Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hotel Fun

As I mentioned in my last post, I was on business in the big city and stayed in a hotel for three nights. I love going to a new city and staying in a hotel. I especially like having new men to my hotel room. As usual I took a smoking room because I had something planned on Tuesday and Thursday that involved smoking.

Tuesday my boy Dude28 came over. We had set up a scene where daddy was coming to the city on business. I brought along the appropriate business attire though I didn't wear it long. We started out with a glass of red wine and some hugging and making out, then he asked if he could take pictures of my dick in my business suit. I agreed and asked him if he would film me sucking his cock later. He agreed. After he finished taking the pics, I went and drew a bath. When I was ready I got in, he lit me a smoke and began to bathe me while I was standing dangling the smoke. After our usual bath we went to the bed and began our play session. The video pretty much describes what we did. The rimming part is where he wanted to have a smoke while I tongued his hole. We took turns having smokes while we deep throated each other and it was a lot of fun. I only filmed about 12 minutes of our three-hour session.

About 10 days before I was arriving in the city I sent a message to Hercules that I would be in town and would be free Tuesday or Wednesday. He said great, he wanted to get together. Not having heard from him with a specific date request, I sent him another message Sunday that Wednesday would be better for me. No response. I also sent a message Tuesday night that I was in town and wanted to confirm Wednesday. No response. Wednesday morning I sent him a text message asking if he was coming over later that evening. I suggested 7:00 p.m. I didn't hear from him all day, so I when I got back to my hotel room I went onto my website to arrange something else.

I came across Beef in my search. I had messaged him in the past and wanted to play with his juicy thick cock, but it didn't work out. This time he was able to come over, and arrived around 6. He's about 5'10" tall, goatee, beefy build, bit of a gut which I enjoy, very very thick cut cock. We got into some kissing and sucking real quick, with tons of deep throat action. He was quick to offer up his hole which I ate on in pure delight. He flipped over onto his back looking to get fucked. I think this guy was a gymnast at one time because he had his legs spread almost in a complete horizontal line. I entered him without having to hold his legs. I just slid right in without any resistance. This guy obviously had been fucked before! I gave him a thorough pounding and came with an amazing orgasm as he lay there all splayed out. He shot his load all over his belly with my big cock buried deep in his guts. He got cleaned up and dressed. Just as Beef was getting ready to leave at 7:42 p.m., my cell phone rings with a text from Hercules. He had just got in and was jumping in the shower and on his way. I had just cum 10 minutes earlier so I wasn't ready to get into another scene right away. I decided I would text Hercules back and let him know I had made alternate plans when I hadn't heard from him. Even though Hercules is a beautifully built guy with an amazing cock, I decided he needed to be taught some manners. No cock for you! Well, only for tonight...
For Thursday I had set up a smoking scene with Cymro. He's a cigar smoking mate from overseas. As I found out, he's only here for a few more weeks so I told him I'd like another smoking hook-up before he leaves. He's a great looking guy, also beefy built, 5'11" tall, reddish hair with a close-cropped beard, 41 years old. He's really into smoke swapping so we did a lot of that in our play. We were also totally on the same wave-length when it comes to kissing. This bloke knows hot to use his tongue and mouth when it comes to kissing. Extended passionate kissing and body contact. Wow...
A short while later, he pulls out this fuckin thick foot-long Honduran and lights it up. We swapped a lot of smoke from that gar; he held it between his teeth as I serviced his nice thick uncut cock and tugged on his foreskin. His nipples are highly energized so I pinched and bit his nips while he drew hard on his cigar. He also let me smoke it while he sucked my cock or jerked me by hand. During our three hour session, we stopped to watch the vid I had done with Dude28, then I told him I had also done a video with Nastibear a while back. Nastibear has done a lot of vids for X-Tube, and Cymro was quite familiar with his work. Our play session resumed when we re-lit the cigar and I climaxed while he jerked me off. Here's the video of Nastibear and I...

I arrived home Friday mid-day and was back on the computer. I had already arranged a session with HotnHung8 for that evening at his hotel room, so I shot him a message to confirm. He proposed 10 p.m. Just before I was leaving, I got a text message that he had another guy with him - 45 year-old Portuguese guy, 5'9" tall, slim, 7.5 inch uncut cock. I said that would be cool. I arrived to find HnH8 opening the door for me in his tight white briefs. Jockboi was also in tight ginch gonch breif underwear. They were both very slim, almost twink bodies - but what a couple of amazing cocks! And both in their 40's! HnH8 has 8 and a half inches of uncut cock with a ton of foreskin, a very thick tool, and an amazing bubble-butt. He also has an amazing smile. His smile was so infectious, our session was most playful and fun.

