Sunday, January 31, 2010

Holiday Romance

I posted an ad on at the end of December. Here it is:

I'm looking for a holiday romance and/or travel companion for a vacation in St. Martin in the Caribbean for one or two weeks in January or February 2010 (dates flexible). I'm single and my usual travel friend is not available. I'm not necessarily looking for a long term relationship, but a very intense short term fling could be fun. Also open to a platonic travel arrangement. Here's the deal: I'm a male looking for another male; gay, bi or straight. I'm very sexual and can be very romantic. Top for fucking (safe) but versatile for other play. Mostly into oral and passionate M2M. I'm HIV negative. Open to playing with others on our travels. No restrictions imposed. If it turns out to be a platonic arrangement, I won't put uncomfortable sexual demands on you. Travel expenses to be covered by each person. I'm not your sugar daddy. I'm very much into being on an equal footing here. Looking for a moderate travel package. I'm not interested in 5-star or higher accommodations, but I don't want to sleep in a tent either. I'm a very laid-back guy, no baggage (only a little coin-purse), no hang-ups, and no drama. I'm very easy to travel with - I can and like to do my own thing, but am very accommodating for what you may want to do. I won't pout, bitch, scream, nag, throw hissy-fits, be demanding, or otherwise be a pain. I don't like guilt trips or other forms of manipulation, nor will I inflict them on you. I'm relaxed about an untidy room though I do pick up after myself. I'm respectful of your need for space, as you are for mine. I'm not the most punctual person, but I can make an effort. I'm a nudist and am only looking to go to nude and/or gay beaches. I'm very comfortable naked, and you should be too. I love the beach and plan to be there daily while the sun shines and the ocean beckons, though usually not more than 4 to 5 hours per day (rub some sun screen on me...) Love eating out with a wide variety of tastes. I drink alcohol moderately and smoke (on the balcony if you're a non-smoker). I don't go to gay bars very often locally, but I do enjoy going out dancing and enjoying the night-life while I'm on vacation. It seems the only gay bar on the island is in Marigot. About me: I'm 47 years old, 6'3" tall, 200 lbs, hairy body, chin beard, salt & pepper blond hair, blue eyes, big cut cock. I speak French fluently, though I understand English is commonly spoken on the island. You: Any age up to mid-50's, 5'7" or taller, decent shape, decent looking, open minded when it comes to worldly things (socially progressive). Get back and lets start planning now!

A few short days later I received a few responses, including this one:

Hi, My name is John. I’ll start with a physical description: 6’ tall 175lbs (but the holiday may change that lol) Brown hair hazel eyes. Here is a link to some of my pictures: I’m gay, HIV-, single, English/French speaking and love the Caribbean. I usually go to Cuba around Feb-March but I have been to St-Martin and I loved it. Sun worshipper which goes without saying. Never been to a nude beach before but I’m game, I’m just concerned that I will have a hard on and people will look...oh well! Financially, I do not need help. I can take care of my expenses. Sexually I’m versatile/bottom, uncut, smooth. Love kissing , close contact and love making love. Socially, I’m laid back, goes with the flow, level headed, open minded, accommodating. A little reserved at times. I’ve been on vacations with other people including people from work and they’ll go back on vacation with me... I can provide references J. Moderate drinker, smoker, not much of a party animal but I would go out to a club. I’ll warn you my dance moves date back from 1982... If you are interested let me know. John

I responded by e-mail:

Hey John; 1982 was a very good year - Its Raining Men, So Many Men So Little Time (what can I do...) Thanks for getting back. Hey sounds like we can have a fantastic time. You sound like you're low maintenance, which is what I am. I also have references, but I can take your word for it. Your pics are great dude. They seem to be current based on your age in your profile (44 right?) I'm 47, and the pic on the ad was taken this April 2009, so most current. If you want more pics, I can send. In terms of body, I'm a little beefy, but still good. As I said, 6'3" tall and 200 lbs. I was going to keep the cock to myself until the actual unveiling. My preference is for two weeks, but if one is all you can swing, that is cool. I'm not sure what the prices do over the season, but I would like to avoid spring break for all the crazies and the increased costs. I was also preferring early February, but mid or late is cool. Just want to escape winter at any cost. So you have never been to a nude beach? If you get a hardon, the rule is to turn over and sun your butt. If you're out walking, you have to swing your pole till you find cover. I have been going to nude beaches since I was 20, and have loved it. Been to nude beaches in Provincetown Mass, Greece, Costa Rica, Argentina, Puerto Vallarta Mexico. It is so liberating, and swimming in the ocean naked is so fantastic. As you can see, I have travelled extensively and am totally serious here, won't flake out at the last minute or bullshit you. My passport is good to October 2010, so I'll be renewing soon for my trip to India this summer. I think sexually we will be well matched. I love making passionate love to a man, and have incredible stamina, can go for hours. A romantic lover is so hot. We may not get to the bar if we end up in bed every night having sex... I live in a nearby city, but can travel to meet you before we finalize plans if you like. I was of two mind sets. Of course a meeting to determine compatibility might be desirable, but it might get in the way of what could be a nearly spontaneous holiday (b)romance. We meet on the plane, and take the whole scene as far as the fantasy wants to go. Should I get my head out of the clouds and be more realistic? Let me know if you think we should meet, and go to travel agency together. So get back to me here, or call me Sunday 555-555-5555. I have had 2 other responses, but one is a bisexual guy who I'm sure was drunk when he responded, the other is a 55 year old gay guy who doesn't have a single pic to send. What up? This is 2010! Ciao brother!

From there we spoke on the phone and decided that we would do the trip together. I took my ad off of craigslist that night. Over the holidays we didn't communicate much which made me a bit nervous. Shortly after the New Year he e-mailed with some travel package information and we selected the resort we were going to stay at. He wanted to meet in person first just so that we would both be comfortable with our crazy adventure, so we set up a restaurant meeting. I think he was a bit nervous at first but by the end of the evening all was well. I had an hour drive to get home so we paid the bill and went outside. He asked me if he could have a kiss, so I was happy to oblige. We stood on the street in front of the restaurant and kissed for a few minutes. They were very tender kisses, enough for me to know that we will be having some amazing passionate sex. By the following Monday we had tickets in hand and we are now set to go. Hard to believe I have arranged something like this and we haven't even had sex yet! We leave for our holiday romance two weeks from today on Valentine's Day. (the pic above is not my travel companion but some hot Latino I pulled off the internet)

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