Thursday, January 14, 2010


Where did I leave off... Saturday night I hooked up again with maschunguncut. He arrived and lit up a smoke as he walked through the door. He had said he wanted to get into some water sports so to prepare beforehand I drank a couple litres of water over a six hour period. When he arrived my bladder was already full, but I wanted to play a bit first. He likes to tear my underwear off, so I let him do that slowly; the head of my cock was sticking through a tear on the side as he licked and sucked it. He tore the back of my shorts to expose my asshole so he could rim me. Finally the rag was so shredded it just fell off. We had a few more smokes and got into some deep throating action. Finally I couldn't hold my piss anymore so masc sat on the edge of the bed. I was really hard and was trying to piss, which is a very difficult thing to do in such a state. I did manage to get a stream going and masc took my cock into his mouth and drank from the hose. I wasn't able to piss much because the least little stimulation to my cock caused me to stop. I managed to get a couple more streams of piss going for him to enjoy. We got back into sucking cock and finished off with a couple of good blasts of cum.

For Tuesday night I had lined up lovetobeblown to come over after he had flown in. He arrived at 10:30 and quickly got undressed and got into position on my bed. I sucked his cock continuously for the next hour and twenty minutes. I couldn't help but notice that his dick was quite thin, only about 6 inches. I thought I recalled it was a bit bigger... He's very good looking and muscular/beefy, so otherwise I was happy to answer his need. He moaned the whole time appreciating the slow head, deep plunges and cock worship. Toward the end I moved into a 69 position to take him from that direction, and he grabbed a hold of my cock and started stroking it. He was quite enamoured by the size, but being a married bisexual guy didn't want my cock too close to his face. I got back to him between his legs, spread them apart and anchored his feet on my knees. I then went to work. After all that time I didn't have much head left in me, so I told him I wanted his cum. He told me to suck him very slowly with long mouth strokes. I was doing one back and forth mouth stroke from root to tip every 10 seconds or so, sometimes using my hand to milk his cock, other times just my mouth. After a while he started blowing his load as my mouth continued the slow stroking, man nectar splooging in my mouth. I still needed a bit more action, so I let him get dressed, said good-bye and went back on the net.

By 1:00 a.m. I was chatting with a guy, 6'1" tall, 220 lbs., 37 years old. He said he has a big uncut cock and was looking to service. I figured it was my turn to get sucked so I messaged him I'd be good with that. He said to come over. I went to his hotel and he pulled up the chair between the two beds. Having removed my pants, I sat on the chair and he got down on his knees and began to service me. He kept his underwear on initially. I massaged his meat while he worked on me. He had a nice thick piece of wood in his shorts. After a while I stood up and he continued worshipping my cock from a kneeling position. After more of that, I could see he wanted to change things up. He said he wanted to lay back for a while and whipped off his shorts exposing a thick cock with foreskin trapped over the head of his cock. He lay back and I got between his legs and started to work him over. Once the foreskin was pulled back, I had a hard time pulling it over and off again, but a period of stretching got it going nicely. I fed on his cock for another half hour before he needed to blow. I told him just to let it go whenever he felt the need, and he did just that, blasting his cum freely as I fed.

Tonight I had Hercules coming over. He had e-mailed me last week looking to hook up. For some reason I wasn't all too interested - he said he's a total bottom, loves to suck cock and get fucked (safely). Generally I'm more into versatile guys as I prefer a bit more participation than passivity. He indicated he was a bisexual muscular guy with an above-average cock. I agreed to have him over. He had to travel about an hour to get to my place, and initially e-mailed me to say he had to work late and couldn't make for 5 as planned, but would be over around 7. I had to wait a while beyond our anticiapted time, but he eventually did arrive. The pics he sent did not do justice to him. He was a muscular brute, about 6'1" tall, 225 lbs of solid muscle, incredible face. He's 36 and likes older masuline beefy guys with big cocks. He was wearing breakaway pants which dropped to the floor in about one second. He sat on the side of the bed and started to work. While he sucked me I stroked his muscular upper body. He has amazingly big triceps and biceps - I'd say about 20" guns, a hard stomach and big pecs. His chest and back were covered in very coarse hair that seemed to have been trimmed about two weeks earlier. It was stubbly, coarse and thick all at the same time. Eventually he let me go down on him for a while, and as you can see from the pic it was a great cock for sucking. I throated him for a while, then he backed up on the bed. I continued sucking him for a while, then moved down to let him work me. He made every effort to take my cock as deeply as he could, then would moan in ecstasy once he got off to take a breath. He may not have been the best cocksucker, but I would give him an A for effort. I asked him if he liked big cocks, he said yes and in particular loved my cock, it was the biggest cock he had ever seen.

He continued worshipping my dick for a while, then I told him to turn over. He got on his stomach and spread his legs so I could rim him. I spread his cheeks to expose a thick pelt of fur hiding his hungry hole beneath. I rimmed and kissed and tongued his rose bud giving him amazing pleasure. With his legs spread open, I stroked his balls and cock, rubbing his bubble butt cheeks. While on his stomach, I stroked his beautiful v-shaped back. Fuck this man was amazing! I stuck my index finger into his ass and started to open him up. He loved it, but without lube it wasn't too comfortable. I reached into the nightstand and pulled out some lube, greased his hole up and stuck my thumb into him grabbing his balls with my other fingers. That was much better for him, so I just kept my thumb inside giving him time to get accustomed to it. I could tell he was very tight and hadn't been fucked very often.

I asked him if he wanted me to fuck him; he said yes. I asked him how he wanted it; he said gently. I grabbed a rubber, lubed up, and got over him while he lay on his stomach. He guided my cock to the bud, then I pushed my way in. My cock has a big mushroom head so the initial entry can be a problem. Once I popped inside, he gave out a yelp. I stopped for a moment so he could catch his breath. I thrust very slowly and gently for him as he focused on his breathing. I told him to relax as he got used to his hole being stretched. I rode his ass for a good long while, going slowly when he wanted, deep to the root holding it there, pulling back, then on to pelvic thrusts. After a while he couldn't take it anymore and did ask me to pull out. I pulled off the rubber as he rolled onto his back, stroking his hard meat. He asked me to cum in his face, so I started stroking myself, bent over and sucked his cock a bit, then rose up while on my knees and pumped a load all over his hot masculine face. After I had blown, he took my cum-covered cock into his mouth and blew a big load onto his stomach, then collapsed briefly before getting up to clean himself up. After a quick shower he got dressed and left. Until next time...

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