Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another Craigslist Day...

I had an amazing experience last night, but I'll tell you about it tomorrow because I have something else going on today. I posted an ad on craigslist because I'm as horny as fuck for cock and to swallow loads. I posted the following ad:


Hey men - I'm in serious need of cock to suck tonight from about 5:00 pm till midnight. Got this insatiable need to be fed cum and need to drain balls bad. Not looking for reciprocation, though if you want to that's cool. Just so long as you pump your load right down my throat. Big uncut cocks are especially welcome for deep deep throating action. You must be able to travel to my place downtown. Open to all ages, just be height-weight proportionate and have a big load to feed to me. Lay back on my bed with your legs spread wide open and deliver. I'm 6'3" tall, 195 lbs, good looking, hairy, big cock, chin beard. Replies with pics of your cock get my immediate attention. Married, straight and bi guys are most welcome."

The very first reply to my ad some two minutes after it was posted was from a 28 year-old guy, 5'8", 170 lbs. He attached a pic of a hairy slim torso with what he says is a 6" uncut cock. I could tell he was South Asian, and typically I wouldn't have responded. Just a preference I guess. However I had planned to suck every guy who came through on my ad and was at least half-way decent, and some South Asian men I do find attractive. He said he was working and that he was leaving in about 45 minutes and could be here shortly thereafter. I responded I would be free. In the meantime, I was shooting messages back and forth to the usual anonymous craigslist lurkers who don't often actually come through, give false descriptions of themselves, never seem to have any pics but ask to see more of yours, respond with vague one-liners, are looking for something I clearly said I was not into, you know the drill if you've ever been on craigslist. And yet I love the sexual excitement of craigslist. With all the e-mails I have received so far, I have a nice straight but curious uncut guy, 36, nice body, into older guys, coming over Thursday at 7:00...

Mr. CL1 texted me at 4:30 that he could be over in 15 minutes. I had already made the bed and gotten ready. He pulls up and heads toward my place - very nice looking guy! Nice jaw line, beautiful facial features. He's got a receding hairline which I like, and typically nice teeth. There! I says to myself... He comes to the door, knocks, I let him in. I can instantly tell he's straight and never gets good head at home from his wife, but he loves receiving head and gets it from men expertly from time to time when he needs it. He's nervous, "...maybe this guy's a little old for me," he thinks to himself. I start walking toward the bedroom. He follows me, starts taking off his pants, sits on the side of the bed. He's thinks further to himself, "What am I doing here?" I take off my pants and get down on my knees. He leans back on my bed with his hands clasped behind his head, and resolves to enjoy it while looking straight up to the ceiling indifferently. He's completely flaccid with all his foreskin overhanging the head of his cock. I start my appointed task. He slowly but surely gets hard, not moving or making a sound. I was deep throating him, giving him one of the best blow jobs he has ever had. I could tell he was thoroughly enjoying every stroke of my hot mouth despite his lack of movement or sound, and after a while I asked him if he was enjoying himself. He looked down at me and said that he totally was. He was in fact a good 6 inches, thin cock, making it easier for me to handle. I sucked him off for about a half hour when I started to get tired. He certainly wasn't getting tired yet as he just continued to lay there hard as a rock receiving an amazing blow job. I asked him if he could bring himself close by hand (hint hint). I pulled up his t-shirt to expose a beautiful hairy chest with a big pillow of fur in the centre of his torso. He began pumping his cock by hand with my open mouth at the head of his cock. I continued licking his head while he stroked, then put the head of his cock entirely in my mouth. I could tell he was getting close by very subtle body movements, then a small vocalization announced the impending explosion, then hot jizz filling my mouth. He pulled his hand away so that he could throw the last few pulses freely into the rhythmic mouth-strokes I was giving him. As a reward, I went deep on his cock as the last few twitches eased up while he finished his delivery. He got up from the bed, got dressed, thanked me, and was on his way.
My second guest CL2 arrived at 7:30. In our e-mails, he indicated we had met about a year earlier. I did recognize having seen his e-mail address before, but couldn't remember anything about him. He said he had 7 inches cut, and wanted to offer me some reciprocation. Height and weight checked out, so I told him to come over. He said he'd be about 30 minutes. When he arrived I did vaguely recognize his face and body, but still couldn't remember our scene. We went directly to my bedroom. I'm not big on idle chit-chat or having a drink to break the ice. I like to smoke a bit of weed just before my sex partner arrives and get right to it. By the way, I took up smoking weed again about 5 years ago for sex, and let me tell you, the sex becomes so incredibly amazing. The drawback to increasing weed consumption is your memory starts to fade a bit. Hence my inability to recall this fellow.
We started kissing. He has an incredible barrel-chest with perky nipples and coarse trimmed chest hair. So coarse, the hairs remain stiff when you rub your hand against his chest. He asked if he could suck my cock. I said yes. Then it came back to me - as he was deep throating me, his sharp teeth were really scraping at the base of my cock. I had to tell him 5 or 6 times to open his mouth a bit wider. Now I remembered why I didn't call this guy for a repeat - the last time he shredded my cock with his teeth!!! Finally I'd had enough. I pulled him off. I went to work on his cock. He was correct in that it was thick with a nice big head at the knob, but more like 5.5 inches. I started sucking him, and noticed his piss hole was very wide right down to the base of his head - I could have put my index finger into that piss hole. I used my tongue to play with his hole, and he said he enjoyed that. He was doing poppers through the whole session, which is fine by me, but then he seemed to loose his erection. One of the reasons I don't do poppers, and also since I took Viagra this evening, poppers are strictly verboten. I have had a throbbing cock for the last 4 hours, and a raging hard-on when I'm playing, and loving it! Anyway back to my guy. We end up on the bed with me propped up on pillows. I have now clearly told him to open up his teeth at the base of my cock. He acknowledges and is doing better. He does suck me for about 10 minutes, then stops and asks me if I'm going to come for him. I said no, not yet. He asks me why, I told him because I have a few other guys to do yet tonight. He tells me he won't be able to cum because of the poppers (another thing that just popped up in my memory of our other encounter), I thank him for dropping by, good-bye, close the door. I don't plan on cumming until I've had my fill tonight, so I was most happy with that. I'm still working on a few others by e-mail, but no concrete plans any further for the moment...
Well, all the connections I made have now fizzled out, my ad has been buried behind hundreds of new posts, so I'm going to call it a night. I'll leave my ad up and see what shakes out of it for the next few weeks.

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