Monday, January 18, 2010

Boy Cigar and ThrobbingHung

Saturday night I had arranged to hook up with Boy Cigar (not the guy pictured here - I never did get a pic from him). I met him on craigslist back in July and hooked up with him twice before. He's 37 years old, about 5'7" tall, 170 lbs, pretty solid build, a sweet patch of chest hair above his nipple line on his upper chest, and big bulging nipples that he loves to have worked. His cock is just a tad under 5 inches long, a bit on the small side, though his balls are a good average size. He loves to kiss and loves his neck caressed and kissed. Our second encounter involved some cigar play, but this time was just regular smoking. We started out with some kissing and sucking, smoke swapping. We stayed on the couch playing for about 45 minutes, lighting up smokes while enjoying our fun. I went down on him while he dangled a smoke, getting into a little uncle/nephew role play and dirty talk. He started cumming while I sucked his cock, and he generously blew his first load for me. I was a little taken aback because I wasn't expecting him to cum so soon, but I know he is a multiple cummer and would be good for a while yet. In fact, after catching his breath, we were immediately back it. At some point we usually move to his bedroom, but this night we stayed on the couch. I find it awkward because his couch is rather short - much shorter than I am tall. Next it isn't wide, so there isn't a lot of space for maneuvering. I did manage to lay on top of him and pin him down for a good long time as uncle continued playing the taboo game of inter-family sex. We played for another hour or so, then I got up, stood above him and started stroking myself. He blew a second full load of cum that blasted past his nipples. Just a few short minutes later we were back at it for a third time. The play settled down to where we ended up just sort of holding each other erotically touching. It was starting to get late so we decided to part for the night and plan on getting together again.

Throat4cock came over again last night and we had our usual deep throat gagging and choking session. I told him this time I wanted it to be a very noisy session, and he was on point. I was thinking during the session that we should record the audio of our session and I even suggested it, so I'll set that up for next time. We also talked about filming a future session, but he wants to be wearing a ski mask. We did a few new things including some master/servant stuff. As he was throating me, I told him to stick his tongue out as far as he could and lick my balls so the head of my dick would rub at the base of his tongue. It also caused his whole stomach to flex and his esophagus to tighten real hard on my cock. I was also holding him down deep on my cock while choking him at the neck. Obviously we have played often enough and have discussed limits on play to know what those limits are. When he has enough he pushes off me and I let him go. Eventually I couldn't hold back so he began to feed violently on my cock as I blew protein down into him. He rolled over and pumped out his own load.

Last week I got a message from ThrobbingHung that he wanted to hook up again, and asked if I would be available around 5 o'clock weekdays. I said I would let him know over the weekend when I would be free, and yesterday I messaged him to say Monday would be good. ThrobbingHung is 45, 6'2" tall, 180 pounds with a nice swimmers build, very smooth with a fine little patch of hair between his tight pecs. His cock is thick as a tree branch at the base and tapers to a glorious head. He's bisexual and wears a wedding band, though I have no direct knowledge if he's married. We hadn't hooked up since the spring when his work schedule changed. He used to be online practically every night and was a guaranteed blow job any time I wanted him to come over. Since then I haven't seen him online very often, and even then only early in the day. He arrived at 6:20 and as per usual we went directly into the bedroom and got undressed. In my message I told him I wanted to take his load this time. He's a total cock pig so 9 times out of 10 he would end up sucking me off. Tonight I wanted to change that. He told me to kneel and suck his cock. I did that enjoying the thick base of his cock with my lips as my throat tightened on the head. He said he wanted to sit in the chair in my room and enjoy the head, so he did and I continued throat massaging him. I managed to hold his cock in my throat for several minutes and could feel it throbbing rhythmically, pulsating as my tongue and mouth worked on it. TThat must be where he gets his online handle... He spread his legs and brought them up exposing his asshole in desperate need of being rimmed. I licked and kissed his hole while he worked himself.

Needing to stretch my legs, I stood and brought my cock into his face. One look at that baby and he was on it, sucking with the desperate need of a man who hasn't fed in five days. He sucked and slurped on my dick, taking it as deep as he could. I know he is a greedy cocksucker and would do everything he could to make me cum, diving down hard when he knows I'm getting close. I had to fight him off many times while he was bringing me close to the edge. My cock was pulsating with shots of precum oozing out which I fed to him. He continued to suck hard trying desperately to get me to bust, but I held off to the end. Finally he sat back in the chair and told me to get him off. I went into a pig zone myself starting off slow, gentle and deep, bringing the pace up until I was in a cock sucking frenzy. He started to call out that he was cumming, and he had an amazing long-lasting orgasm. He is a huge shooter, and the blasts started coming furiously. My head was bobbing straight up and down along his rigid pole, so I kept my mouth open to let the jizz and spit come pouring out of my mouth. Even with that I choked on the streams of cum a couple of times as they blasted into the back of my throat, dripping into a big pool on the floor. After he finished his discharge, he got down on his knees and told me to feed him my cock. I obliged and as his sucking got harder my nut busted out into his mouth. He swallowed it all up and now he was satisfied too. He went into the bathroom and got cleaned up while I cleaned up the mess. I won't be telling my buddy that his grandmother's chair has become my bedroom cocksucking chair...

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