One of the things I don't like about three-somes is if one person favours another, the equilibrium gets out of balance. I'm very in tune with what's going on so I make every effort to keep things in balance. There were moments where HnH8 was on the sidelines, so I would bring him back in by paying closer attention to him - easily done for a guy who uses his entire mouth to kiss, has an amazing deep throat, and a cock to die for! I had the impression these guys were very familiar with each other, like dating for a while. They said they had played together a few times, but I think it was more than that. Anyway, the three of us on the king size bed did lots of kissing including three-way kissing, and daisy-chaining cock sucking. Both guys loved to deep throat my cock, so I was in heaven. An hour or so later, HnH8 was sucking my cock while I sucked him, and Jockboi was busy masturbating watching the two of us go at it. Jockboi announces he's about to blow his load, shooting it all over himself. HnH8 also starts choking hard on my cock as his load starts to blast off all over himself. I wasn't quite ready to cum at that very moment, and the sexual energy subsided before I could get there. I told them both I would love to play with them again - together and separately. Hopefully I'll hear from them!
After all that sex, I decided I would take a few days off. I had a dentist appointment on Monday so that day was out. I had already planned to hook up with my new buddy Mike so he came over Tuesday. We had a lot of fun kissing and sucking once again. I asked him if he would want to film our next session and he said he would love that. I don't know if I'll post it here though - privacy issues...
I also finally got on touch with Dan for Wednesday. He's been kind of depressed lately as he is unemployed and struggling financially. I convinced him to come out - just for a coffee. As it turns out I was at his place around 11 p.m. after dropping him off and was in position to start something up. He has an amazing cock and loves to get sucked. Then there was a knock on the door - a buddy of his and his wife were having a bit of trouble and he wanted to crash on Dan's couch. I told Dan I would be in touch. He texted me Thursday to see if I wanted to go for a drive later and find a quiet place after dark. I agreed. We ended up at a city park with only one other car there. We were waiting for them to leave so we could start our cock sucking, but they just wouldn't move. In the mean time, I was being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Finally after an hour and a half or so, we started walking down the path. I think he was looking for a secluded spot, but we ended up in a clearing completely open on the side of the highway. There wasn't any light other than a near full moon, and we could see cars and trucks whizzing by. We started stroking each other, then Dan went down on me. That surprised me because he usually doesn't suck - he just likes to get sucked. After a few minutes of that, it was my turn to go down on him. We were playing at a group of limestone boulders, about three feet high, and relatively flat. At one point Dan stood on one boulder with his pants to his knees, bare white ass to the vehicles driving past, while I sucked his hard cock deep into my throat standing upright. He face-fucked me and let me deep throat him, ultimately blasting his load deep into my mouth. I wasn't 100% into the scene because I had been bitten by so many mosquitoes so that when he came, I ended up choking on it and wasn't able to finish him off completely - he had cum still dripping from his cock as I stroked him off, then resumed the sucking to clean that up. It was pretty hot I must say despite the pesky mosquitoes...
My roommate had gone for the weekend so I was free to entertain. Stormer came over around 6:30 p.m. for another amazing session. This time I put him on his back and fucked him real good with his legs bent over my shoulders. Man can he use his sphincter to massage a cock while he's getting fucked! That is one talented bottom boy! He left around 9.
Yesterday I was online looking for some action. WhiteSnake sent me a message saying he really enjoyed our last encounter and would like to play with me again. I checked out his private face pic, and though he looked vaguely familiar, I didn't recall playing with him. In any event I said that I would be free that evening. WS arrived around 7:30. Another tall guy, 6'1", nice body, smooth skin, very young and good looking 51 year-old with a goatee, blond hair and blue eyes. I haven't seen such a rigid cock in a long time - upward curve with a big mushroom head. I still didn't recognize him or recall our previous encounter, though the puma tattoo on his chest near his left shoulder looked familiar. The sex was fantastic - lots of great kissing. He's a very talented deep throater, so we enjoyed lots of 69 action. I rimmed him while he was on all fours, just loving his hole. I plunged my fingers deep into him, and he moaned in delight. I asked him if he wanted anything else in his ass and he said yes. I plunged my cock into him doggy style, then he got on his back and I fucked him that way too. I pulled out, got cleaned up a bit, then we got back to cock sucking. I was jerking and about to cum so he dove down on me to get my cum shooting into his throat. He got back up and knelt over me spraying his cum all over my chest and the bedsheets. We took a little break, then he was rock solid again in no time, bringing me back up too. I went down on him again on my side, and turned him sideways face-fucking me. He said he was about to cum so I let him thrust into my mouth and spray his second load of juicy milt into my throat. We got dressed and talked for a while. We determined that our last hook up was about a year and a half ago. We agreed not to let that much time go by before we hooked up again.

