Saturday, May 15, 2010

Free at Last, Free at Last ...

I had been hosting a friend of mine for the last two and a half weeks and I finally put him on a plane back to where he came from yesterday, so I have my place all to myself again. Don't get me wrong I love him to pieces, but when it interferes with my sex life, there's only so much I can take. I also got a promotion at work and am getting into the routine of it, but the added stress made me incredibly horny. I had to go to my tea room practically every day this past week just to get the relief I was in desperate need of.

In the last two week period I went to visit Rick a couple of times and we had our usual amazing sex sessions. On the second hook-up, I had brought my friend with me because he was meeting another friend of his for drinks. The plan was that after my session with Rick I would go and pick him up. When I finished with Rick, I didn't think to get too cleaned up. I had dried cum all over my chest, my hands had dried but they had been covered in throat juice, spit and cum. I had been rimming Rick's ass before I fucked him, then jerked my own cock after I had been inside of him. So needless to say I was feeling like a dirty pig when I went into the bar to meet my friend's friend. I knew we would be shaking hands at the introduction, and sure enough we did. If she only knew where those hands had been... I'll tell you all about the cock I sucked at the tea room now.

I sucked off Pound4Pound on Wednesday. One of the things I love about washroom sex is watching a fully hard cock sliding under the stall partition and standing there at attention waiting to be sucked. I also like the anonymity of blowing a guy without even seeing his face (though I knew who I was servicing at the time). I had my i-Phone with me and was thinking I should make a film of this, but I wasn't prepared, so maybe next time. Anyway we had enough time to enjoy a good sucking encounter. He slid his cock under and I got comfortable on the floor in the handicapped stall. I sucked slowly and deeply as he moaned, thrusted and talked about what amazing head I was giving him. On a couple of occasions someone came in to take a piss so the interruptions meant we would have to break it up until they left and start all over. When the coast got clear again, this beautiful cock would slide itself back under begging for more. He knew it was me doing the sucking and he knew I was going to swallow his load, so he just sat back and let me do my work, building up the intensity right up to the point where he freely blew his massive load into my mouth. I was paying attention to where he was at so when I felt the orgasm starting I slid his cock deep into my mouth and just let him empty his nut with streams of cum shooting into the back of my throat. I finished the job milking out the last of his jizz as we casually got ourselves together.

When Pound4Pound left I was still horny so I waited around a bit. Another guy came in who wasn't bad looking, nice cock, about 7 inches, big balls. I brought him to the stairwell where I sucked on his cock. He pulled out of my mouth and blew his load against the wall while I shot between his legs.

I was at the tea room again on Thursday when this really big bear of a guy came to the urinal beside me. He had to be about 250 lbs, 5'11" with a massive belly. He was dark haired, goateed with curls of chest hair protruding from the top of his shirt. I don't usually go for obese guys, but this one had a massive belly and was good looking. As with most big guys he didn't have much dick, but I was interested in playing with him having his huge belly up against me. He was stroking my cock at the urinal as I was feeling up his crotch when it got kind of busy all of a sudden, so I left hoping he would follow me out. After a few minutes and realizing he wasn't coming, I went back in. When things finally settled down I was going to make another move when the door opened and in walked this really hot guy. He went into the stall sitting beside another guy I see there often. My bear was still lingering around as I was, then he left. I wasn't sure if I should follow him and take him to my stairwell, or wait and see what was going to happen with the new guy who came in. I decided I would pass on the big guy for today and wait and see what would unfold here. I went to the urinal and took my dick out. Because of the lighting in the washroom, you can tell by the shadows when the guy in the stall is bending over looking under the stall door to see what's going on. I remained at the urinal long enough that he obviously realized I was waiting there for action. He came out of the stall and parked himself two urinals over, undid his pants and out popped this totally stiff 7.5 inch thick cock, upward curve with a huge mushroom head. He's about 5'9" tall and slim body, goatee, about 45 years old, really good looking. Since the guy in the other stall was still there, I motioned for this guy to follow me. We went out together and he knew exactly where I wanted to take him.

When we got to the stairwell, he opened up his pants and dropped them to his ankles. He wanted to suck my cock so I let him have a go. I was pinching his nipples through his t-shirt as he was deep throating my cock. I find that scene so sexually charged that I usually cum fast so I had to stop him and go down on him for a while. I sucked his amazing rock-solid thick cock, then I got up to see that he had removed his t-shirt - I think he pulled it over his head and it appeared he was just wearing his black leather jacket. He was standing there practically naked, obviously quite comfortable being totally exposed in a public area. He had an amazing muscular chest, and his thick pelt of chest hair was trimmed to a bristle. He was totally covered in blond fur. As I was sucking him, I was stroking his muscular hairy legs, right up to his thickly furried butt cheeks. One my favourite turn-ons. Here's a pic from my extensive pic collection of what his ass looked like. His butt was so hairy it was like a pillow of fur, even hairier than this guy. I told him I wanted to suck him off to completion so I began the rhythmic work. He started to get into thrusting so I let him control the pace. As he got into it harder and faster he told me he blows a massive load and to get ready for it. I could feel the crescendo coming so I just let him blow all his jizz - stream after stream of cum blasting into the back of my mouth. I cleaned up his cock with my mouth as I blew my load on the floor. When we had gotten dressed I asked him for his phone number so we could get together again. He gave me what he says is his work number. I asked him if this was a discrete number and he said yes, he has a partner. I haven't called the number yet, but will definitely be calling at some point. I just hope he didn't give me a phony number.

Friday night I had arranged to hook up with loveBug69. I had the room set up as usal - porn playing on my computer, a joint ready to be smoked, lube and condoms by the bed. We got into an intense session and played for about an hour and half, but he wasn't really into sucking my cock as much as usual. He wanted to get fucked again, but I wasn't in the right frame of mind. He's a newbie when it comes to fucking so doesn't have the muscle control down yet. I was having trouble penetrating him with my cock even though I had opened him up a bit with my thumb and index fingers. Eventually I started to loose my erection snd wasn't able to remain hard enough to get in. I would try opening him up again, making sure where the hole was, but again couldn't get in. Eventually he stradled me and came with my hard cock pressing along his hole. We had a smoke and relaxed for a while, then he left.

I had deliberately kept my load because I wasn't quite satisfied yet. I went onto my website and started chatting with NippleMan. He's 31, 5'11" tall, married bi guy, a bit stocky (see pic below). He's into nipple worship, cock sucking and kissing. I'm not big on nipple play, but his nipple knobs were large and fantastic. I played with his nipples for a good hour as we flip-sucked each other. He was so into the scene he came close to cumming several times. Eventually I had to put him out of his misery and just fed on his sweet load, shooting my load all the bed coverings...

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