Saturday, August 7, 2010

On a Hot Summer Night, Would You Offer Your Throat to the Wolf With the Red Roses?


I bet you say that to all the boyz...

A couple of weeks ago, it was very hot out and I was feeling very horny. When darkness fell, I was ready to go out and suck some cock. I hadn’t been to the park in a long while, so that’s where I went. It was particularly busy that night, and it didn’t take long before I had my first cock in my mouth. A cute guy in his late 30’s, moustache, slim, nice uncut cock; I sucked on him real good and swallowed his load.
After blowing the first guy I was walking around looking for more meat; there were a bunch of guys looking to get together, the usual cruising that doesn’t go anywhere, so I knew my approach had to be a bit more direct. I saw a guy in his early forties standing by the cannon, obviously a married guy just looking to get blown. I asked him if he wanted to get sucked off and he replied yes. I dropped to my knees and milked a load out of him.

It was getting to be around midnight and the crowd had thinned a bit, so I thought to myself I had always wanted to sit on the cannon in the park and hang out, so I did. I hopped up, lit a smoke and watched the guys cruising around. It was cool sitting with that big black metal phallus between my legs – how symbolic!

After a while there wasn’t much going on so I decided to go to the other side of the park where a lot of action happens. There was a nice blue convertible car parked in the lot, so I knew there was someone out there somewhere. I went into an area of trees and shrubs and could see the shape of someone laying in the grass. As I got closer, I could see a very muscular guy buck-naked only wearing shoes jerking and edging his cock. As I approached he said “Hey,” to which I replied “Hey.” As I got up close to him he went straight for my pants, opened them up, pulled my cock out and started sucking on it. He sucked me for a while, then I had him stand and I knelt to suck on him. He pulled me off his cock and got on all fours while I was still on my knees and returned to sucking me, choking on my cock. I was forcing him down with my hands and became pretty verbal. I told him I wanted him to shoot his load while he took my cock into his throat. He shot as he choked my cock to the base. Immediately after he was done, the exhibitionist cock pig returned to his private and secret lair, dressing discretely turned away from me in shyness or guilt, while my hard throbbing spear was still out of my pants. He didn’t even turn around as he left, only managing a “thanks” as he walked away. I assumed he could only think of his wife and kids at home, the pleasure he just enjoyed now a haunting memory.
I still hadn’t cum and it was approaching 2:00 a.m. Another car pulled up, then another, and I could see the first car driver trying to fix his windshield wiper, then the next guy came to help. Finally they were done and the second guy entered the park. I was standing on the other of the trees as he approached me. Without much conversation he opened his mouth and kissed me with all the tongue he could force into mine. We kissed for a while, then we groped each others’ cocks. He had a nice tool bulging in his pants, so he opened my pants and I opened his and both our cocks popped out. We were sucking each other when the first guy arrived. I stood up and let that guy suck me while I continued kissing the other guy. As we were kissing he said he was about to cum, so I knelt to finish him off while the other got on all fours sucking me. I felt an explosion of cum in my mouth, causing me to explode while the other guy worked my cock. It was a very hot scene! We got ourselves packed away, and I was thinking I would like to see this amazing kisser again but felt it might be awkward asking one of them for their phone number and not the other, especially if they might have been a couple or something. We got into our cars and went our separate ways. This story continues below...
The week before this evening of debauchery, I was cruising craigslist when I came a cross a post that said, “Bachus, we played at the spa Saturday afternoon and I had an amazing time. You have my number so give me a call and we can play together again.” Of course I knew the message was for me, so I gave him a call. Marc came over a few days later, and man can he deep throat! I love meeting a hungry cocksucker. He also wanted to get fucked, so I obliged him there too. This guy is so hairy – a thick pelt of fur all down his back, butt cheeks, legs, shoulders, a true gorilla! I think I may have mentioned that in the last post, but its worth repeating. Tom Selleck moustache, nice long flaccid cock, but never really got hard to show me how many inches he really has. I like to play with a rock-hard cock, so sort of missed out on that.

Speaking of the guys I played with at the bathhouse, I had also given my number to John, the guy who was apprehensive about giving me his number. I didn’t really expect to hear from him, but one day my cell phone rang. It came up as “Unknown caller,” but I answered it. He wanted to hook up. We arranged for me to go to his place. I arrived and we began to play right at the door, and it was as much fun there as it was at the bathhouse. We sucked each other in every room of his apartment and I got to rim his amazing hole again. More glorious orgasms. Will the insanity ever end?!!! I got another call from him yesterday asking if IO wanted to play again. Of course I couldn’t say no.

I was on my other web-site when I came across a guy 6’7” tall with a gorgeous rocket in his hand. He said he was 250 lbs, big cock, and likes to get fucked. I had seen his profile before and we did chat some time ago, but he’s married and can only play early mornings or after work on some days. We arranged to get together at 5:30 p.m. last week. Funny that I had two guys in a row who had trouble maintaining an erection. Never saw the full glory of this one either. He wasn’t a very skilful cock sucker, so I went to fucking. Not terribly clean there either, which I have been coming across more frequently lately. After he came, I pulled out, but couldn’t cum as I had to get washed up first. With a 9 inch and thick cock I’m used to that.

