Saturday, February 13, 2010

Holiday Romance Part 2

I didn't hook up with anyone Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Imagine that! I was trying to save myself up for my holiday romance, but alas I did have to have it Friday night...

StantheMan came over Friday arriving about five past seven. (See my blog post from a few weeks ago) Just before he arrived I had a message from Niko7, a guy who really wanted to get fucked with my cock. He wanted to hook up that day but I already had plans. He suggested Saturday. I agreed thinking this was likely a 50-50 thing anyway. When StantheMan arrived we smoked a joint and then went into another incredible session of passion. We enjoyed a lot of kissing, sucking, rimming, jerking, body contact and serious cock frottage on his part. He had his dick right on a tendon on the inside of my leg thrusting so much he shot his first mega-load right onto my duvet that I had just washed the previous day. Fuck! I felt a splash in my ribs but otherwise I wouldn't have noticed he came. When I rolled into the big puddle it was then I was sure he had cum. I asked him if he did; he said yes. I asked him why he didn't make any noise? He said he knew I wouldn't have wanted him to cum yet. It was after all just 45 minutes into our session. He said he just couldn't stop himself. I asked him if he had another load; he said yes.

We turned down the pace a bit while he was recharging. It didn't take long for his magnificent cock to rebound. We were back to throat crushing 69, and I could tell that this boy is a top. He loved having his cock worked, worshipped, slapped and smacked by my hard cock. I asked him if he liked my cock. He answered that he loved it. I told him I loved his cock too. Man does he have a beautiful cock. I love to just look at a hard cock within inches of my face, then caress the head of the cock with my mouth, then engulf the whole head in my mouth and suck the first few inches while tonguing the throbbing head. A man's cock is the most beautiful part of a man's anatomy. I especially like big cocks. I like them to be longer than 7 inches, and go crazy for super-long cocks. Can you tell I love cock? I love everything about it; I love to stroke a man's cock, I love to suck a man's cock, I love to worship a man's cock, I love to pleasure a man's cock... Can you tell I smoked a little bit of weed tonight too? lol I'll tell you about that shortly. Back to StantheMan. We were having such a lot of fun but I could tell he was trying to get me off. I asked him to cum in my mouth, so he proceeded to face fuck me while I was on my back until blast after blast of cum shot right into my hungry mouth, dripping down my cheek and lips as I'm blowing my load, trying to force every inch of his manhood down my throat. I didn't know exactly how long round two lasted, but we both had a quick shower afterward, got dressed and then he left. I noticed it was 10:23 as I closed the door if that gives you any idea.

Niko7 arrived tonight just a bit after 9. He had to drive an hour and a half giving you an idea how far this guy would go for my cock. He also has friends and family in the area so he also arranged to meet up with them after. He's a hot 28 yeald-old guy, 6'3" tall, 170 lbs. swimmer's build, 8 inch beautiful uncut cock. This is a pic of him getting plowed by another guy. Anyway after he had taken a piss, we went into my bedroom and just got undressed without too much fanfare. He doesn't like to kiss and is more a guy who gets right down to business. He asked if we could lay on the bed and just go directly to 69'ing. I noticed that this guy has a much different approach to the usual guys I hook up with. We went onto the bed, him straddling me working my cock as I had his fantastic cock locked into my throat. We did that for a while, then I went into some rimming. I would have kept playing with him longer, but he reached for the condoms and the bottle of poppers I keep for guests. He got on his back and starting whiffing preparing himself for entry. I had fingered him earlier to get his hole opened up a bit, so I knew he was very tight and I had to go easy on him. I lubed him up real good, my cock head working at the entry without much success. All of a sudden my mushroom head just popped in. I started stroking slowly as he inhaled more poppers to get comfortable. I thrust very slowly only going as deep as he could tolerate. Eventually he was okay letting me have my way in his hole. I had his ankles in my hands as my pelvis rocked in and out in long slow strokes. He opened his hole for me with his legs spread as wide as he could, or his knees bent into his chest. He was about to cum while I was fucking him that way. I told him to stop, it was too soon. It didn't take long after that before he had had enough and I had to pull out. I ripped off the condom and he took over sucking my cock. I blew my load all over his face, then he rolled over and jerked himself off. Only half an hour, but man was it sweet.
I've decided that I'm going to get into more fucking, but only with total bottoms. It takes someone who really enjoys getting fucked that can take my cock the way it needs to be taken. I set Niko7 up with a shower, then went back to my room to sit in my cock sucking chair. I thought to myself that I should take pictures of my bedroom for my readers just to give you an idea of the atmosphere I enjoy. The pics here were taken right after Niko7 left. The bed is still rumpled, the lube is on the night stand, the poppers and discarded condom wrapper are on the dresser. I took a flash pic but darkened the image to give you a sense of the ambiance.

So like I mentioned earlier I leave for St. Martin and my holiday romance tomorrow. I spent a couple of hours shaving my balls and my shoulders. I'll have to leave my back for John. I trimmed my chest and belly, I'm all packed and ready to go, so I'll be back here shortly after my return let you know how that went!

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