Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tea Time

I usually get off work at 5:00 p.m. My favorite tearoom closes at 5 from Monday to Wednesday, but is open till 7:00 p.m. Thursdays and Fridays. So I went to see what was happening. Tearooms are really hit and miss - often you'll find old married trolls, ugly guys, fat guys, whatever. Sometimes you'll hit the jackpot. I think the internet killed the tearoom (also known as cottaging).

There was a time where the city had a good dozen really active tearooms. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, my favorite was the bus terminal. The bathroom was located on the lower level, so it was discrete enough to attract any and all guys. Though the doors were kept open, there was a bank of sinks that created a wall to the 8 toilets at the far end of the public washroom. If someone came in, they wouldn't be able to see if you had slid under the stall, or were servicing the guy next to you. You would be able to get up and sit back down discretely before being seen. People also make more noise walking down stairs so that would usually alert you that someone was coming. With 8 toilets to choose from, if the guy(s) sitting next to you weren't interesting, you could always move. This tearoom was total musical chairs. Alas the bus depot relocated to newer more modern facilities and the old terminal was closed. The busiest downtown mall washroom was also closed after a renovation, as did a few hotels. So that left the underground parking garage washroom in the mall. Noisy double doors and a discrete location make this spot not too bad, but there are only two stalls so there is often a line-up, and some people just don't know when their time is up. I like to sit in the handicapped stall because its much more spacious. A regular stall is tight and I'm having trouble with my knees, so its awkward and difficult to get back up quickly if someone comes in.

I met a guy with a beautiful uncut dick a few weeks ago, and he moaned and thrust as I was blowing him. He asked me to slow down so he could enjoy the job. Finally he came with fantastic streams of cum shooting into my mouth. Yesterday, I arrived at the tearoom to find three of the usual suspects. This young really skinny guy, terribly ugly with a small cock. I'm sorry but I can't bring myself to do it. Even if he were the last guy on earth. Another very young guy, about 20, a bit effeminate but a big thick cock. He likes to edge and goon for hours until his cock is practically raw. The third guy was also young, also about 20, nice enough uncut cock, but fat. I didn't want to wait around, so I left. The slimmer young guy followed me to another washroom in the mall where we stood at the urinals for a while and just stroked. He doesn't want any oral action - only jerking. I have seen him around for a couple of years now, but hadn't ever seen him cum. We've been talking recently while we stroke about who's been in and what's been happening. I told him I had never seen him cum. He said he gets too nervous. After a while and a few too many guys coming in to actually use the facilities, I decided to check back at the other location.
I arrived to find the fat guy still there, so I sat down anyway and made no motion that would have indicated any interest, such as tapping the feet or sliding hand or fingers on the underside of the stall wall. He probably had to get home to mama for supper so he left shortly thereafter. My gooner returned and took the spot beside me. He crouched down and slid part-way under the stall wall, but deliberately just out of reach of getting sucked. It looked like he just wanted to jerk off. I jerked his cock the way he likes it - loose and rubbing his head. He took over the job while I stroked his balls and that area on the inside of the thighs. I could tell by the way he sped up the stroking he wanted to deposit a load on the floor beside be. For the first time in all the times we have stroked together he came. He just stayed down there for a while longer as I stroked his cock during the relaxation stage. When he left I cleaned up his mess, lit up a smoke and waited to see if anyone else would come in.

A short while later, another younger guy arrived. Nice shoes, about size 8 feet, decent jeans. I could tell he wasn't a homeless person by the quality of his clothing and footwear. I like to stroke my cock and let the shadows on the floor alert my neighbour that I'm stroking my cock rhythmically. The shadows next door tell me he's leaning forward to check me out. I keep my legs spread wide and just beat my cock. Ah ha - he's interested. I lean forward enough to look under - his legs are also spread wide with his pants to his ankles, and he has very hairy legs. Love those Mediterranean guys! A bit more forward now and he too is stroking his cock...

I like to surprise a guy I'm sitting next to by fully thrusting my fully bloated cock right under the stall wall before they have had a chance to have a good look at it. Nothing is more sexually arousing than having a really big man meat come wizzing out at you. Usually guys will say "holy fuck!" and then start chowing down on my cock. I think this guy was bisexual and probably timid, new to cock play, or not a cock-sucker. He grabbed my cock and stroked it a bit. Well, I needed more than that, so I pulled out, crouched down and leaned forward signalling to him to bring his cock under. He obliged. Nice 7.5 inch cut cock, but not terribly thick. He too didn't quite bring it under enough, so I had to strain to get as much of it into my mouth as I could. It didn't really matter much because he came in about 20 seconds. He did the courteous thing by announcing "I'm cumming" giving me the opportunity to decide if I wanted to take it or finish the job by hand. I could taste the first stream and it was nice, but decided I would finish it by hand. He too left a nice deposit for me. I actually enjoy cleaning a guy's cum off the floor, so I wiped it up ready for the next visitor.

A short while later another guy came in. Again, nice shoes and jeans. I look under, he looks under. Once we established a mutual understanding, he pulls up his pants so that he can stand on the toilet and look down into my stall. As he's watching me, I'm stroking myself as cock-proud as I can be. He starts jerking himself off furiously, and asks if I can show him my ass. Though the area is a bit cramped, I leaned forward with my asshole as exposed as possible to give him a show. As he approached his orgasm, I told him to blast his cum all over the stall wall. He climbs down from his perch and starts blasting his cum directly into the toilet. I knew he was going to shoot so I looked over the stall wall just in time to see him jizz. That's one of the benfits of being tall... He cleans himself up a bit and leaves.

Another guy came in at about 6:35 - only a few more minutes until the cleaning lady comes in to bust up the party and lock it up for the night. I have been roused out of there many times by the cleaning ladies. They obviously know what's going on in there based on all the graffiti on the walls. When they see the same guys day after day, they get to know the tearoom traders. They always give you that disgusted glare. Makes me chuckle... Anyway, this guy looks promising - he's checking things out under the stall, I do the same. Surprisingly, he pulls up his pants and leaves his stall. He's now peeking into my stall, so I open the door to show him my cock. He stares at it intently, then decides to leave. These odd situations occur from time to time, but considering he would have known the cleaning lady was coming soon, he may have decided to head out. I too pulled up my pants and checked out.
Here's a video and a link to an xtube video that shows you what tearoom play is all about:

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