Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm an Unorthodox Guy

I'm an unorthodox guy. Leave it to an unorthodox guy to be born on Orthodox Christmas. That's right - its my birthday. I'm 48 today. I prefer the number 48 to 47. I have always liked numbers in multiples of 12, though 60 doesn't appeal to me, much less 72, or 84, or 96. When I get there, I'm going to still be hot and fun, and until then I'm going to have lots of sex. I'm a Capricorn, year of the ox.

Okay, enough of that, now back to sex. I think I'm having a quiet night tonight, no birthday shag for me. Yesterday though I had a little hook-up in the afternoon. I saw an ad on craigslist back in mid-December; a 31 year-old married guy, bi-curious, never been with a guy but wanted to try it out. He was "looking for an older patient mature man to get to know." I don't know why I responded to his ad. I rarely initiate a contact. I prefer to have a guy respond to my ad first and set something up that way. What intrigued me was the opportunity to guide a young man through his very first man-on-contact to self-discovery, maybe a little occasional hook-up when he can sneak away for a few stolen moments. He was looking to start off by jerking another man off and go from there. He said he was 6 feet tall, 185 pounds, goes to the gym 3 times per week. He responded to my message, and we arranged for yesterday at 12:45 p.m. I suggested that time because he was only free during the day and I could sneak out of the office on my lunch break and come home for play.

He arrived and I said lets go right to the bedroom because time was of the essence. We started with a bit of rubbing, then my pants came off. He was very impressed with my cock - what a treat that his very first man-cock should be such a nice specimen. He was quite enjoying himself. I started to rub his nipples through his shirt while he vigorously jerked my cock. I could see at the cuffs of his shirt he had very thick blond hair on his arms. Ya baby! I unbuttoned his shirt to expose a nice thick patch of blond hair on his belly, light amount of hair on his upper chest. He pulled his cock out through his fly briefly but didn't want me to touch it. It was pretty small and cut. He was wearing some kind of spandex cycling shorts or women's panties, I'm not sure which, but he eventually popped his cock back in and continued rubbing himself. He did let me rub his cock through the fabric while he continued jerking me. I wasn't getting much out of the scene as he was so focused on my cock and himself. He asked me if I wanted to cum on his chest. I told him to take his shirt off so I wouldn't cum on it, so he did. I jerked myself off blowing my load as he requested.

I cleaned him up a bit, he put on his shirt. I asked him if he had hooked up with any guys yet, and he said he had met one other guy. I was crushed. My fantasy of being his very first male experience was blown. There was very little exchange on his part. I was expecting a more sexual experience as opposed to a teenager-type jerk-off session. I thought it might be awkward and timid, but a bit hotter and mutual. I might see where a second experience might go, but I'm not holding out for much with this one. Check back for updates!

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