Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I hooked up with thick7uncut Sunday night and we had a fantastic time. It was a continuation of our previous encounter. It wasn't quite as hot as our first encounter, and only lasted just over 2 hours. I had a chance to re-evaluate his cock thickness, and would now have to say its not quite as thick as a beer bottle as I had previously stated. I guess I was feeling a bit exuberant when I wrote that post. I had put 2 discs of karma lounge music in my CD player, and didn't check if there was anything else in there. We smoked a joint, then played for the next 2 hours or so while the music played in the background. He shot his load right into my mouth as I milked him by hand, sucking the cum shooting out his cum cannon. I blasted off right after he did sucking his cum covered cock as my chest got a cum bath. Just as I finished up, the next disc started playing. It was Chopin's piano preludes and nocturnes. It was beautiful listening to Chopin while coming off our cloud. We laid there listening to amazing piano, and I couldn't help thinking that was a scene right out of a movie.

Tonight was part two of StanTheMan, the guy I hooked up with last Tuesday in the maintenance alcove of the mall parking lot. He came over just before 7 and off to the bedroom we go. Before I get too far into this blog post, I should tell you that we had been texting each other since Wednesday trying to find a night to hook up. He seemed to be interested in something more, but I told him I would be OK with a friend with benefits arrangement. He seemed alright with that. I also asked him if I could take pics of his cock, and he said yes. Then he started sexting me pics of his cock. I reciprocated. I don't know how to download camera pics from my cell phone to my computer so I still needed to take pics in the flesh. We stared out by smoking a joint, then got into some prolonged kissing, and I mean prolonged! Our tongues danced together for about a half hour at a time with chill lounge music playing in the background. His kissing started off really aggressively so I had to bring him down so that our encounter didn't finish too soon. STM kept asking me, "do you like this?" and I would respond, "I like this!" This went on a while until it actually sounded funny, then I picked up on it and started asking him if he liked it. We also had a fair amount of humorous chatter and I was so comfortably there. We alternated kissing with some fantastic cock sucking and deep throating, and as you can see from the pics, it was a solid, curved and rigid tool with a nice cock head.

His cock is about 8 inches, thick but not too thick, uncut with foreskin that rolls right back. He shaves his pubic area completely, and I have to say I don't care for that too much. I like a bit of fur in the groin area. He's about 6'1" tall, nice swimmers' build, a bit of facial hair in a trimmed down goatee, nice looking. Based on our conversation I deduced that he's 39 or 40. But man can he kiss. He's not a great cock sucker, but a hungry rimmer. His whole body is so totally sexual in its movement and play. At one point the tempo changed a little, so I reached over for my camera and started taking pics. I got some great shots, including the one below with my cock over top of his. Another hour or so later we topped up on some weed and went back to playing. He really enjoyed rubbing his rock into my groin, my belly, between my thighs. Finally neither one of us could hold back so we jerked off while kissing. He went off spraying blast after blast on my chest, with a big ribbon that shot along my neck and eventually dried there. Covered in cum, I shot my jizz all over myself and collapsed in exhaustion. Next time I want a big splashing facial!!!!

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