Monday, February 8, 2010

Holy Mackerel!

Last week I had arranged to hook up with "Ed" (not his real name). Ed (seen above) is a slim guy, around 6 feet tall, very hairy, mid-thirties, eight inch uncut cock. I guess he would be considered an otter. I hooked up with him twice before and our sessions are never less than four hours. Sunday was no exception. He loves all the things I do, and he does them well. We went from mad passionate kissing to serious cock sucking, body contact, frottage, jerking, then into the most amazing rimming known to man. I'm an expert when it comes to rimming. I know how to vibrate a man's sphincter with my oral skills, and based on the moaning Ed was doing, he was enjoying it immensely. He's an expert rimmer himself and happily returned the gesture. As I may have already mentioned, I'm not big on having my hole played with or fucked, but Ed and I got into some fantastic ass play and prostate massage. We were dripping in pre-cum, slobbered on, got into some spitting, and from there things got pretty raunchy.

Interestingly, our play usually moves from raunch to passion. He had a cock injury some time ago, and over the course of our sessions he gets muscle pain in the groin area and right testicle so I have to be very gentle when I'm playing with his balls and I can't manhandle his cock as much as I'd like to. As with most men, his balls pull up into his groin, so he has to keep pushing his right nut back down into his ball sac to avoid the discomfort. After four and a half hours, we were getting played out so we both simultaneously came while on our backs enjoying some tender kissing. I realized I hadn't posted a video lately so here is one of my favorite ass play amateur performers.

Today I was at the mall having lunch with a colleague when I spotted the guy I hooked up with in the mall bathroom in December. When I saw him I recalled he said he would be back in town in February. I'm not sure if he saw me, but I assumed he did so I planned to go back after work to the public washroom where we met up last time. When I got there I saw another guy I had sucked off in the stairwell some time ago. He was on the public telephone near the bathroom entrance. I went into the bathroom and went to the urinals because the stalls were all occupied. Another guy waiting for a stall to come open positioned himself so that he could see what I was up to. Finally the phone guy came in and positioned himself at the urinal two down from me. I was trying to make myself known to him but he appeared to be indifferent and seemed uncomfortable being watched, so he closed up his breakaway pants and left. I followed him out as he went back to the phone. I proceeded to head back up into the mall hoping he would follow me. I hung out in the hallway of the mall trying to look like I was waiting for someone at a designated location, all the while waiting for my guy to come up. After about 20 minutes I went back to the john to see what was going on or if he had exited through the parkade by another door. He was still on the phone trying to look like he was on an actual call, so I went back into the can. The stalls were now occupied by a couple of new guys, so back to the urinals I went. A minute later my guy re-entered and parked himself back at the urinal. He popped his big cut cock out wagging it freely getting himself into a near full erection. He was happy to have me check him out, and I wagged my cock for him just as happily. A regular guy came in to take a piss so we both left. I followed him to the escalator and asked him if he'd like to come back to my place so I could suck him off. He said sure. I had been fantasizing about this exact scenario for a long time and here it was evolving as I had planned. We walked over to my car and I took him back to the lair...

When we arrived at my place he was a little nervous but I'm great at putting a guy at ease. It starts with getting myself completely naked. He also took all his clothes off showing me his legs, torso and arms right down to his hands covered in jail-house tattoos. He's about 6'2" tall, slim but muscular, about 8 inches, I'd say late 40's. I knew from our previous encounter that he doesn't reciprocate - he only enjoys getting sucked off. I went to work as a cock pig. I offered for him to lay on my bed so that I could get between his legs. His cock started to engorge slowly in my mouth giving me the pleasure of his manhood swelling to full erection. We got into all kinds of positions as he fucked my mouth with his stiff pole, a beauty very similar to the pic above. His cock was poker-straight with a perfectly proportioned helmet just right for worshiping and deep throating. After a while he said he'd like to have a smoke so I sat on my chair sucking him while he stood before me, cock proud with his rigid tool plunging into my hungry mouth, casually enjoying his smoke and my cock sucking. When he finished his butt we went back to the bed and moved into various positions until I laid on my back with my head turned to the side, him spearing his cock into my hungry mouth. He got into a great rhythm face fucking me, then straddled me thrusting his tool from that vantage point. He was edging himself for a good long time, then would pull back and slow down the pace. More flipping into other positions.
About an hour and half later I told him I was running out of steam and asked him how he wanted to get off. He said he enjoyed face fucking me on his side, so we got back into that position. He plunged his cock into my throat for a good long while, then announced he was about to cum. I just stayed there groaning letting him establish the best pace for his orgasm and waited for him to discharge his load. The moans and groans alerted me to the forthcoming blasts of cum. The sweet juice blew into my mouth in pulsating shot after shot. He stopped for a brief moment, allowing me to take over massaging his cock with my mouth milking out the last few shots of cum. I was violently jerking myself off while he was shooting and I came with streams of his cum and my mouthful of spit running down my cheek.

After our session he told me he initially didn't recognize me but when he realized who I was he was concerned I had left and he would have missed some great head. He was glad I came back. Then we got talking about my place and the work I need done. He told me he's a construction contractor and could do some of the work for me...

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