Saturday, May 22, 2010

Premature Ejaculator

I was online last night editing together videos in Windows Movie Maker I had recorded earlier in the day. It was my first vids using that app and I must say they turned out pretty good. More on that later. While I was waiting for stuff to download and save on my computer I was cruising my usual favorite websites. I came across two ads on from these two first guys who were going to be at one of the local bathhouses today in the early afternoon. The first guy is 55 years old, thick chunk of meat, very beefy. The second guy is 33 and is only looking for guys over 55. If a young hot guy that looks like that asked me my age I would have said 53. I can't fudge it any more than that because I do look younger than my 48 years, but hey its dark in there. Anyway, I decided I would go to the bathhouse in the afternoon, however I don't think either one of them were there. Might have just been a marketing ploy by the bathhouse management because there was a larger crowd than usual.

I had noticed that last week I wasn't as sexual as normal. I went to a tearoom I used to go to in another city on Wednesday while on my lunch break, only to find they had totally redesigned it and fucked it up completely. I hate it when that happens! Yesterday was fun because I was doing something new and exciting, but today - holy fuck - what an amazing day I had! It must be that we have just moved out of Taurus and into Gemini or something. My stars were much better aligned than last week!
So the bathhouse. I got there at noon and had an amazing fucking time!! I played with about 9 guys; one guy kept coming back for more! Virtually all of them made a remark in the lines of, "Fuck that was intense!" or "that was hot." I have to admit I am one good fuck! All but one of my men were really well hung, all good looking dudes, all very playful. I took a big dose of Viagra before going out to get that really pumped six-hour boner I like to get. Smoked a little weed before I went in. Here are pics from my pic collection that approximates the cocks I was sucking on and a description of what went on (note that I love really big cocks so these puppies in my pic collection may be a bit bigger than what I actually had, and also note the pic of Mike is actually him from his profile on a site we are both on):

Mike. age: 46, height: 5'11", weight: 170 lbs, hairy, thick 1970's moustache, hairy chest, 8.5" medium-thick cut cock, thick bush of hair, nice balls, nicely muscular. We sucked and deep throated, great passionate lover but didn't use his tongue much for kissing. Great cocksucker and loves getting his cock sucked. Near the end of our play I was blowing him when he pulled out and was jerking his cock, letting me lick his balls. All of a sudden he came before I could catch it. I got his e-mail address for future encounters.

Cock Worshipper. Age: 48, height 5'10", weight: 160 lbs, thick side-ways-curving chunk of cut meat, big bulbous head, about 7.5" in length. He has a sinewy muscular body, and I think he may have a little health concern common to men who are into man-play, but hey I'm poz-friendly. Nice looking face, blond with a hairy body. This guy came back to my room another couple of times. It was early for both of us when we first played and neither of us wanted to cum yet, so he said he would come back later to play. As he was leaving the first time I told him to come back if he wanted to get finished off. In our play, he loved my cock and deep-throated it a lot, worshipping every inch right to the base, sucking on the head, licking my balls. We got into some dirty talk on our second romp, and we both got really close again so we stopped for a break. The third time we were sucking like pigs and I figured he was there for the finale, so I sucked him hard and he blew his load all over me.

Uncut guy. Age: 47, height: 6' tall, weight: 180 lbs., uncut, 7.5" in length, good thickness, fully retractable foreskin, blond, smooth, clean-shaven. I blew his cock and he shot all over me.

Bear (no pic). Age: 30, height: 6'1", weight: 225 lbs. Black hair, full dark beard, hairy chest, stocky build, cock was about 4" long, decent thickness, cut. Though I do prefer big cocks, I am a gentleman when it comes to sex - a man's cock gives him the same pleasure whether its 4 inches or 14 inches, so I'm happy to be of service either way. We were sucking each other hard when it appeared he was about to cum, so I asked him if he wanted to finish or take a break. He said he wanted to take a break, so we parted ways.

Other guy. This guy's cock looked like the one in the pic, but not as long or thick. It was about 7.5" though, slight downward curve, nice thick vein running along the upper side of his shaft, cut, medium thickness, nice head as in the pic. He too was fair-haired, not too hairy, cleanshaven. Another cock sucking session with a happy ending in my mouth. Delicious cum. I was 69'ing with him on the bottom when he got up on his knees stroking his cock getyting ready to blow. I said to him, "Feed me your cum." He said, "Ya?" I said, "Ya." He started pumping even harder, his cock-head aimed right into my gaping mouth. He discharged his revolver, at which point I ate it all up and jumped on his cock to milk out the rest. That was hot...

Middle-Eastern guy. Age: 48, height: 6', weight: 180 lbs, dark hair, very hairy chest and back, cleanshaven face, very good looking, great muscularity. 8" of uncut cock, tight foreskin that only exposed a small bit of the head of his cock when he was fully hard. At first when we started to play his cock was soft with a ton of loose foreskin. As we were playing I was stroking his cock as it grew thick and hard in my hand. We had a passionate session of light kissing, body contact, and of course sucking. I let him cum in my mouth as I was sucking him, plunging his cock deep as he blew his load. I asked him if he wanted to get together again but he said he was married and couldn't take my number.

