Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More Bathhouse Play

As usual I was cruising online for sex Saturday but really wasn't in the mood so nothing really came of it. I did line up a whole lot of guys for the week to come though. I was really horny on Sunday so I went back online early in the day. Just to back up a little, I had chatted with a married guy a few weeks ago who was looking to hook up, but because of his home situation wasn't able to plan ahead. He asked me if he could just show up every now and again to play and I said I would prefer a phone call first, but otherwise that would be okay. Sunday afternoon I was still hanging around naked in the early afternoon when I heard a knock at the door. I threw on my housecoat and answered the door to find a beefy guy standing there, 45 years old, beard, about 6 feet tall. I hadn't been introduced yet but figured it was Hottotrot showing up on my doorstep (pic above). I like to know when someone is coming so I can at least make the bed and straighten up a bit. He didn't mind that things were a little untidy, so I just threw the blankets over the bed. My housecoat came off easily enough and his clothes followed right after. This big chunk of uncut meat flopped out of his underwear and engorged into 8 inches of thick hard cock in my hand. We got into some mutual sucking and play, and he had a thing for man smell. He dove into my arm pits and enjoyed my body odour. He said to him its as powerful as poppers. His man smell was hot too as I went into there myself, liking up the unscented sweat, then kissing him, sharing the man scent we both produced. The scene was over within about a half hour with him straddling me and shooting his load on my chest. I wanted a bit more fun that night, though again nothing gelled, though I now had more guys lined up for into the next week.

Monday I had Trucker coming over to talk more about his natural health product and to play. When he arrived he wanted to do the business part of things first. I had taken a few tokes of a joint before he arrived so I would have preferred to play first, but he wanted to sit and chat. An hour and a half later when the sales pitch was over I wasn't totally interested in hooking up anymore because the business chatter on the pyramid sales scheme had zapped my horniness. Anyway we did make our way to the bedroom and got undressed. It was weird how the sex had lost all of its intensity usually found when we played in the public washroom. His cock sucking skills were totally gone, he had difficulty maintaining a good erection and he just laid there while I sucked him, seemingly not very interested. The only thing that made it okay was his hairy body and the wedding band on his ring finger. He eventually blew his load and this time I took it uninterrupted. I just finished myself off as it was getting late.

Tuesday Throbbinghung came over again and we had a hot time of sucking cock, including some amazing deep throating 69. My favourite position is on my back with a cock pumped deep into my throat. We ended up on granny's chair again for a while, but the greedy cocksucker wanted to work my cock while kneeling and being fed my load that way. I obliged as he shot his load between my legs. He had to hurry off to a social engagement so he was gone about 40 minutes after arriving.

One of the guys I had chatted with over the weekend had suggested we meet up at a bathhouse at 5 o'clock on Wednesday. I said that would be great and I would confirm by Tuesday. He was interested because he loves big cocks and has one himself. When I went to confirm our date I could no longer find his profile because he had changed his settings to be a blind profile. I figured the odds of actually meeting up were pretty remote, but even if he didn't show there would be all kinds of guys there to play with. He suggested the bathhouse that is outside of the downtown core in an ethnic neighbourhood. I love ethnic men so that was great.

I arrived early because the training I was at through work was cancelled. I spotted this well built guy, swimmer's build with a salt and pepper goatee, about 6 feet tall, decent cock, low hanging balls, very nice looking face. He went into the open play room and was pulling on his cock trying to coax me to join him, but I prefer a private place to play. A bathhouse attracts all kinds of guys, and many of them don't appeal to me so I motioned for him to follow me to my room. A few minutes later he was there and we started into some very romantic kissing. He told me he was 65 and asked me how old I was, mentioning he thought I was about 35. I said I was actually 37. I didn't want to burst his fantasy and was totally flattered by his guess as I am in fact 48. He asked me to turn the light up a bit so he could see better and I thought that might blow my deceit, but our session continued. He told me the story of his life as we played, even telling me he came out at age 57. I guessed (correctly) that he was Jewish. In terms of sex it was pretty good, though I do like a bit more tongue action when it comes to kissing. We sucked each other, rubbed our bodies and cocks together, and he got into some very painful nipple play from me. After a few hours, I started sucking his cock and he blew a nice load. I took his phone number for future hook-ups.

I hung out for a little while longer waiting for my hung guy, chatting with some of the other guys in the lounge. By about six I figured I was being stood up (as expected), so I went back on the hunt. This hot young Latino guy came out of the dry sauna, we checked each other out, he started toward his room, entered, and left the door ajar. I entered and closed the door behind me. He had his legs spread wide open, no towel on, just waiting to be serviced. His legs were covered in thick black hair, from inner thigh to butt cheeks to calves. His chest wasn't too hairy, but he had a great chin strap beard. His uncut cock seemed to be about average size as I started sucking him. As the meat got bigger I sucked even more vigorously. I knew he was totally into it as his cock sprung to full attention, now about 8 inches long and really thick, though not rock solid but more like a latex dildo with nice flexibility. He got into forcing his cock deep into my throat, but because it was so massive I was choking on it. He held my head down as his cock filled my throat, and I had mucous spraying from my mouth and nose as he forced me to take him. He stood up on the bed and I continued to suck and service his cock. He told me to stand on the bed so we reversed positions and he started sucking my cock. He liked it a lot because he got into some hungry deep feeding on it and came in about 5 minutes. When he told me he was coming I got down on the floor and had him spray his cum in my face (cock pic above is similar to this guy).

A few hours later it was time for me to get ready to go so I needed someone to come and finish me off. I bumped into this hairy guy, thick pelt on his chest, shoulders and back, a nice hair line running down the length of his generous belly. He started sucking me so I peeled his towel off. His cock was on the small to average size, also uncut. I sucked him some too, then had the feeling he was ready to move on so I asked him to finish me off. He told me to get on the bed so he could suck my cock. I ended blowing my load all over his chest.

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