Saturday, January 9, 2010

The One That Nearly Got Away

What an incredible day I had. There was nothing going on Thursday but Friday was gang-busters! The stars must have been in a better alignment. I had nothing planned for the evening so I started out going to my tearoom at 5:00 p.m. This Eastern-European guy I've sucked off a few times was there. He has an incredibly beautiful uncut cock with an excess amount of foreskin that hangs off the head of his cock. The pics here are not his dick but one that looks very similar to it. Without exaggerating that is the amount of foreskin he has, even when he's hard like our friend here. His cock is also about 8.5 inches of thick sausage, bolts upright. He has a big bag of nuts hanging between his legs.

There was a big crowd of guys in the place so I signalled for The Pole to follow me. Off to the stairwell we go. Once there, we got into a little bit of cock sucking, but every noise from the pipes and the clanging of doors made him a bit nervous. He suggested we go to his truck to play. I followed him to the next level of the parkade, jumped in and he moved to a quieter spot. We were enjoying a bit more deep cock sucking in the back seat of his SUV when a few cars drove past on their way to the exit. Again feeling nervous, he pulled up his pants and said he still wasn't comfortable. I suggested going back to my place. He was hesitant. I said I lived alone. He said he really couldn't, he had a partner. I suggested I could give him my address and let him think it over. I said I would be home in about 20 minutes handing him the note I had just written. Still raging hard in my pants I left his truck, headed to my car and went home. I waited for a while hoping he would come over, but by 6:30 had given up hope.

I checked my e-mail messages on my main site and lovetobeblown had sent me a message to say he would be free after 7 that night. I also had a message from a guy I hooked up with over a year ago from a very distant part of the country. He was in town for a few more days and wanted to hook up again. He remembered my cock and our play session fondly and wanted a repeat. I recalled we had a very good time, but was sketchy on specifics. I messaged lovetobeblown to say 7 would be fine, thinking if I didn't hear back within a reasonable period of time I would message traveller. As soon as my message was sent, there was a knock at my door...

I opened the door to find The Pole standing there, obviously in a lot of immediate need. He came in and said he only had about 15 minutes to play, so I told him to come in and took him directly to the bedroom. We undressed and grabbed a hold of each other's cocks as they were engorging in our hands. He stooped over to suck me a bit while I kept stroking his cock. He stood upright with his tool at full rigid attention, his hood completely covering his head. I knelt before him with his blunt sword in my face and immediately started to work it with my mouth. I would take long strokes with his foreskin gliding up and over, then down. There was so much skin in my mouth, but I would pull it back to enjoy his nice firm head. I sucked him intently knowing our time was limited. We then traded positions with him on his knees worshipping my cock while I stroked his back and chest, pinching his nipples. He got up again and I told him to get on my bed. I put him on his back and then took his cock deep into my throat from a side position and worked him over that way. I then straddled him and throated him while he throated me. I wanted to reverse that scene so when he got up a bit, I went under him and opened my throat totally for his cock. I could tell this guy was a top because he began to thrust his cock vigorously into my throat from the head right down to the root, pumping off his big tool. He began to moan and thrust even harder, then all of a sudden plunged his cock deep into my throat and held it there while he discharged. I knew he was a big shooter from our previous encounters. After several blasts of cum I choked on it and had cum and spit and mucous spewing through my mouth and nose. Without missing a beat he continued thrusting and spraying, emptying out his big balls into my willing throat. Knowing I was still arranging something for later, I held off on coming myself. We dressed and The Pole was on his way.

Around 8:00 p.m. I got a call from Traveller. He had kept my phone number and address and was looking to get together. I still hadn't heard from lovetobeblown, so I had to make a snap decision. I told Traveller I would be free at 9. I texted lovetobeblown that I was no longer available, and sent my regrets. He texted me back to say he was very disappointed. I felt badly because I know what its like to have you're hopes dashed. I texted him again to say I would give him head for two hours on Tuesday to make it up. He responded that would be okay. While I was texting, I also got a call from maschunguncut looking to hook up. I told him I would be free Saturday night, and he said he would see if he was available.

Traveller's profile indicated he was a military guy. I asked him what part of the military he was in and what his rank was. He said he was a major with the army. Now before you all start getting into this fantasy sequence, let me tell you that he is more on the docile side sexually, and loves to suck cock. He's usually a top but occasionally likes to get fucked. He's nice looking in an ordinary kind of way, 47 years old, more on the slim side, not terribly defined in terms of muscle, but no excess weight.

His cock on the other hand is a beauty. The pic above doesn't quite do him justice. Its about 8 inches long, nice thickness and has a downward curve like mine. I guess downward curved guys are not very common. In retrospect, I don't recall that many myself. Downward curved cocks are ideal for sucking from a frontal position. Here's another pic from his profile that is a very small file, but gives you an idea of size and curvature:

Traveller arrived but hadn't taken a shower since the morning, so he started with that. I'm not big on shower sex - I find the water splashing in my face to be distracting and annoying. When he emerged from the bathroom he was already naked so there was no need for any further unveiling. I already had my shirt off so I started taking my pants off. He said, "There's that monster I remember..." I like it when men comment on the size of my cock. We immediately got into some passionate play, and on to some kneeling cock sucking. We played for a while, then went on to the bed where we took turn servicing each other. This dude sure loves to suck cock. He loves big cocks especially. He was riding my pole from head to toe in easy throat strokes, some 20 to 30 strokes between breathing. I really got into the tonsil massage he gave the head of my cock. He was wearing a very tight metal cock ring which made the veins in his cock really bulge out. I got off on his veiny tool doing the same to my throat. I enjoyed servicing him while he lay back and watched me do my work. I wanted to see how a downward curved cock would slide down my throat from the 69 position, so I got there and found that his cock easily bent to accommodate my throat. It did create a nice pressure point in my throat, so I now realized why guys love to have a downward curved cock bending unnaturally in their throats. It also feels great for my cock to be in someone's throat fighting against its own natural curve. Now he was going at it with my cock. We were pigging out on each other's cocks, both of us bent backwards. I could feel I was about to cum, and I love really choking on a cock while I spray, so I took every inch he had to offer with his balls pressed right into my face as I dumped my load into his hungry throat.

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