Saturday, January 30, 2010


I don't have any pics of my recent hook-ups so I pulled a couple out of the archives of a 27 year old guy I hooked up with a few times. Total daddy chaser, loves worshipping big cock even though he's normally a top. Loves being worshipped too. He has entered into a relationship recently and is now off the market. I've chatted with him a few times since then and he's finding monogamy difficult. Poor boy...
Earlier in the week I had arranged to hook up with Hercules for this past Thursday. I sent him an e-mail Wednesday evening confirming for the following day but never heard back. I think he's a bisexual guy who still suffers from guilt and shame issues. I see him online with his chat feature set to "looking for action" one day, then nothing for the next few days. Eventually you see him on sporadically, then "looking for action" again, then nothing for a few days again and so on. I think like most closeted guys horny eventually trumps guilt, then after the beast gets fed guilt returns, and so it continues. I'm going to keep my options open with him in any event.
I went back online Thursday evening cuz I was horny. I received an Instant Message from a really horny guy, loved my cock, wanted to hook up, lived close by. He was very keen and insistent, everything looked good. We set 10:45 as his arrival time. By 11:15 I was wondering why he wasn't here yet so I went back on my cruising website to see that he was still logged in. I sent him a message but no reply. By the time I was back on looking for a substitution it was getting late and nothing was gelling. I eventually went to bed and took matters into my own hands. Interestingly enough I got a message from him the next morning apologizing for blowing me off telling me his girlfriend had arrived unexpectedly, but he would like another opportunity to hook up. Big-hearted me, I agreed to keep it open.
Friday after work I went to the tea room for some blow-and-go. The ugly creepy guy was there again. So were a couple of other younger guys, so while creepy was in the stall, me and the younger guys wanked at the urinals. Eventually after regular washroom patrons entered, the guys left with creepy following them out. A few minutes later this other guy I had first hooked up with some 15 years ago arrived. Our first encounter took place at a mall bathroom in the east end of the city. I recall us standing on the toilets with our arms over the stall wall jerking each others' cocks as we kissed. We eventually moved to the handicapped washroom in a large department store and played in there. We both came walking out together after blowing our loads only to find an older lady waiting for us to finish up. It was funny...
In our conversation after Friday's encounter he told me he's a trucker, so that's how I'll refer to him here. Trucker is 46, about 6'2" tall, nice build but like most guys in their mid to late 40's has a little paunch in the mid-section. I love bellies on men. When we first hooked up we would have both been in our early thirties and we both had slim builds. He has always been very hairy and still maintains the same moustache from back then. He also has really long pubic hair that actually falls into ringlets, decent 7 inch downward curved cock.
Trucker likes to talk. He breaks the unwritten rule of silence during tea room encounters. Some whispering is permissible as is a muffled orgasm. No, Trucker likes to talk at conversational volume. He said he remembered that I had a big cock. He's very friendly and very playful with a great smile. He started out by opening his stall door jerking his hard cock. He was wearing those camel coloured steel toed work boots with his pants to his ankles. What a scene! He suggested I go into the next stall so he could slide his cock under. I did as he asked, pulled my pants down and crouched to the floor. He slid his cock under and I began to suck. He kept asking me conversational questions, and I would have to stop sucking momentarily to answer him. He asked me to slide my cock under so he could suck it for a bit, so I obliged. A short while later he stopped, I pulled back and he slid back under. He asked me if I wanted to take his load to which I replied yes, then he got into a moaning rhythm, all the while talking loudly. Eventually he proclaimed "Here I come" and blew his first blast, then the washroom doors opened abruptly. We were both trying to get ourselves up with Trucker still shooting cum all over the floor as he's trying to regain his composure. It was that fucking creepy guy again! He must have been waiting at the door listening waiting to ruin that exact moment. What a CUNT!
I left the washroom and signalled for Trucker to come and talk to me. I wanted to give him my phone number and let him know that I would enjoy playing with him at my place. He said he would enjoy getting naked and playing uninterrupted. I recalled we played together a few times when we first met, then I didn't see him again until about 2 years ago. I noticed then that it appeared he had a prosthetic eye so I wanted to know about that. He said he had been in a serious accident some 8 years earlier and lost his eye. Its a little distracting at first because it doesn't move, is a bit larger than his good eye, and the eyelid doesn't blink. He was telling me about his wife, his work, then said he wanted to talk to me more about this miracle product he's involved with that rejuvenates cells and can cure cancer. I thought oh no, not a pyramid scheme product like the Acai berry drink...
As we were talking I received a text message from a guy who I thought was the black guy I had sucked off a few times, most recently Saturday afternoon. Did I forget to mention that in previous blog posts? I hadn't entered any contact information into my cell phone yet and I rarely recognize numbers. As I hadn't cum yet because of creepy guy's interruption, I texted him back to say sure why not, any time after 8 p.m. would be fine. He replied he was meeting friends at 8:30 and it would have to be right away. I agreed. I got home, made the bed, straightened up a bit and waited. I had a few tokes anticipating a quick blow-and-go. I didn't have a shower as my friend doesn't do much recip. As I was watching out the window, I see that the person who texted me was Stormer. He's about 50, swimmers build, 6'3" tall. Goatee, very blond hair and very blue eyes. Lightly hairy with a fantastic treasure trail. Cock is about 6 inches. This guy is a sexual machine. This was to be our third encounter.
I was a bit thrown off because I wasn't really psyched up for this sexual scene. Stormer and I had tried on many occasions to set up a session because we played so very well together in the sack. He has a partner and though they play together with others, playing separately on the side is kept on the down low. Finding an opportunity for him to get away is difficult. Anyway in our previous communications he told me that he would like me to fuck him. I told him I would. So as Stormer arrived at 7:20 we started into some kissing. We went into the bedroom and lit up a joint. We were soon on the bed and though we hadn't hooked up since the Spring, I remembered the things he likes. He is an amazing cock sucker with no gag reflex. He can take me all the way down his throat and hold my cock there. We were into some serious throat pounding 69 when I moved into rimming his hole. Yes this boy loves to get rimmed and loves to get fucked. I lubed up my fingers and penetrated him with my thumb. His legs came up spread wide as I played with his hole. His sphincter was like a mouth clamping down on my thumb, then releasing, then clamping again. It felt like about six inches of pulsating sphincter as I now brought my index finger deep inside of him. With his legs raised wide open his asshole was trying to swallow my fingers! Wow that was great.
It was about 8:15 and I knew we wouldn't have time to get into fucking so we went back into sucking while I played in his hole. I started getting ready to cum, signalling to him so we could cum at the same time. I started blowing my load into his hungry mouth as I grabbed his cock covered in throat juice and jerked him off, blowing his load all over my chest and neck. He got cleaned up and was on his way by 8:30. I noticed I was covered in a rash in the areas our bodies had made contact so I jumped into the shower. I'm very sensitive to cologne and scented products, so needless to say I don't wear any. Overall the sexual experience with Stormer was fun, but being on the clock adds some pressure to the scene. Our other play times together ran at 2 and 3 hours. Next time for sure, with some fucking... I just finished entering all the contact information on my cell phone. No more potentially embarrassing moments for me!

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