Friday, June 18, 2010

How long has it been??!!

Wow, I can't believe its been almost a month since my last post! Its going to be hard getting all the guys I have hooked up with in here as I haven't really kept a record but I'll do my best. The reason I haven't been keeping up with my blog is my friend who was staying with me for a while in May decided to move back to this part of the country and is going to be staying with me for a while. It took him just over a week to pack up his stuff and drive across the continent, arriving back at my place on May 24th. I don't like to entertain guests at my house when I have company, and until he started working, I rarely had the place to myself. We have since come to an understanding that if I want to have someone over, he leaves until I text him to say he can come back. I'm also unable to work on my blog in privacy as it takes me time to write the entries, edit and set up the videos, add pics and so on.

I just got back from a business trip, and man did I have a good time in my hotel room! I'm going to start this blog from where I left off in May and only take you to June 13th as I want to edit some video together to post here regarding those three nights. If I went to current it would also make this posting really long. I also had a couple of hook-ups with ThicknHung I want to write up separately, so that one will be coming in the future. Those encounters were Sunday May 23rd and again on June 12th. Both encounters were virtually identical, but oh so hot...

As it turns out I'm headed out to hook up with a couple of guys right now so I'll get back to my blog upon my return...

OK I'm back. Yes, it is the next day, but hey I had fun. Where did I leave off? Oh yeah... I hooked up with Mike at the end of May (first pic). He is really intent on being regular buddies with me, and I'm good with that. He is an amazing kisser and loves to suck and get sucked - not into anal, ok by me. We had a nice couple of hours together, then he had to leave for work for a month. He'll be back early this coming week and we're set for Tuesday. Going to be fun!!

I hooked up with BobOnYours a couple of times and had a great time. We played for a couple of hours, and his goal is always to suck me to completion. He can suck for hours. He wants to have a three-way with his wife, but I'm not really comfortable having sex with a woman. In fact, I have only had sex with a woman once before when I was nineteen, and the only reason I did was because her husband was there too. I didn't fuck her, but he fucked the both of us. Other than that she sucked my cock a bit, and probably enjoyed it immensely considering her husband only had about three inches of hard cock. So in a sense I am still a virgin. Anyway, Bob O.Y. likes to be filmed so here he is sucking my cock (his wife really enjoyed watching this clip):

I went back to my home town at the end of May for my Dad's 75th birthday, and spent a few days in the city before actually heading out to Smalltown. I was having a lot of trouble setting up connections - guys were busy, didn't have a place, yada yada yada. My windows of opportunity were very tight as I was trying to work hook-ups in between visiting friends. After two days of trying, I was finally successful at arranging to meet a guy. His girlfriend was around the house so he rented a hotel room. He knew the owner and got it for half price which is a good thing because it was a rather brief affair. He had a nice 8 inch thick cut cock which I sucked on to feed my hunger. We were playing around a bit when he asked me to fuck him. We were only in the talking stages before fucking when he announces he's cumming, blew his load, and that was about it. I didn't cum that day. I figured I would be going to the bathhouse the following day and would have an opportunity to take care of all my needs then. The last time I was at the bathhouse I had a fucking fantastic time, so I figured I could probably expect similar results.

I started off at the bathhouse with Egyptian Ali; I guess you could say black, though Middle-Eastern features in the eyes and face. Very nice looking, decent cock, but the energy wasn't there. I never want to cum within the first half-hour of arriving at a bathhouse, so I encouraged him to blow his load after we had played for a while. He begged for mine too, but I wasn't giving it up yet. I was looking to play with a bunch of other guys before cumming, so after he had finished his fourth ejack for the day, I continued on my travels. I noticed there weren't many guys there, and it always appeared there were fewer and fewer as time went on. What was left wasn't all that hot, but I figured eventually more men would arrive.
I was walking around when I came upon a guy sitting in a chair just kind of stroking his cock under his towel. I reached down and stroked him, finding a nice chunk of meat bulging out. I invited him back to my room but he said he likes to play in public. I don't, but horny always wins. I sucked his cock as guys were passing by watching us. He had a magnificent cock with a big shiny apple at the end of his shaft. Being a deep-throat enthusiast, I asked him to stand on the chair so I could suck him while i was standing up. I was working his cock hard when he asked me to stop and said we should pick it up again later. I continued on my travels, when about an hour later I saw him dressed and going out the door.
Some time later another guy was jerking his cock in the video room, big floppy foreskin. There was a really big guy watching him and I knew if I started anything he would want to join in, so I signalled to the uncut guy to follow me. He didn't. Never saw him again. Then this really tall guy, very slim and hairy arrived. He was undressing at his locker when he took off his underwear. A big uncut cock fell out of his shorts, really long with lots of foreskin. Obviously that looked tantalizing! I know not to set my sights on someone who just arrives if I want their cum because they're going to want to play a bit before they shoot off. I left him alone for a while knowing he would eventually pass by my room. Sure enough about a half hour later he passes by. I show my cock off to him a bit, he comes in. I stood up and started stroking him, he stroking me. As I was about to get on my knees before him, he signalled that this was going to be a stroking scene only, no other contact. I had to be satisfied with that, but once again this wasn't going to be enough for me. He was most impressed with the size of my cock, and stroked his cock till he spilled his seed all over the floor. He towelled up and left.
It was now about 3:30 p.m. and looking rather dismal when the attendant came by to mop the floors. I was naked and partly hard when he came by to say, "Nice cock." I said thanks, he grabbed a hold of it and asked if I would still be there by 4:00 p.m. when he finished his shift. I said yes I would be. That was perfect because my sister was holding dinner for me for 7:00 p.m., and I was about a 2.5 hour drive away. The guy was so incredibly hot - about 30 years old, 5'11" tall, slim muscular build, shirtless, thick trimmed red beard incredibly similar to this guy who's pic I found on the net. He came by my room at 4 to say he couldn't stay to play and apologized. By this time there was no real prospect of other hot guys to help me get my rocks off any time soon. I asked him if he would just play for a short while, he agreed and said he would be right back. After about a half hour I knew he wasn't coming back. I was devastated.
4:00 p.m. also marked the end of the nooner special I was on so by 5 o'clock the new attendant was hassling me to check out or renew. I told him I would just pay the overtime fee. Not much else was going on, no new patrons. In fact I was cruising by some rooms when this amazingly hot guy comes out of his room fully dressed and on his way out. I had heard some rumbling going on in his room as I would pass from time to time, but never saw anyone going in or coming out. Finally it was now 6 o'clock, I had texted my sister to say I wouldn't be there for dinner, and I may have jacked off just to relieve the pressure, or not, I don't recall. I brought my towel and key to the attendant, paid the overtime fee and walked through the door only to cross paths with an amazingly hot guy who had just checked in...
I spent the next few days in total agony horny out of my head, but I knew that I had set up a date at the hotel I was going to be staying at near the airport the night before my departure. I messaged and texted the guy my approximate arrival time. I checked into my room and waited. Nothing. I cruised the website but no one was coming out. One more fucking night with no sex. This has got to end...
When I got back home I was crazy horny so I called my friend Rick and arranged an immediate hook-up. I went to his place and we were in bed within 30 seconds sucking cocks like pigs (as we normally do) and he rode the pony for me once again. I finally got the relief I needed.

