Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Polishing the Apple

I love uncut cocks. I love the way foreskin slides back and forth over the head of a cock. I love the way foreskin hangs over the head of a cock when its flaccid. I love the way the loose skin glides over the whole length of the shaft. I wish I would have had a say in the matter when my parents decided to mutilate my dick after I was born. I would never have allowed anyone to cut my dick from its natural state. Can you imagine what my cock would look like if it had a big piece of floppy foreskin hanging off the end of it? I wouldn't have lost all that extra sensitivity the sheath provides. As a teen and adult, I would have spent hours playing with my foreskin, stretching it, pulling it all the way over my cock head, gliding it all the way back down to expose the head, sliding it freely back and forth over the shaft of my cock. My mother was big on the hygiene movement in the 60's and didn't put too much thought into the matter. Its such a huge regret for me to have lost my foreskin. I considered going through the restoration process but decided against it. Who knows, maybe some day.

One thing that really turns me on is the sound a foreskin makes after a guy has taken a piss and shakes it off vigorously. Oohh fuck slap me in the face with that thing!

I rescheduled my appointment with thickuncut7 to last night. I was a little apprehensive about hooking up with him because he was 64 years old. The dick looked so delicious though. He didn't have any face pics on his profile but agreed to turn on his cam for me, so I checked him out and he was pretty hot. He was probably stunning in his youth and still looked very good. I have seen many guys 20 years younger that I would not have hooked up with just based on their appearance. I may be open to a lot of looks but I do have some basic standards. He had a beautiful white beard and nice masculine features. He said he was thick and uncut, 7 inches. He said he was into prolonged sessions of sex. Based on that and what I saw, I decided to go for it.

TU7 arrived at our appointed time. He said he likes to smoke some weed before sex, as I do. We smoked our joint and proceeded to the bedroom. We started making out and fondling each other, then we started undressing. As his pants opened up, this rock-hard piece of meat thicker than a beer bottle bolted out of his pants. He must have taken some Viagra because I'm telling you it was hard. It was so hard and engorged, I thought it was going to explode. The head of his cock was like a hard shiny apple. His cock was so thick and long the foreskin retracted completely from the head. I hadn't seen a cock that thick in a very long time. Thankfully TU7 is a very cock-proud top who loves to have his cock serviced. I spent the next three hours totally gooned sucking that magnificent member that never relented for even a second. Every now and then we would change it up with some of the best kissing I have ever had, or 69'ing, or him sucking me. He enjoyed laying on his back with his legs spread wide so I could feed on his meat. I spent long periods of time polishing his apple, savouring it while bringing him close to the edge, then backing off. I edged him with my mouth for a long time, then we would kiss while I took a mouthful of spit and edged him with my hand, stroking that monster meat from head to root. He loved having his cock worshipped and stroked, sucked in every way imaginable. The bigger the cock, the more intent I am to get the whole thing in my mouth. I deep-throated his cock in every conceivable way.

TU7 also had a nice pair of big balls. I had a hard time getting both of them in my mouth at the same time, but did manage it. My jaw would tire from time to time with either his big balls or his massive cock in my mouth, giving me a chance to experience his oral skills. He would rim my asshole every now and again, and stick his finger up there to stimulate my prostate. I was so zoned out with the whole scene, I had no discomfort with him fingering me, all the while forcing my big cock down his throat. We both had our fingers in each other's assholes as we sucked each other's cocks. My favourite position for sucking cock is on my back with my head arched back while the stud I'm with is fucking my throat with deep thrusts of his hips. We were both locked in this position and were getting close to cumming. I started to moan as his cock was pounding into my throat, and he started to choke down on my cock with similar enthusiasm. He started to ejaculate deep down in my throat, then pulled out a bit, streams of cum shooting into my mouth, spit and cum running down my chin and my cheek. I was groaning in ecstasy receiving the man juice from this super shooter, my cum shooting all over his face and into his mouth. He fell off me in total exhaustion as we just lay there licking up the mess that our faces had become all covered in cum...

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