Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thank You Al Gore for Inventing the Internet

I love the internet. Its the greatest place to meet guys for hook-ups. When I first came out, the only place to meet guys socially was the bars. I was so awkward and uncomfortable, I think I might have hooked up there no more than a couple of occasions total. At that time the only bathhouse that existed in the city was closed after a raid a few years earlier. My main place to meet guys was the parks and in tearooms (cottages). For those who don't know, tearooms are public washrooms that guys go to for sex. They usually have two sets of doors so you have sufficient time to get yourself back in order between the time the first door opens and the fellow walks through the second door. Sometimes they just have one door, but because of the lay-out of the bathroom, you usually have enough time to get yourself back into place. The best tearooms are usually in bus depots, train stations, shopping centres, university campuses, and large hotels. I'll go over some of my best tearoom experiences in future blog posts.

No, today, I want to tell you about the internet. I have had my profile on several sites, but I have a few favorites. The one I use the most these days seems to attract guys in their 40's who'll hook up with younger guys and older guys, and guys in their 20's looking for their daddies. I get a lot of action from my profile there. Here's the text of my ad:

"Horny Cocksucker Hey Men! Looking to hook up with hot hung horny guys! Into kissing, body contact, rimming, lots of mutual oral, deep throating and 69 action. Got a nine inch thick tool with a big mushroom head for your cocksucking enjoyment. Average build, clean shaven or stubble face, hairy, good looking and shaved cock and balls. Into all types, but especially like hairy bearded guys, height-weight proportionate and a generous portion of meat to feed on. Uncut preferred but not a requirement. Looking for passionate men who love to deep kiss and can go for a very long time, multiple cummers, some raunch play. Prefer to host - we'll go straight to my bedroom. 420 friendly. Descriptive profiles and messages with pics gets my attention so unlock or attach them to your e-mail. Discretion assured, HIV neg here. Instant message is not my thing, so e-mail to arrange a hook-up."

Cruising on a hook-up site on the internet is like ordering from a menu. Sometimes you're looking for filet mignon, sometimes you just want a burger and fries. I like descriptive profiles that tell me exactly what a guy is looking for sexually, what they have to offer, and I like to see a picture of a guy's cock, body and face. Sometimes I like to take a chance and will respond to an ad without pics if something about the ad tantalizes me. When a guy is coming over, I like to watch from my front window as my play-mate pulls up, gets out of his car, and starts walking up the drive. Most times, there's some hot guy coming up to feed that beast inside that's trying to claw its way out devouring his insides.

So I just got an e-mail on my profile. Here's his message: "It's A* - you probably don't remember me - going back to 2002 or 2003 at the rock garden. I'd recognize your cock anywhere!" I love being remembered so fondly. He's the uncut guy in the foreground. There isn't a whole lot there for me to go on, and that was over 1,000 guys ago. I'll have to write him again and ask for a face pic. For privacy reasons, I won't be uploading that image.

I also had a great opportunity to meet a guy I contacted on the internet a few years ago. I have lots of interest in things, and gargantuan monster meat is one of them. Let me introduce you to GReg. I really wanted to play with that bag, but he is in a monogamous relationship. I had to settle for a good long feel of the cock and balls. Just so you know, this is siliconed genital enhancement.

So this is the second post on my blog. In fact I have never read another person's blog before, and have had no instruction on how to put together a blog. I saw the movie "Julie and Julia" a month or so ago and got all my tips and pointers on how to write a blog from there. Who knows, maybe I'll be in a big budget movie with a big movie star playing the role of me. Lets see, Russell Crowe perhaps... Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think. Really nasty comments will be deleted though!

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