Saturday, July 17, 2010

Blast from the Past

Sorry I haven't been keeping up on my posts lately. I've been real busy hooking up, and otherwise not much free time to write with my roommate around the house. He's at work now and I spent a wonderful afternoon at the bathhouse sucking on some amazing cock, so I've rented a movie for a quiet evening in and will watch that after I finish up writing here.

At the bathhouse, I hooked up with one of the guys I played with the last time I was there. He's the guy with the big chunky cock and the big bulbous cock head. We deep throated each others' cocks a lot, did a lot of sucking, a bit of kissing, then I got down to chowing on his beautiful hole. It got very hot and we were very close to cumming several times until we decided to take a break.

Shortly thereafter I was in the shower when I saw this guy with a thick moustache in the hot tub checking me out. When I finished my shower I was towelling off when I saw him exit the hot tub and proceed to the dry sauna. Its been rather hot lately and I wasn't into spending any time at all in there, so I waited till he came out. He's late forty's, 5'10", hairy body, nice cock, lots of hair on his back (not the guy in the pic - just the style of back hair I like). He came up to me standing near the entrance to the stairs, dropped to his knees and started sucking me. I don't really like public scenes so I asked him to come to my room. When we got there he became a cock sucking machine, deep throating me and sucking for a really long time. I reciprocated but he had either just recently cum or had done too many poppers as he was unable to get an erection of any description. He asked me to fuck him, so after even more sucking, I was ready. He also had scratched up my cock with his teeth, so I had to put an end to that anyway. After all the teeth action, I was certain to don a condom. He got up on the horn and rode like a bronco rider thrusting his pelvis to feel my tool inside him. He leaned forward with my cock in his ass for some kissing, giving me an opportunity to thrust my dick into him. After a while I popped out, and having gone down a bit I was unable to get it back into him. I suggested we take a break and come back to it later, but I asked him for his number then and there in case we got sidelined and didn't reconnect later. A short time later I was thinking to myself that I have so many regulars on the go I shouldn't increase the stable any larger. I might still call him for more of that amazing head, I'll see.

After another quick rinse in the shower, I returned to my room, checking in on my neighbour who I had played with earlier. He was ready to finish up, so I entered and we started up again from where we left off. After a brief cock sucking session, his ass hole was back in my face. I could stick my tongue right into his hole, and he moaned in sheer delight as I made love to his anus. I was laying on my back with his hole in my mouth as he straddled me with his cock buried in his throat. He leaned upright totally enjoying my rim job, frotting his cock on my chest. He started thrusting and moaning, indicating he was about to cum. From the rimming and rubbing, he shot a blast of cum across my chest and onto my arm. I grabbed his solid cock and stroked out a few more blasts of cum as I licked and kissed his ass hole. I could tell he had just enjoyed a scene and an orgasm that comes around very rarely - he confirmed that to me, and I told him I was very glad to have made that happen for him. I asked him for his phone number, but recalled he didn't want to give it to me the last time we hooked up. Once again he was reluctant, but this time he asked if I'd give him my number. I said yes, so I wrote it down on a piece of paper and slipped it under his door.

As I was cruising around a short while later I bumped into a guy I used to play with often some 5 or 6 years ago when I used to go to the baths 3 or 4 times a month. I haven't been going much more than 3 or 4 times per year as I have been having lots of fun meeting guys on the internet. I was also in a relationship for three years prior to this two year period and we usually played at the tubs in my ex's city. I recalled from our sessions some 5 to 7 years ago that he has a big thick cock. I forgot that he was uncut - added bonus. He grew this rock-solid thick 7 inch piece of meat that pointed straight up. Not bad for a guy in his late forties! He put on a few pounds and got a whole bunch of new tats and body piercings, though no Prince Albert. I deep throated him for a while and then got on my back so he could fuck my throat while sucking me. He's a pretty aggressive top so he loved to plunge his cock right down to the root and fuck there for a while. That turned my crank so much I blew my load while choking on his cock. He wanted to continue but I was sort of done - I let him keep going thinking he might cum, but he was just playing. I eventually told him I needed to take a break, so he told me to lay on my side while he spooned me. I did, but he had his rock-hard cock trying to impale me. He got in a couple of inches when I told him I needed some recovery time before we got into it again. He got the message this time, and stood up with his cock at full mast - I felt bad I had to send him packing so totally aroused. At least there were other guys there for him to play with.

After some recovery time I went to have another shower when I saw another guy I played with a few times some 8 to 10 years ago! I remembered him too because he has a very thick cock. He had put on a bit of weight too, now sporting a nice beefy body, blond hair, very nice looking. We played together at the bathhouse a couple of times, but I recalled that the next few times I saw him thereafter he was no longer interested. I figured perhaps he might go for another session after so much time (or he had forgotten our previous encounters), so I stood in my room and worked myself back up to an erection. He passed by and saw my cock, quickly entering my room and dropping to his knees. He sucked me for a while, then took his towel off and let me grab a hold of his cock. I recalled correctly; it was massively thick with an upward curve. The only way to manage that cock was in 69 position. I straddled him with my cock in his mouth and did all I could to take it all. His cock head wasn't huge, but the girth started at just below the head and quickly increased to the thickness of a beer bottle by the time you got to the base. Though he only had about 7 inches, I could only take about three-quarters of it - the thick neck wouldn't go very far into my throat, and I couldn't open my mouth wide enough to accommodate the very thick base no matter how wide I opened up. I must say I did the best I could and I think he appreciated it - he asked me to cum in his mouth. I said I'd like to take his cum too, so we worked each other right to the edge, then I stuck my cock in his mouth and blew my load. He wasn't quite ready at that very moment, but shortly afterwards started cumming. I can't usually take a load in my mouth after I have cum, so I let him blast it in my face.

