Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday Night Hook-Ups

Friday night is my night to do whatever I want. Sometimes I just watch the tube, pick up a movie or listen to music. Other times I'm looking for sex. This past Friday night it was sex. On Thursday I received a response to my ad on a website from a guy who had contacted me several times before looking to hook up. I thought I had seen him at a bathhouse and for some reason we didn't connect there, so I never really responded to his e-mails in the past. He's a very muscular and good looking guy. His profile ad said he was looking for muscular hung guys, so maybe we didn't connect because I'm not buffed. Anyway my cock pics seemed to win him over. We arranged for him to come over shortly after 8 p.m. He arrived at 8:30 with the usual awkward moment at the door. I usually start out with a pleasant greeting, holding the door open for the gentleman caller walking in. If they start taking their shoes off, I know they've made the decision to stay. Only once has someone taken advantage of that 5 second period to say the encounter may not be right for them. In this case, I passed muster. I must say I am reasonably good looking, in decent shape for my age and I always send recent face/body/cock pics to prospective candidates to ensure there isn't that uncomfortable situation at the door. Here's some pics of the guy - I have cropped them a bit to protect his privacy.
I'm not a big believer in small talk or having a drink to break the ice. I like to get right to it, unless we have prearranged to smoke a joint before the festivities begin. In this case there was no such prearrangement. Standing in the door-way, he leaned forward into me right away and we starting kissing. I love kissing. I can do it for hours with someone who is in the same zone as me. I love having a tongue darting into my mouth caressing my tongue, licking my lips, making love to my mouth with his. Hands generally start moving over the chest. I could feel his hard pecs through his t-shirt and a nice six-pack in the abdomen. I could also feel a thick pelt of coarse hair on his chest through the t-shirt. One of my weaknesses is blond hairy men. With this guy, I hit the jack-pot. I slid my hands up into his t-shirt to feel the fur, and it was thick and coarse like a Brillo pad, covering defined pecs and abs. His hand went for my cock, so I knew things were a bit urgent for him. Returning the gesture, I grabbed on to his pole, and I could tell I was going to be in for a good time as his growing member was bulging in his pants. Shortly thereafter, he motioned me with a little push that he wanted to go to the bedroom and get naked. Off we went.

Arriving in the bedroom, our clothes peeled off quickly. Now naked, we continued kissing while gently stroking each other's cocks, pinching nipples and stroking hairy muscled chests. Once I have an engorged cock in my hand, I can't resist the temptation to go down on it. Cock pics rarely do justice to the real thing, and this is no exception. His cock was thick and long and had a nice mushroom cap to it. Of course I had to take that puppy right down my throat and warm it up for a while. He stood at attention and just enjoyed the head I was providing. After a long cock sucking, he motioned me to lay back on the bed, and he mounted on top of me, our cocks pressed together so that he could continue kissing me. In our e-mail correspondence, he told me he liked to get fucked safely, so I had the lube and condom available on my night stand. He asked me if I wanted to fuck him and if he he could rubber me up. Agreeing, he reached over, slid the rubber on, lubed my cock, and straddled me again. He sat on my cock and it penetrated him right to the base in one gentle motion. He didn't wince or indicate any discomfort as he slid onto the pole. Though he wore a wedding band, I could tell he wasn't a novice at getting fucked. He maintained his erection the whole time he rode my cock as it flailed in the air with his bouncing movements. I think he liked that position because we also continued to kiss as he was riding the pony. When he dismounted, he was still hard as a rock but needed to lay back a bit to rest. I went to work sucking his cock, hungry to swallow the load. He obliged by shooting off a good sweet spray of jizz. He continued stroking my cock, but because I wasn't quite there yet, I held off. Once a guy has cum, he usually isn't into putting in the full effort to get his guy off, so I wasn't going to be demanding. He told me he told his wife he had to go to the store so now he had to be getting back. He got cleaned up, dressed and headed home, but said he'd be into hooking up again. Can't wait!!

So now, I'm not quite finished, so back onto the internet I go. I feel like some mutual cock sucking, that's what I'm looking for now. I received an instant message from Looking2BBlown, an airline pilot who was just getting off work and wanted some head before heading home. He told me he was straight and wasn't into kissing or body contact but just liked receiving head. I told him to come over and lay back on my bed and I'll do the work. He arrived at the door and hadn't changed out of his uniform yet. For a moment I thought it was a police officer at the door in uniform - now that was a hot scene! He came in and took off his shoes. Knowing what he was after, I told him to follow me into the bedroom. Straight guys looking for head generally forego the ceremony and just undress getting into position. That's what he did. His body was hairy (including his back) and beefy. His cock was about 7 inches long, but rather thin. The benefit to that is I can deep throat the cock for long periods of time and continue breathing. I know I enjoy having a throat deep on my cock, so I presumed he would like it too. As it turned out, I sucked his cock for an hour and a half as he moaned in ecstasy. Unlike most guys, he came with very long and slow mouth strokes while I fondled his balls and tickled the base of his cock behind his balls. He became louder in his moans telling me he was about to deliver. I could feel stream after stream of cum blasting into my mouth, the salty nectar filling my mouth as I continued the slow mouth strokes. His body shuddered in pleasure. I came off his cock with a mouthful of cum, and slowly swallowed his man juice. While laying there, I asked him if that was one of the best blow jobs he had ever had. He said it was and I was pretty certain that it was. He too wanted to stroke me off, but again I wasn't quite ready to call it a night. We parted company as he had to get home to his girlfriend.

Now it was my turn for some head. By this time it was midnight and still relatively early. I went back on the internet and by 1:30 a.m. had another guy nibbling on my profile. Though he was 40 miles away, he agreed to travel to my place saying he would be over in about 30 minutes. He has a beautiful uncut cock with low hanging balls.
Everything seemed on plan, and though I figured 45 minutes was a more realistic travel time, I waited in the front window for him to arrive, not having seen a face pic yet. And I waited. And I waited. By 2:30 I decided I would lie down on my bed and wait there, having left the door open should he arrive and knock for his pleasure. By about 3:00 a.m. I had fallen asleep. Looks like he didn't make it. Sometimes that happens. Internet hook-ups are not always 100%, and I had satisfied my sexual needs for that night. I am more into tantric sex anyway and don't rely on an orgasm to fully satisfy the pleasure my body needs. I guess tonight I may have to feed the hunger again...

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