Sunday, September 12, 2010

Making Up For Lost Time

I have been back from my trip to India for two weeks now, and I have to say I have been making up for lost time. During my three weeks away I never hooked up with anybody. I spent all of my time sight-seeing, and I must say I loved the country. If you're an adventurous traveller with an open spirit and a love of history and culture, you will love India.

Okay, enough of that, now back to my sex life. I have been real busy with at least one hook-up a day. I'm a cock-hungry pig and had some amazing times since I got back. The weird thing is I hooked up with guys I haven't been with in a long time but had so much fun with. Here is who I have been up to the last couple of weeks. I'll be going in reverse from today.

Sunday: Earlier this afternoon I went on craigslist and saw Greg had posted his usual ad. It reads,

8.0 cut looking for hungry talented deep-throating cocksuckers in to blow and go service , no games. I will show up feed you my cock blow then go must be discrete Looking to drop by now.

I played with Greg about two years ago and recalled he has an amazing cock and loves to get sucked to completion. I had sent him a dozen or so messages over the 2 years trying to get him to come over again, but sometimes he wouldn't respond, or other times he would agree to come over but something came up, or he would agree to come over and not even show up. It was 2:30 p.m. when I responded for him to come over (his ad was posted at about 1:30 p.m.), so I figured it was probably too late anyway.

I went back on squirt when I saw Pete was online. I sent him a message saying I was interested, but it appeared the instant message feature wasn't working, so I left it at that. Later in the afternoon Delicious texted me wondering if I wanted to hook up. I responded yes that would be great, so he said he would be over shortly. We messed around for about an hour, and I finished him off by swallowing his load as he pumped it in my mouth while laying on his back. He wanted me to cum too so he wanked my dick till I shot all over myself.

After Pete left I went online to find Greg had responded to my reply. His response came in at 4:23 p.m., and it was currently 4:37 p.m. I hoped it wasn't too late because if you miss your opportunity with him you're finished. Sure enough some 20 minutes later he came back on to say he was still looking. I told him to come on over - he responded he would be over right away, but didn't have much time.

I was watching out the front window for Greg when I see this hot biker-guy, goatee, bandanna on his head, coming up my side drive. I recognized him immediately. He came to the door and took off his shoes. He said where to - I responded to my bedroom. We entered the room and he dropped his shorts. He sat back on my bed with his legs open, his shorts still attached at the ankles. No problem for me as I got to my knees and onto his flaccid cock, nestled in a nice bush of hair. I started to suck him, and his cock slowly began getting hard. While soft, his cock wasn't all that impressive - nice length and thickness, but just a flaccid cock. It took about five minutes before it had grown to fully erect, and yes sir it was a full eight inches long and I would say a very thick 6.5 inches in girth. A rock solid tool with a beautiful downward curve, massive head. I had the honour of deep throating his cock and letting him skull fuck me with it. He was circumcised quite tightly so there wasn't much skin movement - I had to rely on throat juice and spit to lube it up and work it. I relished every moment of cock worshipping as I massaged the head of his cock at the back of my throat. He was in a trance as I sucked on him, at one point delighting in pelvic thrusting right down to the base. I told him he could let loose any time he wanted to, and then I got into harder sucking. He was about to bust when I dove down onto all eight inches letting him pump his load straight into my stomach. I let him shoot the last of his spurts before I came up for air. His cock was covered in slobber and cum, but he just pulled on his shorts and was on his way. He got the blow and go he came for...

Saturday: While on my favorite hook-up site I came across ThickNShaved. I was with him last the first week of July, and figured I needed another session. He said he would try to get back to me later around 9 p.m. Sure enough 9 o'clock he called to say he would be over in about a half hour. He showed up, we smoked a joint, then got into some serious cock sucking. We played for about an hour and a half, sucking, smoking cigarettes, rubbing our cocks together, then he asked me to cum all over his cock and balls, which I did. He hadn't cum yet, and though I was done for the moment, I managed to suck his cock for another half hour or so, but he wasn't about to give me the load. I might have been ready to go again in an hour or so but he had to get going, so he left without an orgasm. He only cums about every other time we get together, so that wasn't unusual.

