onto his side, one leg straddled over the other in a semi-fetal position, his asshole exposed for me. I then went to town in it, caressing it with my tongue and lips, rimming him for a very long time. I lubed up my finger to get him opened up a bit as I stroked his muscular body, getting him comfortable with being penetrated, relaxing his body and his sphincter. He lay there quietly moaning as he prepared himself for the plunge. When he was ready I slid into him very gently and slowly, letting him tell me when he wanted it deeper and harder or slower. The fucking was absolutely amazing - its so hot to see such a big beautiful man thoroughly enjoying being penetrated by a big cock, a strong muscular man being totally dominated and brought to utter submission by cock. Eventually he asked me to pull out and he jerked my cock off into his face and open mouth, sucking the juice that had dribbled down my shaft, exploding his own cream onto his belly.

Here's a video I just love to watch. It is totally amazing and I thought I would share it with you.

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