Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fractured Rib

I'm sure you all know I have been busy since my last post, but I'm taking a little time off from playing to get back to my fans. I'm also going to do a little video when I'm ready for a break from typing. I'll put it up at the end of this post.

The Saturday after my last post, I had ThickNShaved over again. He's been trying to quit smoking off and on since Christmas-time, but I always know when he's been unsuccessful because he calls me to hook up. For someone who has sexualized smoking, I think quitting smoking is a lost cause in frustation. I've tried to quit a few times, but every time I would see a good-looking guy smoking, I would get sexually aroused and crave a smoke myself. I have accepted the fact that I'm a lifer. Anyway, TNS arrived and we started off by smoking a joint. He gets rock solid quite quickly, and I love to go right down on him. I started sucking his cock as he continued to smoke the joint right to the end. I usually only take about 5 or 6 tokes as anything more than that gives me the room spins and makes me feel like passing out. Anyway we were playing around, smoking; I didn't realize he wasn't being very responsive but after about a half hour, he said that he was going to have to leave because the pot had hit him too hard, the room was spinning and he was passing out. I myself was enjoying the scene immensely, but when the person you're with can't continue, then it must end. I was terribly disappointed.

On Sunday, I had Brian over. He's another guy I've played with a half-dozen times or so since last fall. His cock isn't all that long, but is really wide at the base. I can't open my mouth wide enough to take it all in. Its not wide in a round way, but in a narrow way - you might be able to see the wideness in the pic above. Unfortunately he's not into kissing, and his man-on-man experiences are rather limited, so I find the sex a little limited. The rest of the week was real quiet as I was busy watching vids on x-tube and downloading music.

On Saturday, I had another incredible session with my buddy Busterbigballs. We had the most amazing session of throat-spearing ever. It was two hours of continuous deep-throating and face sucking. My favorite position is on my back with a cock in my throat, and with BBB having a huge ball-sac dangling in my face while spearing my throat makes it even hotter. I especially love slim guys who's erection extends to between their legs, and forcing as much of that meat into my throat as I can take is fantastic. He ended the show by masturbating my cock with his throat until I exploded. I can't really explain what that felt like, except that it was the most intense and long-lasting orgasm I have ever had. Here's a clip of a vid he did recently.

My next hook-up was with Andrew, a guy I have been meeting up with since the winter. He's in his mid-forties, 5'10" tall, about 180 pounds. We have lots of fun sucking each others cocks. I fucked him on a few occasions. During our last encounter, we were enjoying ourselves as usual. At one point, I was laying on my back while Andrew was laying sideways on my torso sucking my cock. His upper chest was leaning on my mid-torso, but he must have been putting most of his weight on the lowest rib on my left side. All of sudden I heard a "snap" in my chest, and some shooting pain in my ribcage. I managed to push him off me and regain my composure. The pain wasn't anything like when I had broken bones in the past; it felt more like a sprain. After a few minutes I was well enough to get back into it, but only enough to finish myself off while he finished up himself. That was about it, though today is one week to the day since it happened and I still have soreness in my ribs. I've had to be careful, but so far have not re-injured myself.

I was out of town on Tuesday and wanted to hook up at my hotel. I didn't have anything lined up, and wasn't sure if I would be able to handle a big man crawling all over me. I got a message from a guy who said he was 5'9" tall, 210 lbs muscular, good looking, 37 years old, average size uncut cock. I know people have different definitions of what is "muscular," or "good looking,"but I agreed to have him over based on the cock pics. He arrived about 30 minutes later. He was in fact very good looking, and very muscular. Sorry the cock pic doesn't show his muscularity, but take my word for it, he was muscular. He said he was bi, and I assumed probably in a relationship. He only wanted to suck my cock while I wore a condom, which is not something I would choose to do as it really kills the intensity. Nevertheless, you have to respect a person's desire to avoid catching something when they don't know you and you don't know them. Anyway, it was a rather brief encounter, ending with me removing the condom and jerking off while he shot his load on my cock and balls.

On Friday I hooked up with John who I see every month or so. We played for 2 hours deep-throating cock, and he loves being rimmed. He has such an amazing hole and a great thick cock. Sorry I don't have any pics of him as I met him at the bathhouse about a year ago.

Saturday I hooked up with Mark who I met for the first time about three weeks ago. We had another fantastic session that also lasted 2 hours. I really enjoyed his cock again which was totally rock solid and stood totally upright when erect. I fucked him for about 20 minutes non-stop, which is a long time for me.

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