Yesterday I hooked up with my buddy Mike again. We spent a hot hour making out as usual. In fact I hooked up with him two weeks earlier and I filmed our session. It was very hot filming, but at one point I re-set the camera and moved it off centre. I just managed to catch my money shot in the corner of the screen. I'm afraid I can't post it here without his consent because of the face shots...
My roommate was working on the Tuesday before so I decided to go the cruisy city park. Not long after I arrived this bearded guy pulled up in a van. He had salt and pepper hair and thick beard, slim, about 6 feet tall. He asked if he could join me in my car - I said sure. He got in and after a bit of small talk we started groping each other. Passing the size test, I invited him back to my place. Once there, we peeled off our clothes and went to bed. We had a great time kissing, rubbing, stroking, sucking each other. We both climaxed on each other's chests. Afterwards he told me he was 60, but I had already guessed that. He still had amazing stamina and looked great.

On Monday my buddy Rick came over. He recently sold his house and moved in temporarily with friends so he can no longer host. We had a great evening of sucking, and he wanted to ride me again, but after a little ass play I determined it might not be a good idea, so we moved back to some cock sucking for a smashing finale.

I played with my buddy Lovebug last Saturday. Another fantastic time there too, but once again it wasn't totally clean in the back door department. One of the reasons I like to wear a condom! He came all over me again while riding my cock, but I lost my immediate need to cum as I was taking the condom off. After he left I took a shower and went back online to find BallStud online. I messaged him to see if he wanted to come over and suck me off. He said he would have to wait a bit to make sure his wife and baby were sleeping, but that he could make it. Around midnight he arrived and we got into bed. This boy was very hungry as he dove down on my cock for some prolonged deep throat cock sucking. I asked him to get undressed - it was the first time I had seen his cock. The other occasions we played together he never wanted any reciprocation. Now i knew why - he wasn't that small, but I could see how a guy could be self conscious about it. He had about 4 and a half inches. Though I love big cocks, I'm not about to make my guest feel inadequate, so I happily sucked on his cock, giving him the same type of blow job I give generously equipped men. His cock was rock hard and pointed straight up to Jesus as he was laying on his back. We both came in explosive blasts of cum all over each other.
On Saturday I thought I would give my friend Dan a call. It had been a few weeks since our mosquito event, so I texted him to see if he wanted to come and play at my place. He said he would enjoy that seeing as how it was his birthday! I went and picked him up and took him back to my place. We smoked some weed, then I got into an hour and a half of sucking his cock in every imaginable position. He also sucked on me a bit. He was suffering from some back pain so I got him comfortable propped up on some pillows as i went to work. He was thrusting hard with his cock in my throat, then stopped briefly. I had the vague sensation of the taste of cum in my mouth, so I resumed a slightly faster pace of sucking him off to completion. I shot my load all over him. We lay there for a while naked and talking - a first with Dan as he isn't very comfortable with being gay.

I had MascHungUncut over again the previous Friday. We had been talking earlier in the week about resuming our toy and dido play, ass stretching exercises and ultimately working into some fisting. He had purchased a collection of massive toys, butt plugs and dildos. Some of them were like 10 inches in diameter! We used a lot of grease and started off with a regular fuck. I had him by the ankles on his back again, looking him straight in the eyes as I fucked him. I don't usually like to make eye contact with the guy I'm having sex with - I like to be watched by my partner or watch him during sex, but not hold his gaze. Don't know why that unnerves me... Anyway we managed to get every one of the dildos into his ass. He was in total ass slave heaven. I was enjoying myself pushing giant cocks or butt plugs into his hole which was now stretched wide open. I slid my hand in with all my fingers together, and easily made it past his now exhausted sphincter. I got my hand in to the largest part just below the knuckle of my thumb and enjoyed his warm soft insides. It was the first time I had gotten into ass play to that extent, and to have inserted my hand into a man's asshole. Later he told me he is actually almost exclusively a top but enjoys bottoming for his dad. The pic above is not MHU, but a wrecked hole nonetheless...

On the Thursday before, I had arranged to pick up Cymro at the train station for another cigar smoking session. This time I agreed to smoke a cigar too. I had a couple in the house so everything was set. His train arrived on time and we proceeded back to my place. We started off with some passionate kissing and sucking before we lit up our cigars. We swapped smoke and kissed each other for a good couple of hours of amazing play, then we went to grab a bite at the neighbourhood watering hole before I drove him to catch the train back.

I played with ThicknHung on the Saturday prior to that, but it was too soon since our last session. The two prior sessions were so amazingly hot and I had promised to tell you about them. Just amazing cock sucking with smoking involved. I had planned another such scene, even renting a smoking fetish video online. For me, our session didn't have the same magical intensity, though he said it was one of the best sexual experiences he had ever had with an amazing orgasm. Go figure. I'm not going to contact him again for a while as he is so much fun I don't want that intensity of our play sessions to disappear.

On my last post I included the instant messages I exchanged with RoadRep. I hooked up with him on the Tuesday as planned. Another amazing deep throater - loved being rimmed. Hairy guy with a very nice uncut cock. We enjoyed every minute of our play time as was anticipated by our instant messaging.
I also had an amazing session with HungBiGuy (see above). He has an amazing thick chunk of meat with a ton of foreskin. He's 53 and about 5'8" tall, clean shaven. Loves to suck cock and very playful. Had a great time as always! Also met up with a cute young guy at my tea room for a cock sucking extravaganza at the urinals a few weeks ago. Man do I have a lot of great sex... So I may missed a few here, but due to the heat wave lately my consumption has been down a little bit ;)

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