I also met another guy on my web-site – married, only been with one other guy, nervous, wife and kids were out of town. He came over to my place. Tall blond guy, very good looking with a great dick (see pic). He loved getting sucked, but wasn’t ready to move onto kissing just yet. He was too paranoid about HIV to risk sucking my dick. He wanted me to rim him, which I did, then he asked me to fuck him, double bagged. He had never been fucked before, so I had to pull out the first time, then he asked me to try again. I penetrated him a second time and it seemed better that time. Eventually he said he had enough and wanted me to pull out. I did, giving him the chance to get hard again, and we jerked off together.

Next for internet hook-ups came Pete, a moustached beefy guy, about 5'11", 180 lbs, hairy, thick cut cock. Amazing deep throater and lots of fun. We played for about an hour, but I had a real urge to shoot one off. He wanted to keep playing, but my roommate was hanging at the coffee shop waiting to come home, and Pete had already been 45 minutes late, so I said we can take more time together next time we hook up.

I had a chance to play with Stormer again and had lots of fun, but had to take the condom off and lost my desire to continue fucking. I also hooked up with Mike one last time before he returned to work for a month as couple weeks ago. This guy is an amazing lover. Paul the military guy called me out of the blue last Sunday saying he was in town and looking to play. He came over and reminded me the deep throating skills he has. Also has one of the nicest cocks – thick, long, downward curve. We sucked for over an hour before he asked me to fuck him. I put him on his back and fucked him hard just the way he liked it. He came while I was pounding him good and hard. I pulled out and blew my load on him while he was still covered in his own cum. I also went to my tea room once since my last post, and hooked up with the young thin guy I blew a couple of times.

I had to go on business again this week, so I booked into a hotel Monday and Tuesday. I was online when I got a message from a 21 year-old black kid looking to play. His profile said he was 6’ tall, 140 pounds, big cock. He said he was shy and also straight/bi-curious, so discretion was important to him. He knocked at the door and I answered it, finding an amazingly good looking young man standing there. We started with some light kissing and body contact. His whole body was trembling, nervousness and shyness getting the better of him. Being the patient and wise daddy in the scene, I did my best to relax him. I was just wearing a towel when he arrived so it fell to the floor right off the bat. He took a hold of my cock and all anxiety soon slipped away. He was wearing low hanging pants, so rather than unzip them, he just pulled them down. Out popped his cock. Let me tell you, I have not played with a ten inch cock in a very long time. This was one of the most beautiful penises I have seen in a very long time. It wasn’t very thick, but straight as an arrow. The first pic is from his profile, while the second pic is an accurate representation of his cock fully exposed. I was able to take the whole thing into my throat and hold it there while I suppressed my gag reflex and breathed through my nose. He enjoyed the throat action for a long time, and he was even pretty skilled at deep throating himself. We continued with lots of man play when he offered up his hole for me to chomp on. I rimmed him for a while as he sat on my face. His cock was standing erect at perfect attention while I massaged and poked his hole with my tongue and fingers. We played for about an hour until he couldn’t hold back any longer. As I was rimming him he shot his load all over my chest. I had a massive puddle of cum with which I bathed myself while I jerked myself off into his face. Wow that was amazing. I was going to hook up again on Tuesday, but Monday night was a very late night and I was exhausted. I actually took a night off.
My park night a few weeks earlier was on a Wednesday. As I mentioned earlier on this post I regretted not giving my phone number to the kissing guy. I had a brain wave – seeing as I was successful getting a message posted on craigslist for me, I thought I would do the same so I posted the following message:
“You were helping your buddy with his windsheild wiper at the park around 1 a.m. Wednesday night, then you both came across to play. You are an amazing kisser dude! Would love to spend a couple of hours smothered by your hot tongue, licking and kissing you again. Would love to suck on your thick uncut tool and swallow another load of juicy man-creme - though this time in private at my place. Get back to me here so I can contact you and arrange a private play-date.”

On Tuesday, nearly two weeks later, I received a response from Igor. He did see my post and wanted to get together too. He said his name was Igor, so obviously an Eastern-European guy. We arranged for him to come to my place Wednesday evening just past. He arrived and we started kissing again – that deep slathering tongue bathing my mouth. We kissed and sucked each other for two hours, though he is more of a top and really appreciates a good deep throating of his cock. He nearly came a couple of times that I had to stop and cool down the action. Finally after the two hours he said he needed to cum. I got into position and started milking his cock with my mouth, positioning myself to catch his load when he said he was about to blow. He blasted such a load into me as I sucked on him, I choked and sent cum flying all over his crotch, balls and my sheets – I made a total mess and loved it! I turned over onto my back and took his dripping cock back into my mouth as I shot my load all over myself. Whew that was amazing! No pic yet, but we will be seeing more of each other so stay tuned.
My roommate found his own place as of Monday, so I have my place totally to myself again. I actually wanted my roomie to stay during the month of August because I am in India most of the month, but I couldn't talk him into it. The timing sure sucked there.

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