Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Welcome to My Sexual Life

Hello all you blog enthusiasts. I have been considering writing a blog for a while, but wanted to write something different from all the inane musings on life most people write about, or boring things I do like going to work every day, cleaning my house or watching TV. No, I decided to tell you about my sex life, my views on men's sexuality, relationships, sexuality in general, and all the fun I have been having. I will be most truthful with you and describe details as accurately as I can. I'll post pics throughout, and unless specified otherwise, the pics are the actual guys I hooked up with, taken from their online profiles and postings. Some of this may be a bit kinky or raunchy for you, so be forewarned...

A little about myself first. I have a big cock. I LOVE my cock. Its just a tad under nine inches long, just under six inches in circumference, with a big mushroom head. The photo above is actually my cock - it has a gentle downward curve that is ideal for deep throating. It gives me a great deal of pleasure. I love to have it sucked, and I also love to suck cock. When you have a big cock, you really appreciate that 10% or so of guys who can deep throat a monster right to the base and do it well. That appreciation of quality deep throating is what motivated me to develop my deep throating skills, and I am at the point where I can hold a cock of up to 8 inches right to the back of my throat and continue breathing for a good long time. I think guys enjoy having their cocks held in a tight throat lock - I know I really do. The biggest cock I have ever deep throated was 12 inches. I'll bet you can guess his ancestral heritage... I think the bigger the cock, the more motivated I am to take it deep. I've had a few other monsters in my day, but that one stands out in my memory. I'll tell you a bit more about him some day... I'm still working on suppressing my gag reflex, though I think that is something that is hard to master. I mean I almost toss when the doctor uses a tongue depressor on the front on my tongue. Somehow a cock can make it past that point without much difficulty.

I'm also a slut. By day I'm a reserved government office employee, but by night "I'm one hell of a lover..." I'm going to do some quick math here - hold on... I have been having sex with men since I was 19. I am now 47. That's 28 years. I have had one 10 year relationship where I would say besides my guy I had sex with about 30 men per year during that time, give or take. I also had a three year relationship, but we would go to bathhouses and have sex with 5 or 6 guys per occasion, usually once per week. In my years as a single guy before my ten year relationship, I was having sex probably 3 times per week. Lets say 150 guys per year times 10 is 1,500 guys, plus 300 during my longer term relationship, 3 per week for 5 years between relationships, plus 750 or so during my three year relationship, and since then for the last year and a half, about 4 per week, so that's another 300 or so. I guess the total is 3,600 men. Sounds about right.

I love men. I'm perfectly cool with being promiscuous. I love the sound of that word. It says "share the love" to me. I mean, there really isn't any other pleasure in life that comes close to sex. Great food is a distant second. By the way, I'm HIV negative, last tested in August of this year. I'll tell you about how I stayed that way in future blog postings.

So I have a lot of stories to tell. Come along for the ride.

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