Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fetish Play

One of the things I like about the internet as I mentioned before is that you get to put out there exactly what you are looking for and exactly what you have to offer. Its very easy to find your match from an online ad when you live in a large metropolitan area. When you meet someone in a bar, a bathhouse or other live situation for a hook up, you generally haven't established exactly what you are into and what you have to offer. Some situations end up fine, but the worst scenarios occur for example when you get to the sexual scene and the guy you're with wants you to take a dump in his mouth and you're not into it. At least on the internet you can specify right up front what body type you like - heavy-set, muscular, skinny, tall or short. You can specify what scene you're into - leather, bear, skater, punk, skinhead, business or preppy. You can specify what sexual activity you like - top, bottom or versatile, and whether you like fucking, sucking, passionate, raunch, kink and the like. You can also easily find guys into your fantasy situation or your fetish. Some people like daddy/son fantasies, cross-dressing, sado-masochism, rape scenes, dom/sub roles, fisting, or just plain vanilla sex. I'm pretty vanilla, but can get into some raunch from time to time (see my next post for some raunchy stuff). Finding a guy into a very specific fetish that also meets your other criteria can be a challenge. The more obscure the fetish, the harder it is to find. Easy ones: feet, ears, underwear, uncut cock, boots, spanking, chicks-with-dicks, sports equipment, water sports, sex toys, cigars. Tougher ones: scat, stumping, burning, blood-letting, mutilation, and then there's all the weirder shit I don't even dare mention. I only have one fetish - smoking cigarettes during sex. I can hear the outcry now - cigarettes are reviled in our society.

I started smoking cigarettes regularly when I was about 14. At the time smoking was not the social taboo it is now. I was turned on by cigarette ads and watching men smoke. I would jerk off daily while smoking a cigarette from about age 15, fantasizing about men smoking in sexual situations. My first experience with smoking during sex occurred during my twenties. I was with a guy sucking his cock in my car in the university parking lot late one night. As he reclined back in the seat enjoying the blowjob, he lit up a smoke and casually smoked while I sucked him. I was so totally turned on! I hooked up with him a second time at my place, and we repeated the scene, and once again I enjoyed it immensely. That was the last time I did that, other than taking smoke breaks during sex, until about a year ago. I started posting profiles on hook-up sites and craigslist specifically looking for guys into smoking during sex, and got some good responses. Some scenes ended up better than others. I posted another ad about a month ago and got the usual responses, but one hit the mark. He was 29, 6'2" tall, 220 lbs, into smoking sex. We arranged to get together but our first rendezvous was cancelled. We arranged a second encounter which happened tonight. Though I usually enjoy lots of kissing and smoke swapping, he was only into servicing while I smoked. He did suck me for an hour and a half, and stopped several times to have a smoke himself. He was not into reciprocation. Cool for me - I was in the mood to lay back and receive anyway. I had a great orgasm as I laid back on his settee, a smoke in my mouth, just receiving head. I have another four guys I see on a semi-regular basis who are also into smoking cigarettes during sex, so I'm sure I'll be telling you about them some time in the future. Here's a very hot video of what I like about smoking sex...

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