German Guy. Age: 58, height: 6', weight: 185 lbs, very thick uncut chunk of cock with a big floppy foreskin that over-hung his big cock head, about 8.5" long. What a beauty! I have played with him 3 or 4 times in the past so I knew what I was getting. He's not much to look at but that cock makes it worthwhile. Blond, hairless, cleanshaven, loves getting sucked. I took his load deep in my throat as he started to orgasm. I kept his big man-tool deep in my cum-filled mouth as I jerked myself off blowing all over the sheets.
Drako. Age 25, height: 6'7" tall, 240 lbs., VERY thick cock, probably 7" around, huge cock head, probably 8" around, and about 6" in length. The pic is an accurate representation of his cock - the kind of cock that's described as beer-bottle thick. He also had a small beard and was lightly hairy. After about an hour of recovery time from my last guy, I was walking around the place when I saw this giant of a guy laying on his bed. I came back a few minutes later and he was stroking his cock. To go with his massive cock were a pair of huge balls in a big loose nut-sack. He was wearing this really nice metal cock-ring. I invited myself in and started sucking him. I have to say it was the second-largest cock-head I have ever had in my mouth. The largest was a guy I met about 5 years ago at a bathhouse in a nearby city. His cock head was so big I had to open my mouth as wide as I could to get the head in, and even then it had to scrape its way past my teeth to get in. Once the big head was in my mouth I was only able to suck part-way down his shaft with the head in the cavity of my mouth. That guy came in my mouth the first time (I wasn't able to pry the apple out in time), then came back for a second blow later in the afternoon. Back to Drako: I was ready to help him bust a nut but it appeared he didn't want to cum yet so we broke it up. He really didn't do much except lay there anyway. I asked him if his profile name was Drako from my favourite website as a few of my FWB's in the same satellite city Drako lives have hooked up with him and they both have said its the thickest cock they have ever seen. He said he wasn't Drako but I'm skeptical - how many guys do you run into who are 6'7" tall with a real beer-bottle thick cock? I went to the website to check and all the characteristics match up. Oh well, no worries...

Exhib Guy. Age 48, 6' tall, 165 lbs, stubble, dark hair, hairy chest. 8" of the most rigid tool you have ever seen. Good thickness, cut, nice cock head. He is a total exhibitionist - walking around with a fully erect cock swinging as he goes. I had seen him earlier with his cock totally hard in the dry sauna. I tried to lure him to my room but could tell he wanted to play in a public space. Anyway by this time it was about 6 o'clock and there were very few guys left. I came upon him swinging his cock as he went for the showers. I watched him in the shower for a few minutes hard as a brick. When he finished showering, he came out as rock hard as he went in, walked past me full mast into the dry sauna. I followed him in and pretty much immediately grabbed onto his spear. It was fantastic forcing yet another massive cock all the way down into my throat servicing while he sat there, another guy just watching us. I straddled him while he sucked me, and just kept diving down on his cock right to the root. It eventually got quite hot in there so we moved to the couch in the main lounge where the attendant was enjoying our show. After a while I told him I had to be going, so we continued 69'ing for a while, then he got up and shot his load all over my face.

OK, now for the premature ejaculator part of my story. I wanted to film myself sucking cock at my tearoom. I decided to step back from anonymity a bit when it comes to video and my blog. I rigged up my i-Phone with a velcro strap and some cord to the bathroom tissue dispenser. I couldn't get the i-Phone to stop swinging, and had difficulty getting it aimed at just the right angle, so apologies for that. Anyway I was ready to start filming when this guy comes in. I have seen him many many times but have never played with him. He's ok looking, but we never connected in our initial meetings, and we never really connected thereafter, though he did pursue me a lot till he finally gave up. Anyway he sat in the cubicle beside me. I turned on the video recorder and signalled for him to slide it under. As you can see he did so, but I was only sucking him for about 10 seconds when he abruptly pulled back. I was waiting there for him to send it back under when I saw he was stroking off, probably past the point of no return. I grabbed the camera just in time to film him cumming. The whole event is about 30 seconds in duration. Thankfully a second guy came in and I had another chance to make a recording. You can find that video on I tried to put some humour into it. Here's the URL:

Last week I also hooked up on Tuesday with Throbbinghung. Decent blowjob. Saturday past I hooked up with MascHungUncut again. We got into serious water-sports and I pissed all over him twice. We were also setting up a scene of some fucking and dildo play leading to me fisting him. We did get some fucking in, then the dildo play, but we both came before we got to the fisting part. I was a bit nervous about fisting, but in the fantasy leading up to our meet, it was very erotic.

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