Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm Over It Now

So, I was kind of down on myself in my last blog post. I think I was mostly disappointed my scene with the pornstar wasn't everything I hoped it would be. I intend to try to set that up again in the future. What also boosted my ego was the very next two hookups that I had...

Last Thursday, I got a text from the young jock I had played with a few times (see pic on previous post). He wanted to hookup again. My food poisoning situation was pretty much resolved, so I said to come over around 9:30 p.m. As I mentioned previously, my interest in Jock was starting to wane as he doesn't do very much except lay back and let me do all the work. He's also quite rough, which I don't really mind unless there is an imbalance in the respect department. I wasn't entirely sure where his head was at in that regard, but figured it would be worth another session. I had a porn video playing when he arrived which led to some casual conversation in that direction. He wondered if porn stars made much money, to which I replied I heard they don't make that much per scene. He replied that I would make a lot of money in porn the way I suck cock. What a nice compliment. Its good to get feedback once in a while on whether you're good at what you do. That encouraged me do a very good job on him. As per our other encounters, he slid his sweat pants off and got up on the bed, opening his legs up for me to find my place. His cock is about 7 inches long, nice thickness, cut, and solidly hard. He loves being deepthroated, and particularly enjoys when I gag and choke on his cock. He likes to hold my head down on his cock and skull fuck me, or just lay back and enjoy full shaft extended cock service. He has incredible stamina because I sucked his cock continuously for one full hour. He hasn't taken his shirt off the last two times we played together, which is a disappointment because he has an amazing muscular and clipped hairy chest. I tried to feel his muscles, but he would push my hand down to grab his cock or balls.

In my text message earlier I had told him that I wanted him to feed me his load. In our other sessions, as he was about to cum he would force his cock deep down into my throat to unload in, but this time, he pulled out letting me know he was cumming. I put my lips on the head of his cock with my mouth open just enough over his piss hole to receive his cum while he jerked his cock. I got to feel the multiple sprays of cum in my mouth, and to actually taste his jizz. It was the cum feeding I was in need of...

Last Friday, I was on Grindr. I recently posted my profile on that site and have met a few guys so far. There are so many young guys on that site all looking for daddies! I think I'll meet a lot of new material there. Unfortunately I'm unable (or don't know how to) download pics that are sent in the chats. If anyone knows how to save pics to an i-Phone from Grindr, let me know!

Anyway, a guy messaged me to get together. He lives 206 meters from me. Nice body, 5'8" tall, nice looking face, nice looking cock. In his pics, he appeared fairly smooth. We had arranged for him to come to my place Friday. After I had committed to the encounter, I looked at his pics more closely. I thought I recognized him as someone I knew from about 10 years ago. We never hooked up back then but I always had the feeling he was really interested in me, too much so. I tend to avoid guys if they come on too strong. Nevertheless, I had committed to meeting up, so I went through with it. He showed up at the appointed time, and sure enough it was him. Quick analysis of the situation, I went through with it...

We undressed, and he was quite hairy all over, including a beautiful pelt of hair on his butt cheeks. Later in conversation he told me that he had trimmed in the pics he sent me. I recalled he was rather thin way back when, but now he was obviously going to the gym on a regular basis. He was an excellent kisser, good cocksucker, and was hoping to bottom, but I wasn't in the mood for it. His cock was also about 7 inches cut, average width, upward curve and rock solid. Early on in our encounter, he said, "Fuck you're a hot looking guy..." He kept up with the compliments about how sexy I was, how I turned him on, and so on. I was utterly flattered, but not wanting to lead him down any particular path, I was a bit conservative in my compliments. We had a very enjoyable session that lasted just under two hours. We chatted at the end, and I was careful not to imply that I was looking for anything other than sex. I told him I liked hooking up with lots of guys and that I have several regular and semi-regular guys on the roster. He asked if he could be put into my rotation LOL. I said yes of course. He has since messaged me on Grindr, but its been just over one week, and I don't like to repeat the really fun guys less than two weeks apart. Keeps the sex a bit more fun that way in my mind.

I had met a guy at the bathhouse some 4 or 5 months ago who I had played with on occasion some 10 to 15 years earlier, but hadn't seen since then. We played at the bathhouse because I recalled that he was a great kisser, had a huge bag of balls, and was a great cummer. At the bathhouse, I asked him to spray his cum all over me which he obliged. He gave me a thorough cum-bath that exceeded the volume I recalled from the past. Anyway I asked him for his cell number so that I could contact him for a future play-date. I texted him a couple of times over the months but didn't hear back, so I assumed that was the end of that. I got a message from mid-week that he would like to get together Saturday afternoon. I was very happy to host, and said I was looking forward to another cum spraying.

