Friday, January 22, 2010

Quiet Week

Not much has been going on this week, though I did have a couple of hot encounters at my tea room. On Tuesday I went for a nooner, but there was no one there upon my arrival. Within a short time this hot tall dude with premature grey hair, slim and young arrived and went straight for the stall. His pants dropped straight down to his ankles and I could see through the door that as he sat down he opened his legs wide and started to stroke his meat. I was about to enter the next stall when another hot dude arrived and went to the urinal. He was about 5'11" tall, nice slim build, goatee, shaved head. I positioned myself to see his cock in the mirror, and it looked pretty good at about 7 inches cut. It was a bird in the hand 2 in the bush scenario. I didn't know what I should do, but then another guy came in and went directly into the other stall. My decision had been made for me, so I went to the urinals. More people came into the washroom so I signaled for him to follow me to the stairwell. Upon our arrival our dicks popped out of our pants and we immediately got into some cock sucking. I knelt before him intent on milking one out. As he was about to cum he pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot blast after blast of cum that splashed onto the floor. He shook off the last few drips of cum from his cock, stuffed it back into his pants, zipped up and left.

Yesterday for my nooner I went back to the same spot hoping the other guy from Tuesday would have come back for some action. I passed a guy I had played with about a year ago sitting near the stairs to the parkade john in the mall on guard for hot guys checking out public bathroom play. I saw him and he saw me and I recognized him immediately. Entering the bathroom, I positioned myself at the urinal and within 30 seconds he was beside me. He whipped out his cock and looked down at my meat while I checked him out. Having established a mutual interest, he motioned for me to follow him. He led me to one corner of the parkade behind some cars, but because it was still wide open, I told him to follow me to a different location.

I led him to another corner of the parkade where I had played a few times before. Its an alcove that is used by the maintenance staff for storage, near a big exhaust fan, stuff stacked against the walls, no light, no doors. Once again my dick jumped out of my pants as his rigid tool had to be pried out. His cock is so rigid it curves straight up against his trim belly and refuses to bend in any direction, about 8 inches uncut, though not a lot of foreskin. The pic above is similar to his cock. I did my best to suck his cock, and he greedily offered me the same service. Not typical for a public encounter, we got into some kissing. As our eyes adjusted to the near total darkness, I could finally see that beautiful uncut cock I had so enjoyed sucking some time ago. He built up his load in a frenzy and exclaimed he was about to cum. I told him no, to stop, but he couldn't control it. Though it was dark, I could see his load spraying out onto the sheets of drywall, the debris and onto the walls. We closed up and I told him I still had his phone number and would like to hook up with him again. He said he would like that. I texted him today to see if he was free for some private naked play, but unfortunately he wasn't. We did arrange to get together next week, so check back in to see how that went. I'll try and get an actual pic of his cock, even if I have to take it myself.

I went back again today at five o'clock. There was a guy in one stall so I went to the next one. He was young, probably about 30, slim, nice piece of meat. He got down on the floor but wouldn't bring his cock close enough so that I could at least stroke him. He grabbed my cock and was trying to beat me off as I was rubbing his inner thigh. I love that area of a man's legs.... Not so fast fella! I broke it off a few times so I wouldn't cum, then another guy came in so we stopped the action for a moment. The new guy went for the urinal so I figured I would just wait him out. A while later when I realized he's not here for a piss, I look out to see him checking out the dude in the stall beside me. He's a hot looking Latino dude stroking himself as he looks through my neighbour's door crack. I open the door to my stall to show him my big cock, and he exposes this massive length of cock with a monster head on it! The other guy opens up his door and now we are three guys jacking our dicks. The Latino guy sticks his cock out freely toward me, swinging the massive member my way, the heavy head acting as an anvil on the end of his spear. I go to grab it to swallow the blunt tool when the two guys sort of signal each other and the action ends abruptly. I wonder if they were a couple and had an agreement on the limits to play, or some other odd scenario. Not all sexual encounters finish with a happy ending. After they left, I packed my bags and went home, finishing the night with a bottle of poppers and and a good old-fashioned jerk off...

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