Friday: After I got home from work, I went online to find NicelyHung. I hadn't played with him in nearly two years also. I had messaged him a few times over the years but we never got it together. Finally this day he was ready, but he said he had something already planned for 9 o'clock with a 21 year-old guy. If that didn't work out, he asked if he could call me. I said sure. At about 9:20, he called to say the guy didn't show up, so I said to Nicely to come on over. A short while later we were on my bed. His cock is another beautiful piece of meat. About 9 inches and also very thick. (You guys are probably thinking I exaggerate a lot - I swear I don't bull-shit you. The pic above is the real deal). We throated each other for a couple of hours - its great meeting a guy who loves sucking cock as much as he loves getting sucked. We worked each others' cocks so much, neither one of us was able to ejaculate while being blown. That happens when you suppress the desire to orgasm for so long. We both ended up jerking ourselves off. We got cleaned up and he promised to come back sooner next time. I think I'll ask him if he wants to film me sucking his cock. I'll ask Greg too...

Thursday I drove into the big city to check out Al Capone. Black guy, 30 years old, slim, gorgeous cock (don't you agree?) His cock was very rigid, curved downward and didn't bend at all. I love downward curving cock! I sucked on him a long time too - man I love to suck cock... He was into very tender and passionate kissing, not interested in anal sex at all. I found this most unlike other men of African descent who are often pretty aggressive tops. Sorry to stereotype, but that has been my experience - nothing wrong with an aggressive top! Lots of bottoms out there agree with me I'm sure. We had great orgasms, then I was on my way.

Wednesday: I was on my lunch break at work when I needed to see what was going on at the tea room. I was at the sink washing my hands when Pete came in. He went to the urinal and pulled his cock out, but not enough for me to see. I went to the urinal beside him and started stroking myself. He pulled back to show me his erection. He came over to me and started sucking me, but the motion sensor on the urinal would continuously flush. Finally a creepy guy came in so we exited. Pete led me to the maintenance alcove where he dropped his pants to his ankles, lifted his shirt to his neck, took out his bottle of poppers and let me get down on my knees to suck him off. He blew his load and fed me lunch let me tell you!

Tuesday: Rick came over this evening. It had been quite a while for him, so I took care of him as usual. Lots of kissing, sucking, and then he got up on me again and rode my cock like the cowboy he is. Yee-haw!

Monday: I got a message from Mike (a new connection on my website). We had arranged to hook up, so the time had come. It was okay, small cock, uncut, nothing to write home about. Not gonna be a repeat I'm afraid.

Sunday: I hooked up with Kooyman in the afternoon. I received a message in the morning that he was available, and I responded I was free that day. We hadn't been together since April, and I could tell he was quite hungry. We played for nearly two hours, both of us deep throating each others cock with ease, then leading to him riding my cock. I love a guy who remains hard while being fucked, and he barely needed to touch himself when he shot his cream right into my face and all over my chest.

Saturday: I went to the bathhouse, and ran into John, then Mark, and then Stormer! Three of my regulars in one day! I didn't play with John - he left shortly after I arrived, though I fucked Mark, then played with Stormer. I also played with the guy with the massive cock and meaty foreskin from a while ago. Also had fun with a couple of other guys.

Friday: Had Whitesnake come over again. Beautiful cock and nice looking guy. He desperately wanted to get fucked, so I took care of him.

Thursday: Met Hellrazor online - a 28 year-old, 5'8" tall jock top guy, average sized cock, but nice foreskin. He wasn't the best cocksucker, but loved getting sucked. I finished him off and swallowed his load.

Wednesday: Sucked off Dan once again. He's hard to get into bed but I got him!

Tuesday: I went to the tea room on my lunch today and was jerking off in a stall when a hot guy came in, quite tall, moustache, big thick uncut cock. There was another guy at the urinal next to him but I wasn't interested so I motioned for the guy to follow me. I was going to take him to the stairwell but the parkade is in construction, so we went one floor down to a dimly lit area. I went down on my knees and let him pump his load into my mouth. He threw his tool back in his pants and was on his way.

Monday: Called Igor to come over and play. It was my first sexual contact since coming back and I wanted to make sure it would be a good one. Man was I right. Lots of sucking on his beautiful uncut cock with his huge Balkan load shooting into my hungry mouth...

Here's a vid you might enjoy...

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  1. Hey Im glad you are back. I just became a fan of your blog and I was wandering when you were going to update your blog. Thanks and keep them and me CUMMING!