I went to my usual tea rooms a few times during the next two weeks and on one occasion got blown by a nice looking guy with a great uncut cock. I wanted to suck him but he was too good at what he does; I ended up shooting my load in no time.

On another occasion I was at the urinal waiting for someone to come and piss beside me. I was holding on to my bladder-full so that I could piss at the same time as the first hot guy who came in. Sure enough, this really hot muscular dude with a shaved head and several days stubble comes to the urinal one over from me and pulls out a gorgeous flaccid cock. He starts pissing - I start pissing. He's not going to any effort to shield himself - he's openly holding his cock in such a way as to let me watch the stream of piss coming from his cock. I'm doing the same thing, trying not to obviously stare at his cock, just in case he's straight and enjoys having guys notice what a big cock he has, but doesn't like being come on to. A short while later I'm finishing up so I'm pulling on my cock and obviously wagging and shaking the last drops of piss off, thinking he's about to finish his piss too, then start wagging and shaking himself. I'm now completely done and he's still pissing away. He's now starting to shield himself a bit and I'm all done so I pack up my belongings and head for the sink to wash my hands. The hand dryer is located such that I can see him in near-profile. He's taking his time, shaking it off, pulling on it, but turned away just enough that I can't really see if he's getting hard or what. Finally he turns toward me after he popped his cock back into his underwear, closing up his pants as he walks past me to the sinks. He washes his hands as I dilly-dally waiting to see what he's going to do - other people have come in disrupting what's going on, so he leaves. I thought to myself I could wait and see if he comes back or exit and try to follow him. I decided to wait a couple of minutes, and when he didn't return I was thinking he may be headed to the other tea room, so finally I left too. He was nowhere to be found as I headed out to the other washroom. He wasn't there either, and I was crushed.
During the scene, I couldn't help but wonder if this is a guy who has recently posted a new profile on my favorite website. I have studied his profile because he lives in my neighbourhood and has an amazing cock (see pic). I went home to verify all the details - height, weight, pics and all. He had some obscured or distant face pics, but it could have been him prior to shaving his head. I was aroused by this whole scene for a solid week after that!
I went and got my hair cut last week and to get to my hairstylist I have to pass by the cruisy park. On my way back I pulled in and was sitting in my car when this nice looking guy pulled up. He was obviously cruising so I got out of my car and headed for the woods. He followed. When he got to where I was, we started rubbing our crotches - both aware that cops might be baiting guys in the woods for a bust. I approached him, he approached me till we were right up to each other. I reached out and stroked him, from there our cocks flew out of our pants. We took turns sucking each other, then I asked him if I could take his load. He said yes, so I got on my knees and let him pump one into me.

I was back at my tea room another day sitting in a stall when a guy comes in beside me wearing steel-toed boots and denim shorts. I could see him looking under so I spread my legs for him to see. I seemed to recognize him, but the intensity of the moment took my focus away. He has a nice thick uncut cock. Another person comes in, and I quickly recognize him as the guy who blew me the week before. I'm interested in the guy next to me, so I motioned for him to follow me to the stairwell. We met there and he tells me he's HottoTrot who I had met in the fall (see one of my earlier posts). We start deep throating each other when we heard a door closing. The other guy had followed us, but was standing just outside of our field of vision. HTT looked over and saw him, told me it was that other guy, and I said he should signal the guy to come join us. He did, and I was on my knees sucking both of them. At one point I had two cocks in my mouth, two big foreskins peeled back thrusting uncovered heads into my sucking mouth. Eventually the other guy starts blowing his load as I'm servicing HTT - a sweet blast of white cream hitting the walls and splattering on the floor. He leaves as I finish HTT, but neither one of us wanted to cum just then, so we closed up and I went back to work.

I also hooked up with Stormer again. I'm not sure if I posted this pic of his body in a previous post, so if I did, here it is again. We had an amazing time of kissing and sucking, deep throating, rimming, then I fucked him. He seems to be enjoying getting fucked by my big cock. I mentioned to him that I'd like to have sex with him while on E, and he's thinking about it. I rarely do drugs (weed being the exception) but E is one little thing I have tried and really enjoy - sex is amazing if you're into passionate love-making.

I think that pretty much sums it up for now. Have a great summer everyone!

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