He arrived on Saturday and we went to the bedroom. The kissing and cocksucking was great. His cock is very thick, to the point that I had trouble getting it into my mouth at the base. At one point I was on my back with him servicing my cock, and I could see the pre-cum continuously oozing from the head of his cock. I knew he was building up a big load for me in that grapefruit-sized bag of balls. After a nice lengthy period of time, he announced he was about to cum. He was on his back and not really in a spraying position. I didn't stop sucking to receive the facial. I think I wanted it. As I was sucking, I could feel the cum totally flooding into my mouth. After getting that mouthful, I got off his cock to see the shaft just covered by the white cream, with more shots still blasting out. I swallowed and went back onto his cock and swallowed the last blasts of cum, cleaning up the bit I had missed the first time. I promptly shot my load as he sucked me. The timing was spot on. Next time we get together I'll ask him if he would like to film him giving me a facial. I think you would all enjoy that.

In the morning last Saturday, I also received a text message from a guy I hooked up with a couple of times over the winter. Each time he came over, he asked me if he could spend the night. I always refused because I don't want to send the wrong signals. I hadn't heard from him in over a month, and figured he was more interested in finding a relationship than random hook-ups. On Saturday, he wanted to hook up. I didn't want to close the door on him when my afternoon hookup hadn't occurred yet so I left things sort of ambiguous and told him I'd get back to him in the afternoon. After my afternoon fellow left, I sent a text to Andrew. I was thinking that I would cancel and just spend a quiet evening, but he wanted to come over later that night. Thinking I would have enough time to recharge and rebuild some sexual energy, I agreed. He came over and we had a very good time, but after another hour and a half session, I started to peeter out. He said he had cleaned out and was hoping to get fucked, but I didn't have enough energy for that. Afterwards we were chatting, and as it turned out he had moved in with another guy. His boyfriend had recently confessed that he had been unfaithful, and my guy was having some revenge sex on him. Hmm. I think I'll stay out of that for a while.

Two weeks ago I had a guy over who is a play-buddy of one of my play-buddies. He said he read my reviews on his buddy's profile and thought I sounded like fun. On our encounter 2 weeks ago, we played for 3 solid hours. He is a master throat-pig, and has an amazing thick uncut cock that also loves to get sucked. He's 45, slim but muscular build, 5'11" tall, very hungry guy. We had an amazing time (three hours I said!).

Peter had me over to his place this time. He has been in a relationship for some 25 years, but they have opened things up for discrete play on the side. Peter's partner was gone for a week, so the mouse was having his play. When I arrived, Peter told me he had received a call from a 27 year-old guy he has played with, and invited him over. I really don't like surprises, especially when I'm not consulted first. If by chance I'm not favourable to guy, things aren't going to work for me, making the situation awkward. Peter told me the guy has a very small frame, sort of a boyish build, tiny hands, etc. I'm more into big burly manly guys, so I thought to myself this might be a problem, but since it was all set, I would let it carry through. When Trevor arrived, he was as Peter described - small framed, boyish appearance, and a small cock. I did my best and it was working out okay, though he wasn't anywhere near the fun Peter and I are. Shortly into our play, Peter was sucking Trevor's cock. I heard Peter say, "Did you cum?" and Trevor responded, "Yes I did a bit." I knew that was about the end of that, though Peter had invited Trevor partly because he wanted to get fucked and Peter likes to fuck. Peter managed to coax Trevor into giving up his ass a bit, so he obliged, then shortly thereafter insisted he had to get going.

Peter and I continued to play for another hour or so. At one point we became very loud and noisy cock pigs. Peter was busy diving down on my cock with his throat, when all of sudden he began to ejaculate without even touching his own cock. He was in such a state of heightened arousal. He managed to stop the ejaculation, but I think it may have already been too late. We did take it easy for the next little while until he recovered enough to go again. We finished up with some orgasms. I left his place three hours after I had arrived.

I also met another guy about 5 months ago who I have been seeing about every month or so. As it turns out, Frank is also into smoking sex. We discovered our mutual interest quite by accident - he messaged me on another website looking to hook up - no pics whatsover. I don't know how that came to be as I usually like to see some sort of pic. Anyway, I asked him if he likes to smoke weed. He said yes he did. He likes guys in business suits, so I put on some nice pants, dress shoes, dress shirt and tie. He came over and he was very hot. Slim, 5'10" tall, slightly hairy, 6.5" uncut cock. Clean shaven or goatee. On our first encounter, we smoked the joint, then he said he likes to smoke a cigarette after a joint, so we each lit one up. We got into some kissing and smoke play, and that's how we discovered our mutual interest. We also smoke during sex, which is quite fun. He doesn't get really hard, and he hasn't quite mastered the art of deep throating, but we are working on it. He is one of the deepest kissers I have ever met - I think if I had tonsils he would be able to lick them. He uses his entire mouth and tongue for kissing. He likes his nipples played with, and also likes to hear stories of my sexual escapades. I showed him some of the videos I have taken, and we usually end our sessions jerking off to the videos. Despite the fact he isn't rock solid, he shoots a big load. We usually end up playing for a couple of hours, and last night was no exception.

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