My blog was going to end here, but I have arranged a hook-up for Tuesday with Road_Rep. I was online and we were chatting today, and I thought the chatter was interesting, so here it is:

You are connected
bachuscaligula: hey dude I'm so stoked for our meet. I keep reading your messages and profile, fuck man gonna love deep throating you buddy! and getting throated by you too!
Road_Rep has connected.
Road_Rep: :) hey Buddy
Road_Rep: Fuck ya bud, I have been staring at your 'kneeler position' pic, and have been picturing myself with that great cock resting on the tip of my tongue and having that amazing mushroom head stuff my mouth then throat so full I will explode.
bachuscaligula: hey Road_Rep ya that's a hot image - just plunging my cock into your throat...
Road_Rep: mmmm mmmm ogya don't stop bud
Road_Rep: just enough so I can breathe and that is it...
bachuscaligula: wow dude - just the way I like it man, deep throat action: long strokes to the base of my cock, then pull out, take a breath, and back down.
Road_Rep: oh ya exactly like that
Road_Rep: all wet, slide down tight and slow...lick the base, tongue your balls if I can and then slowly come up for air :)
bachuscaligula: love a guy who can hold my cock at at the base for a long time, all bent up and jammed up in the throat
bachuscaligula: I like to think I'm an excellent deep throater too - having been working on breathing with a cock in my throat - depends on the thickness
Road_Rep: yep, it certainly does
Road_Rep: I always find 'my rhythm' along the way
Road_Rep: :)
bachuscaligula: me too. I'm not a forceful face fucker though - guys usually end up choking or just can't take it, so I've become accustomed to letting the cocksucker do most of the work. Road_Rep: lol
bachuscaligula: If you like some aggressive play, let me know and I'll do my best
Road_Rep: sure thing...a little thrust and push here and there is always hot
bachuscaligula: lol
bachuscaligula: and really enjoy kissing too - wet sloppy is great
bachuscaligula: lots of deep probing tongue
Road_Rep: I do enjoy kissing a lot...when a guy is into it
Road_Rep: makes me rock hard...very oral guy here...a good kisser will make me stiff in seconds
bachuscaligula: I'm thinking 3 or 4 hours of play...
bachuscaligula: love to rim too - great at it - you'll see
Road_Rep: swweeet
Road_Rep: mmm that will be fantastic!
Road_Rep: u r the man!
Road_Rep: I am into it, you will also see ;)
bachuscaligula: hmmm - wow!
bachuscaligula: so I should be there around 7 - I like to toke up a bit before play, but checked out hotel website - no balconies
Road_Rep: You really turn me on...and that's just chat and your profile...I think in person you are gonna blow my mind (and other things too heheheeh)
bachuscaligula: want me to come up, then go down to smoke weed?
Road_Rep: stairwells work fine for smoking
Road_Rep: or we smoke in the washroom with the fan, keep the door closed so it clears itself up, have air freshners to spray around just in case
bachuscaligula: ya I like really descriptive profile - better idea of the fun we're going to have
Road_Rep: or we can go for a little walk about and toke, go sit in the gardens or something
bachuscaligula: that's perfect for me - once I get there I'm going to want to rip your clothes off to get to your cock
Road_Rep: LOL
Road_Rep: same here bud same here
bachuscaligula: we'll be fighting each other to get to the cock first
Road_Rep: I'd be licking the computer if it would give me any satisfaction
Road_Rep: LOL
bachuscaligula: lol - my cock is banging on my laptop as we speak - we'll just have to get into 69 and let the throating begin!
Road_Rep:, can't wait for 7pm Tuesday
bachuscaligula: me too - ok heading out now - hold onto a good load for me - I want you to pump it straight into my stomach as you plunge my cock deep past your tonsils
bachuscaligula: just text me your room number when you get in and I'll be there with boner in hand!
Road_Rep: Ok Buddy, I will do that as soon as I check in...and I will have a hot load for you and you the same for me...nothing drives me over the edge more than thick cock buried in my throat throbbing and pumping out a huge load...that drives me nuts!!
bachuscaligula: fuck ya dude - woof! We'll be choking on each others' cum man for sure! wow, ok I need a cold shower now... see you Tuesday bud. ciao
Road_Rep: Ok Buddy,
Road_Rep: Until then , have a great Sunday - :)
bachuscaligula: u 2 bud

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